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Review #1, by unexpected error Salvation

13th January 2011:
Hey I know the song :D So, are you from Croatia? If you are - drago mi je zbog toga! :D

The story is really good, so touching.. :)

Author's Response: Hey hey!

Wow, i ti si iz Hrvatske? Jos nikada nisam "upoznala" nekoga odavde tko uopce zna za fanfiction, kamoli isto pise! :D

Drago mi je da ti se svidjela prica.

Sorry zbog kasnog odgovora, btw, nije me dugo bilo na HPFF-u.

Pozdrav! ;))

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Review #2, by reviewer Salvation

3rd January 2011:
I quite enjoyed this story alot and I did like the concept of Sirius's desperation and the only thing keeping him alive was wanting to kill Wormtail.
And the christmas theme was beautiful.
I give it 8/10, which is quite good from me because I'm usually a big critic. Good Work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! :)

And sorry about the late response.



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Review #3, by Roxz80 Salvation

4th August 2009:

Poor sirius just wants a family and to be cared for...


Author's Response: That's exactly what I wanted to show with this story. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by BKL8008 Salvation

3rd February 2009:
That was just beautiful, and not a mooshy ending at all, as you warned on PHFF's board! I very much enjoyed it. Then again, I have a soft spot for little boys and dogs. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it...

And I have a soft spot for little kids and animals as well... Besides, I really couldn't write something entirely depressing for Christmas, don't you think? :D

I appreciate the review very much, thanks again! :)

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