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Review #1, by irrelevant The Ball

15th August 2009:
yay for the new chapter! i really liked it!

Author's Response: thankyou :) im glad you did! thanks for reviewing i always love to see what you all think!

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Review #2, by marauders_girl11 The Ball

10th August 2009:
i really love this story and can't wait for an upgrade! hehe, sirius and tabby are so funny together! it's so well written and all, and, sadly, you don't see that a lot with great plots, because it's always the ones who don't try that get the wondrous ideas!

i spotted one mistake, though.
I slip my dress of ( i think you meant 'off' ) and climbed into

Author's Response: thankyou! your review made me so happy! i think i did really badly in one of my exams today but this just cheered me up!

im really glad you think its written well, that's always something i worry about, im never sure if i've written iot well or not, just because it makes sense in my head doesn't mean it makes sense to everybody else!

thaks for pointing out the mistake! i did mean off, but now i can go back and fix it!

thanks again! xx

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Review #3, by Aroushiii The Ball

9th August 2009:
this is such a cute storyy i love itt :D next chapter up soon please x

Author's Response: thaks heaps for reviewing! im glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by twinklinghazeleyes The Ball

9th August 2009:
This great!!! I read the story when their was only two chapters up, but I didn't review as I don't think I had an account then, sorry!!! So I'm reviewing now because, as I've already said it's great!!! I love Bridget and Damon, I think Bridget should get together with Remus, they would be a great couple! Please update really, really, really, really, really soon! 10/10!

Author's Response: thankyou so much! im glad you like it and im glad you reviewed! i'll try to update soon but as i may have already said, i've got my final exams soon so updates may not be very fast! i've already got half a chapter written though so keep en eye out!

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Review #5, by Headmistress Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

9th August 2009:
Really well written! Nice fic.

Author's Response: thankyou thankyou!

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Review #6, by irrelevant Off to Diagon Alley we go

6th August 2009:
yay :) I like this story... and i like all the names too :p Kitty and Tabby and Sahara and Flip ... cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: im glad you like it! it took me a while to come up with some of thenames so im glad you like them! keep reading!

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Review #7, by LittlePauline Off to Diagon Alley we go

2nd July 2009:
I really like it...:) Somehow Bridget is way to much like me.thats cool.Uhh and I always wanted a animal with purple eyes because I love purple!! :D And I hate as well strawberry icecream it is urgh, but vanilla isn't better either...but i love chocolate. A lot of chocolate. I'm sorry I'm sometimes (always) so random. Anyways *zop* Back to the topic really love it and I hope you continue! Soon btw

Author's Response: im glad that you really like it! It\\\'s great that you can connect to bridget, she\\\'s much like me, only a little more eccentric than me at times. and i do agree that strawberry ice cream is yuk and chocolate will overule everything.always. lol. keep reading! ill try to update soon! xx

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Review #8, by allergictopink Life as a Potter

22nd June 2009:
Some good things: few spelling/grammar mistakes (that are obviously present in this review), made it easy to read. An okay plot line, a tad cliched. I like Damon's character.

Other things: as I mentioned, the plot for me is kind of lacking. You have a gorgeous girl, she is animagus, shes just experienced tragedy, great twin, cousing of james, great personality. I think this is a bit too perfect, so it makes her kind of flat.
Sirius- I really didn't like that scene at all. He walks in, the first thing she does is comment on how hot he is, then they proceed to flirt and talk for half an hour. Sirius' character seems like the sterotypical playboy that is gorgeous, something I dislike in a fanfic. I also feel she is too shallow because although she wasn't close with her parents, i believe she would feel a bit more saddened.
The birthday thing, with Damon yelling at her, then her crying and whatever, I disliked because you made her, again, really shallow. I agree with damon, she should probably care more about her parents then spending a birthday with cousins. She was just way too bubbly and bouncy, considering her situation.
Overall, I didn't really like your characterizations and plot, but that's my opinion. I'm not trying to rag on your story, I just hope you can make it a bit more original, and develop some depth in your characters. Keep writing!

Author's Response: thanks for your review. i understand that this plot and the characterization is lacking, this is meant to be a cliched light read though. To be honest, i struggle to write this story im not putting much of myself into it so it comes out a little lacklustre.
thankyou for your honest review and i'll see what i can do about working on developing my characters further and strengthening the plot.

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Review #9, by The Sockpuppet Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

19th May 2009:
luv it! cool story! update soon pleaz

Author's Response: thankyou so much! an update has just been posted.

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Review #10, by Gerrand mcguire Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

16th February 2009:
i really like your story, well... that's why its on my favourites list, but i was a little er... dissatisfied with the chapter.
why did you write in present tense? the story and the happenings were sooo great, but they were a little-like- i was feeling that you- i don't know, but i didn't like it.

But if others like it, don't mind my review, just skip it or something, this is just my personal opinion.

Author's Response: thanks heaps for your review, i really appreciate it when people give me their honest opinion.

I wasn't so sure about this chapter either, which is why im trying really hard to get the next chapter better.

this chapter is in present tense because the first chapter is written in present tense. My style in writing has changed slightly recently, that could be why the chapter seems off.

once, again, i really aprreciate the honest comment, it makes my day almost as much as a happy review :)

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Review #11, by Abi Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

1st February 2009:
This story is awesome! Please write more!

Author's Response: i'm working on it! thanks for reviewing and loving!

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Review #12, by nemo Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

25th January 2009:
"Peterís trait that makes him a true Marauder,his unwavering loyalty."

Author's Response: ironic, huh! There is a reason behind that quote.

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Review #13, by padfoot_claws Two Days, Two Servings of Pancakes and Two Ways I Love Water

23rd January 2009:
lv the fic plz udate soon

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Review #14, by weasley7 Life as a Potter

23rd January 2009:
very cool. I enjoy the direction this is headed. Bridget is pretty neat, and I like the twin connection idea. Im gonna go read the next one now :)

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Review #15, by _Martha_ Life as a Potter

23rd January 2009:
Really love the story so far!
I could make you a banner if you want? If you want me to please email me -> martha.935@hotmail . com

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Review #16, by MrsNorris17 Life as a Potter

11th January 2009:
I really liked it! I was so disappointed when I realised there wasn't another chapter! :/
great job!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! there should be a new chapter up soon, so you won't be disappointed for long! keep reading, keep reviewing, keep smiling, birdie xx

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Review #17, by AlbusSeverusPotter Life as a Potter

11th January 2009:
I love this story so far! Please keep on going.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! i sure will keep writing, especially when i get postive reviews such as your own! keep an eye out for the next chapter! birdie xx

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Review #18, by Ximena Life as a Potter

10th January 2009:
Hi!! yei i think i'm one of the first ones to review your story! =P i really enjoyed reading it. i can see its going to be really really good. i love the characters already!! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!! 10/10 great chapter, u know sometimes the first chapters of a story are quite boring but this one grabbed my attention at once! kuddos 4 that!

Author's Response: i can't tell you how much i appreciate your review! I was a little worried that teh characters were a little off while i was introducinng them so its great to know that you liked them! The first chapter is always hard to keep interesting so as you can probably tell... i am SO EXCITED that you like it. updates will hopefully be soon, so keep reading and also... keep me smiling by reviewing! Birdie xx (yess i did name a character after myself, lol)

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