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Review #1, by drownzer Scorpius's Perspective

7th January 2009:
well as i said in my review the more soon u post the more readers u will have
and u were doing that
this was a good chp
i think so that i know what is going on in your brains
the way jk has showed james in her 7th book your james
is different from that of the jk's one
show him dark but let him be comedy
well i talk a lort i know i do
u may be boad by reading this i know it an
that is what i am trying to do!

Author's Response: loll : ) Yes, thanks very much! My brains? Do I have more then one? I know, I have deliberately done another twist for things, because it was needed but once again I've started another story and I don't know if I'm ever going to return to this. I hope I will cause it was gd fun! hahahaha take c!

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Review #2, by Gred_Forge Scorpius's Perspective

6th January 2009:
I loves it :D!


Author's Response: aww thanks!

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Review #3, by Crystle Scorpius's Perspective

6th January 2009:
Good. But everyone in the wizarding world must know who James potter is. Why didn't Ollivander just say that it was James who has been going around telling people he's interested in the dark arts.

Scorpius seems like a nice boy, I take it his mother and father are getting a divorse or something.

Author's Response: I don't know! loll and yes, he is. At least, I think he was meant to be in this but I've stopped writing this, and will let you know about updates if and when they happen. :)

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Review #4, by Crystle James's Perspective

6th January 2009:
James is totaly weird. I take it he is almost eleven.

Poor Albus.

Why is James so interested in knives and what sizes they are, Is he mental or something.

Oh god a phsycotic child. Just like in the movie The good son.

Author's Response: Oh I know he is, he reminds me of a younger Tom Riddle. I'm reading the HBP and I wanted him to be like that. This fic was a kind of cryout saying that nothing would be perfect even after the battle. The end of the Harry Potter books was wicked but I wanted to create lots of drama even after Hogwarts so I wanted to shake things up a bit in this! Even though of c, Rowling said that things were never plain sailing after their years at school, obviously there were more Dark wizards. : )

I love The Good Son, and it is loosely based on that without me even knowing until you mentioned it!

Thanks again,


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Review #5, by Padfoot36 James's Perspective

4th January 2009:

James is creepy.

Alright first of all *cookies for the uniquness* I think I'm becoming obessed with unique stories. For one thing it seems that I merely pass over ones that sound the same as the one above it.

So I think I got your first review on this story, and I hope more people check this one out. I love an anti-hero. I love having a main character that isn't exactly how you'd expect. For a ten year old he has so much power... its scary.

The only thing I would remember is to have some good traits to him, to remind us that he's human. I love a character you both love and hate! Anyways, it's whatever you want to do though. He could be just evil, I'll continue to read either way. Great chapter.

Author's Response: I'm going to take this story off the site because I have no idea where I'm going with it and am really into the one I'm currently doing! For months (to long) I decided to have a break and it dried up my creative vibes but I'm now back and if you're still keen on my writing, I have a new story up that I think is better then this one any day! hahahah Anyway, thank you and who knows? One day I might carry on with this one.

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