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Review #1, by Strawberries202 Cut Me in Two

30th December 2013:
Wow. I mean I always knew they'll break up, what with all the things she didn't tell him & with James being in love with her and all, but I didn't expect it was going to be this dramatic. Though if I were her and he said that to me, I would have definitely given Matt a piece of my mind or at least kick him in the balls or something drastic like that; It would've been worth it, but I digress.

This story brilliant, it's almost a lack a words for me to describe. And I guess if I were to be truthful, it disappoints me a lot that you haven't updated in - what about...Four yrs? Give or take a few. Although on the other hand, this story is such a good story (even if I already said it) it's way better than a lot of the other stories. And while a few stories I've read seem a little too fast paced, don't make an sense at all or leave out a lot of the important details, this obviously doesn't. Still sad about the fact you haven't updated though. :| Oh well.

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Review #2, by I love James Potter Cut Me in Two

16th July 2010:
omg i love this story. i couldnt stop reading it once i started. PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON!!! her ex is such a buttface

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Review #3, by mooneylooney262 Cut Me in Two

19th March 2010:
oh my goodness!! that was such an intense chapter! man that brynn is crazy! how can she have such an insane control over her brother? I mean he forgave her when he thought she sort of cheated but when she merely got mad at his sister (even if he didn't realise the good reason behind it).golly! i just want to pull a james and punch him! yah that is right go JAMES!!! he is the perfect friend, he knows how to take care of her! hopefully she will realise that he is the man for her!! can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #4, by Sam Cut Me in Two

23rd February 2010:
I love, love, love this story!!

I was a bit surprised at the 180 Matt took. I was kind of glad though because he was ALMOST making it hard for me to hate him. lol. James is freaking adorable though. I thought he was pretty dumb for getting so upset about the birthday thing. I thought it was just because he was in love with her.

But yes. LOVED the story. Update, update, update!!!

Author's Response: psh james isn't in love with della. okay you might be right and i know it's obvious but shh dont tell anyone ; ) and it was a combination of both, i mean imagine if your best friend and love of your life forgot your birthday and went to hang out with their significant other instead, i would be pretty mad if that happened too. Thanks for the review though, i have been SUPER busy with school but the next chapter is about half way done so hopefully it will come soon =]

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Review #5, by zoeylewxox Cut Me in Two

20th February 2010:
absolutelyy hateee MATT!
hes a frikin douche!

absolutelyy love JAMES!
hes the best!

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Review #6, by I<3Potter[= Cut Me in Two

10th February 2010:
I've just read your entire story, and I have to apologise for not writing a review on each chapter. Alrighty, well to be honest, I absolutly love it! I never really liked nextgen, but yours I just can't seem to stop reading over and over again. I love how you adapt your characters and how each chapter is exciting. In fact some parts made me want to cry! Can't wait for their happy ending. :)

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Review #7, by Lalala Cut Me in Two

9th February 2010:
I hate... What'shisface right now so much!
I mean I get they were dating for like two years but, I mean really? I hate him so much that my brain forgot his name. I honestly can't remember it. Oops.
I hate him and his sister and all slytherine (but who doesn't hate them?) but I love love love this story :)))!
Update soon?

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Review #8, by HPsmartone32 Cut Me in Two

9th February 2010:
i. love. james. and i love james and della together. so much. he needs to admit that he's always loved her. please update soon! this was so good.

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Review #9, by Somiya Noise and Kisses

31st December 2009:
did not see that coming.

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Review #10, by Somiya My Stupid Mouth

31st December 2009:
Im soo freaking jealous of Della right now.
Like I cant even say..hahah.


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Review #11, by Somiya When A Man Can't Back Down

31st December 2009:
Im addicted,
Many more chapters togo...
have to read..haha. thats why this review is shooort.
Ill review every so oftenn xD
great story.

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Review #12, by 1DarkAngel1 My Stupid Mouth

5th October 2009:
wow! the best chapter yet! keep on writing

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Review #13, by 1DarkAngel1 When A Man Can't Back Down

20th September 2009:
a bit long, but other wise, good.

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Review #14, by skeet500 Cut Me in Two

19th September 2009:
yes and yes. hate hate hate matt, love love love james. but i never did really like matt, and i have always loved james. i hope della goes and spends christmas break with james' family. that'd be wonderful for her i think. i was a little sad about how short the chapter was. it was so good that i just wanted it to keep going and going. i did however get totally confused because the title and summary changed. i was flippin out a little. i was like "omg! someone is totally trying to rip 'who would have known' off!!" yes a little strange, but i was totally prepared to stick up for your story and take down whoever was trying to steal it. guess that's not necessary.

