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Review #1, by Camilla Monet #Get down and boogy like it's 1979!#

30th September 2009:
omggg write more!

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Review #2, by XD Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight...twi-light?...twilight?...huh.

19th September 2009:
Yeah you write well but you can really tell that your not an experienced writer. Also its hard to tell who's talking. Other then that really good.

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Review #3, by chopper bana How old are you again?

6th September 2009:
wooohw, how do u do this? i mean this is so brilliant! the way u write its sooo good n one day ur gonna b an aawesome auther!

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Review #4, by chopper bana Plots and Plotters.

6th September 2009:
one wrd...awesome!
ok since the minimum lenghth requires more wrds...im gonna hav to use my really not soo gud imagination n saaay..it was TOTALLY AWESOME!

Author's Response: Chops, I dunno if I should be honoured or decide that you are making an absolute mockery of me! :D Still love you with my big heart (that goes with the big head..and feet) x

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Review #5, by Historyrepeats How old are you again?

11th August 2009:
LMAO another execellent chappie!
Please continue.
Eagerly waiting the next installment,

Author's Response: Ta very very much my dear! Just put up the next one, hope it's enjoyed!

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Review #6, by Historyrepeats Plots and Plotters.

11th August 2009:

Love it!

Absolutely brillant!

Author's Response: Thank you lots love! It's very very much appreciated! :D

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Review #7, by lily evens P jr  Plots and Plotters.

20th January 2009:
ok your writing or how you charicterise rose is really confusing... so i really cant read it... its fun but a little too much i think you have to rain it in. but its a good idea

Author's Response: I'm trying to make her seem really energetic and kooky and then as the story goes on, gradually rein her in. But thank you for your views, much needed.

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Review #8, by hp_123456789 Plots and Plotters.

7th January 2009:
Staring at his crotch, indeed.
These kids are so sweet, I'll be keeping up to date.

Author's Response: They are a slightly adorable bunch, yeah.Thankyou :D

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