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Review #1, by Dix Firewhiskey Blues

25th January 2012:
oh my god I LOVED IT!!!
please write a sequel! i'm dying to know what happens to Sirius and Mary after Hogwarts!
Good job:)

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Review #2, by vampirechick1823 Firewhiskey Blues

5th April 2009:
if you havent written a sequal you definetly should please it rocked my black blue and yellow checkered socks off!

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Review #3, by super_girl101 Firewhiskey Blues

22nd February 2009:
this was good ,but a little short
ya know?
but still good!:)

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Review #4, by thecoolestdork13 Firewhiskey Blues

9th February 2009:
That was quite good, even if it was a little short. Short but sweet.

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Review #5, by Gutterflower Firewhiskey Blues

29th January 2009:
You have to do a sequel.

You can't just leave it there?! How long has he loved her? How come? Does she love him back? AH. Really good.

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Review #6, by vic Firewhiskey Blues

27th January 2009:
yes yes! plz write a sequel i like this story it was very cute.
plz write a sequal.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. A sequel is in the works. I'm not sure when it will be posted though.

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Review #7, by lauralovessirius Firewhiskey Blues

24th January 2009:
definantly interested i liked it
sounds like a good beginning to a story...

Author's Response: I am in the process of outlining a sequel-so who knows?

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Review #8, by Ellaoptimistic Firewhiskey Blues

22nd January 2009:
I AM! *Jumps up and down excitedly* I'M INTERESTED IN A SEQUEL!

Pretty please? This fic was AMAZING. I loved it.

Author's Response: Your vote's been counted. Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #9, by Mia Firewhiskey Blues

20th January 2009:
Good story, and I would love a sequel. Perhaps a little longer?

Author's Response: Alright, a sequel is very likely by this point.

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Review #10, by anne_ Firewhiskey Blues

19th January 2009:
wow it was really good! I'm glad I gave it up, it was much better than I could ever made it! Good Job

Author's Response: Thank you for giving it up. ;) I couldn't have written it if you hadn't.

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Review #11, by LadyBlack_ Firewhiskey Blues

16th January 2009:
Not bad: you're an excellent writer with a wonderful style. I have to confess, though that your plot and charcterization seemed a bit cliché to me. The lovely, heart-broken girl, always a bit on the average side matched up with Sirius has been done very often. Also, I believe that no matter what, Sirius would never just tell a girl he loved her. However, it was wonderfully written piece and don't mind me too much: I'm a bit prejuiced against her type of girl and despite that your story was really nice to read.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for both the compliments and the concrit. I do seem to have most of my issues in the characterization department in all of my stories. I'm glad that you enjoyed it even with your prejudices.

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