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Review #1, by jackie. Chapter 3-Let Me Introduce the New Draco Malfoy

27th June 2011:
you did it again. MAGNIFICO, my little writer.

i L O V E this story, as you know. but sadly i must keep this short and snappy so i can read more before i go to bed, so lemme just tell you this.

even though i knew malfoy would be nice to harry after knocking him down, i gasped. yes, gasped. i still cant wrap the idea of malfoy saying "sorry mate" instead of kicking harry's buttocks.

you never seize to surprise me. (even though this is just the 3rd chapter...)

10/10, little writer. job well done.


Author's Response: i'm happy you enjoy my writing, this story was my first fanfic and i'm glad you like it.

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Review #2, by jackie. Trains and Bets

27th June 2011:
okay. okay. I'M BACK. (da duh duh)

anywho. i still love this story. yeah, CAN'T GET RID OF DIS WEIRDO.

don't mean to scare you away, writer. but i kind of am in love with your story (and we're only 2 chappies in) so i'm gonna stick around. TOO BAD FO' YOU FOOL.

so yeah, good job again! still foo-nay.(: and i love the "Gryffindorks" it gives me a lil' smile every time i seez it. :D

Imma thinking you deserve a 10/10.(as you most likely will get every chapter because of your awesomeness.)

okey doke, artichoke, JACKIE OUT.


Author's Response: i will work more on the sequel to this story, i dont know if you started reading that one yet, as soon as Hearts Stand Still But Time Moves On is finished :)

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Review #3, by jackie. Chapter 1...You Are The ONly One That Needs To Know

27th June 2011:
(Sorry for being Anonymous, well, at least account name wise)


You did an amazing job on this first chapter, and I thought it was hilarious. Like, forreal. I almost died laughing at these two parts:

"Incest, that's who I am."

"Where the hell has your sister been all summer, haven't seen her since you tried to date her?"



p.s. you earned yourself a 10/10! GOLD STAR FO' YOU.

Author's Response: i'm glad you have enjoyed the story my mother died so I havent been on in months but I'm back

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Review #4, by busybusybeta Chapter 13a-Drama Please

6th March 2011:
WOW. I pretty much LOVED all that drama. This chapter was amazing.

Author's Response: Hey glad ur still enjoying the story :) I definitely appreciate all the reviews

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Review #5, by busybusybeta Chapter 9- Home for the Holidays, and the Parent's Plan

6th March 2011:
BAHAHAHAH! OMG, i cannot BELIEVE that carly and draco were involved in an arranged marriage from the start! And where's alex's match?!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed this story :)

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Review #6, by busybusybeta Chapter 8-Talks, and Boy How Time Flys

6th March 2011:
Dude! Is this story going to be about their parents harassing them into marriage? Hahaha, i think that'd make for a pretty awesome story.

Author's Response: I had initially written the story differently but it wasnt validated because the way I had it written was against the site rules for arranged marriage, but I ended up being able to make it work

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Review #7, by busybusybeta Chapter 7a-What Alex Knows...And Blaise Wants To Find Out...Chapter 7b-Draco's Choice and the Consequences

6th March 2011:
I couldn't stop laughing at blaise everytime he complained about something not being his business:
"Why is nothing on this planet my business!"
That had me in stitches for a bit.
And i pretty much cheered and did a happy dance when draco confessed his true feelings to carlie.
And now he sort of knows her feelings...what's next? There are like a bajillion chapters left!

Author's Response: Hey I'm glad you're enjoying the story I tried to balance the seriousness and the humor and make the characters like real people the reader may know thank you all the reviews are greatly appreciated

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Review #8, by busybusybeta Chapter 4-Hogsmeade and One More Week

6th March 2011:
Aww, poor harry, but i'm glad carlie handled the situation like a champ.
Things are starting to get really interesting... =)

Author's Response: i had a similar situation when I was in high school, so I drew off my experience for that scene I'm glad you are happy with it:)

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Review #9, by busybusybeta Chapter 3-Let Me Introduce the New Draco Malfoy

6th March 2011:
I like how you've decided to make the golden trio, if not key characters, then at least characters. Sometimes it's just nice to have them in a story, even when the romance involves an OC and some other character.

Author's Response: thanks I also always like the idea of those three being somewhere in the story line even if only briefly

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Review #10, by busybusybeta Trains and Bets

6th March 2011:
Haha! LOVE the bet idea.

Author's Response: thanks I was trying to come up with a unique way for them to get to know each other :)

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Review #11, by busybusybeta Chapter 1...You Are The ONly One That Needs To Know

6th March 2011:
This is very interesting. I've never read a story in this style before and I'm hoping it turns out to work. I'm sure you recognized the difficulties of writing this way when you initially wrote this story.
So far, you've created likeable characters, and i want to see where this goes.

Author's Response: thanks for the review :)

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Review #12, by Emily_Malfoy_32 Chapter 17-Epilogue

28th January 2011:
Amazing story, I loved it :D Can't wait for the sequel!