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Review #15, by Reorra Pointless Nostalgia

19th September 2009:
Oh my godness! I didnt see that coming. I got chicken skin on my legs on the last part. You are very good at writing feelings and describing. I cant wait to see what will happen next... i dont know why but i dont like that matt guy

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Review #16, by amber Cut Me in Two

19th September 2009:
Ugh. I.Hate.Matt.
I never really liked him though. He just didn't seem right.
Poor Della :( at least she has James and the other guys.
Speaking of James I love him! James is amazing!
Great chapter can't wait for the next

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Review #17, by 1DarkAngel1 Something In The Way He Moves

19th September 2009:
wow - this is fabulous!

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Review #18, by xoxocaitt Cut Me in Two

17th September 2009:
Yeah so I'm to lazy to login, but I had to review this :)

Matt=Jerkwad x10!

Hahahaha I love it:) James/Della! = yayayayay!

Author's Response: haha well thank you for the review, even if you aren't logged in!!
james is amazing isn't he!

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Review #19, by Chloelove Cut Me in Two

17th September 2009:
aw, why is matt being sooo mean ):

Author's Response: He has his reasons, but really he just told me that he was going to be mean because that was how his personality went this time.

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Review #20, by Itsjustafairytale  Cut Me in Two

17th September 2009:
Wow what happened to Matt, he was so nice and now he is like aweful!! If he acts like that he doesn't deserve her. But I actually love James ten times more now, the way he was there for her no matter what and stuck up for her. I hope she realises that James is perfect soon!! Please update asap!! I love this story so muchhh :) x

Author's Response: It's just his time of the month... oh wait he is a guy! ;}
haha but James is a sweatheart, if only all guys were like him!

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Review #21, by IntoTheDarkness Cut Me in Two

16th September 2009:
ahhh got really confused with the name change and stuff!

anyway, really liked it :) Matt needs another punch just for the sake of it.punchy punchy punch BAM! ...not quite sure where that came from.

Author's Response: sorry, the old title made no sense anymore, the new one is better i think.. i just really suck with titles! haha but yes Matt did deserve that punch, I didn't want to make him a bad guy, but he just told me that was how he was going to be! Anyways thanks for the review, keep reading!

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Review #22, by emmapotter Cut Me in Two

16th September 2009:
I wanted to review the last chapter itself but when I saw that there was another one to go, I decided to review the last one, me being the lazy idiot that I am.. :P I think Dells's feelings in the previous chapter are a lot like Bella's in New Moon (Twilight Saga) though Della's a re down a couple of notches. It was good, quite believable but also slightly awkward and honestly speaking, I like James way more than Matt..I dunno maybe it's a bias but he seems like a way better person than matt...esp. seeing how Matt changed after dumping Della.
This chapter has many spelling & grammatical mistakes for eg.
I buried my head into his chest and breathed in his sent and let myself forget everything except for him.
I think you meant scent and somehow I feel that the line is grammatically wrong, maybe I'm wrong, dunno. It seems like you're writing like you speak, that's okay, but it would be awesome if you got yourself a beta..the story id cliche but different.. :)
Anyway, I really like this story so..UPDATE SOON!
Hope I wasn't too harsh.. :)
10/10 btw!

Author's Response: Thank you for the long critique! I sort of tried to pull from new moon but not be too alike, i didn't really want her to be in that much pain because I though it would be a little ridiculous. Oh I like James more too, but Matt has a few redeeming qualities you haven't seen yet. I tried to get this out fast so I didn't have a lot of time to proofread it, that comes now that it is already up. I probably should get a beta but i am too lazy to go find one haha.

Thank's again for your great review, and you weren't too harsh at all i loved your review!

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Review #23, by HarrietHopkirk Cut Me in Two

16th September 2009:
Oh my god...I HATE MATT. And I am completely and utterly and wholly in love with James. He's so cool and cute, especially the bit with Matt and punching and a week's detention shizz. I wish someone would do that for me! ;) Update soon, please. :)

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Review #24, by Sharryhanker Cut Me in Two

16th September 2009:
Love James even more.

Please make them get together soon!

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Review #25, by Harry and Ginny Cut Me in Two

16th September 2009:
now i hate another character. Matt is so stupid but i liked how James was beside her the whole time and supported her. my favourite part was the last one of the chapter. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

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