Author's Response: The first 6 chapters of the sequel are up the story Transformation is the sequel. I'm glad you enjoyed this story thanks very much for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by ChelsieRenee Chapter 17-Epilogue

17th November 2010:
OhMyGod. I absolutely love this story and I will definitely be reading more of your stories. I cant wait to read the sequel!! This is the first official story i will be adding to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

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Review #14, by BReeAnne Chapter 17-Epilogue

21st June 2010:
I found your story just tonight and sat down and started reading. I didn't stop till now. I looove it!!1

Author's Response: I just put chapter 4 of the sequel into the que waiting to be validated

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Review #15, by tamahav Chapter 17-Epilogue

16th June 2010:
Your story can get confusing. you change the way you write. Ex: you went from, You did, to, I did, to, carlie did. If you change this the story will be more comprehendible. Oh and than should be spelled then. Try and write out the words too, it seems mediocre otherwhys. But all around it's a good story just needs a bit of tweeking.

Author's Response: I had to change the POV because the site changed it's rules on the typed of POV you can use when I was 12 chapters into the story

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Review #16, by rachel Chapter 17-Epilogue

14th April 2010:
i prefer third person myself

Author's Response: thnx i'm polling my readers to decide which way to write the sequel so ty for ur input

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Review #17, by rachel Chapter 17-Epilogue

11th April 2010:
wat will the next story be called! i have to read to find out what happens to them! i'm a little sorry the story ended this way! but i will read the sequel!

Author's Response: i'm not sure yet, i've been asking reviewers whether they prefer the seuquel in first or third person which would you prefer to read?

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Review #18, by Kirsty Weasley Chapter 3-Let Me Introduce the New Draco Malfoy

11th April 2010:
Heyy! I'm replying to your reply to my other review!

So i can see the benefits of both first and third person.

In first person you can really get into a character and show their emotions how they feel, whats going on in their head- which is what I do for one of my stories (the Dream Barrier)

But in third person you can use everyone. You get to show how other people are feeling aswell and it isnt as one sided. When conflict is going on between couples, for example, you get to show it from both of their perspectives! Thats what I do with another of of my fics.

But really it all comes down to preference, do it in whichever you feel you write better in! Because when you find it easier to write it tends to flow better and is easier to read! :D

I dont know if thats any help really, but at least I tried! :D -Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Thnx I will probably write in first person cuz wut I will is change the pov from time to time so everyone's emotions can be shown

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Review #19, by Alice Chapter 17-Epilogue

10th April 2010:
wow i just finished reading this and it's the best fic ever i can't wait for the sequel

Author's Response: Well ty very much...for the sequel would you prefer it in 1st I me we or 3rd she he they person?

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Review #20, by Kirsty Weasley Chapter 17-Epilogue

10th April 2010:
Ooh! You left it perfectly to write a sequal!! Now you can write one and it'll be all you know, answering the questions!

I felt a little sad at the end there, about Alex. I mean he's had a hard time of it lately, slapped by his dad, changing and now he'll never be the same again :'(

Is there any hope for romance for him in the sequal? If so maybe she can be called Kirsty -just saying! ;)

Please put up that sequal soon! Im still waiting on answers to those questions you just put up! Will she regret it all.

-Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Romance for Alex could be in works and I do like the name so we'll's a question would you prefer the sequel in 1st I me my we or 3rd she he they person?

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Review #21, by rachel Chapter 16-It's The End Of The World As We Know It

7th April 2010:
i cant wait to see wat happens. i hope u write more stories, in enjoyed this one very much!

Author's Response: ty, the epilogue for this story is waiting to be validated, and I am working on my 3rd story 10 Things I Hate About Draco Malfoy my other story...I will probably go back and finish my 2nd story Damaged Goods.and of course there is going to be a sequel to Change of a SLytherin that I will start working on shortly :)

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Review #22, by Kirsty Weasley Chapter 16-It's The End Of The World As We Know It

7th April 2010:
This is the end? :( But she's fighting with Harry, and dont we get to see the wedding? Oh well, at least there will be a sequal, that makes me smile :D Thanks for the awesomeness of this story Gillian, you did a great job! - Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: ty so much, and i decided to end this before it became forever long and make the wedding and other things, like possibly being friends with Harry again for the sequel, the Epilogue is short and sweet and waiting to be validated right now, and I will begin working on the sequel very very soon :)

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Review #23, by wicked101 Chapter 15-Love Isn't Always Enough

4th April 2010:
great story so far. i luv it.

Author's Response: glad you like it :)

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Review #24, by Amber Chapter 14- And It All Comes Out

3rd April 2010:
OMG that can't like write stories that aren't kid friendly?

Author's Response: Turns out it was an April fools joke and I fell for it so no worries I can keep writing my way. :)

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Review #25, by RoseGinnyHermione_Weasley Chapter 15-Love Isn't Always Enough

3rd April 2010:
I just read you story today, and I love the storyline, I never would have thought of this and usually I don't like draco pairings but this story is great! can't wait for an update

Author's Response: glad you like it chapter 16 is waiting for validation :) check out my other stories I rli enjoy the new one i am working on 10 Things I Hate About Draco Malfoy.thanks again for reading and I am glad you are enjoying it

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