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Review #1, by gabriella Ron Weasley.

30th November 2010:
cutest story...sad for ron though :(

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Review #2, by mrslpm Ron Weasley.

3rd October 2009:
An excellent story, GryffingorGirl153!

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Review #3, by Cassandra Ron Weasley.

23rd August 2009:
Wow! i love this story! It's one of my favorite ones! Are you going to make another chapeter of this?

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Review #4, by truthfullymalfoyed Ron Weasley.

24th July 2009:
This was sad. I really don't favor the whole Ron/Hermione thing, (IM A HUGE DRAMIONE SUPPORTER. YOU CANT EVEN IMAGINE...) but I felt such pity for Ron... I love Draco and Hermione together, but seeing it from Ron's point of view is quite heartbreaking. :[

Great oneshot, though.


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Review #5, by SaritaMalfoy22 Ron Weasley.

26th June 2009:
OMG i was glued to the screen, I love love loved it! The song was perfect for the fic, did you fit the story around it or search for a great song? Either way - Fantastic! :)
-Sarita x

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Review #6, by Kelly Ron Weasley.

20th May 2009:
This is amazing! Put up the sequal to Christmas Enchantment, please???

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Review #7, by twinkies Ron Weasley.

17th May 2009:
That was a good story. It was kind of sad because Ron didn't get Hemrione but maybe someday he will. I know he does in the books.

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Review #8, by Pretty Purple Pelican Ron Weasley.

13th January 2009:
It was a really sad story. For some reason the only part that really bothered me was when you talked about her pure white skin and then contradicted it by saying it wasn't as pale as some of the girls in her grade. Your writing smile is very smooth, though, and it was easy to read. I'll have to check out this song now. The lyrics are very fitting. Well done! :)

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Review #9, by CuteKrazyKay Ron Weasley.

4th January 2009:
That was really good! I really felt sorry for Ron at the end!

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Review #10, by Isabella Potter Ron Weasley.

3rd January 2009:
-She was never afraid, or cared what others think. think should be thought ... and
-and how much I lover her. lover should be loved...
-and I all I could do was stare at Hermione. i think you should take out the first I it would make more sense
I wanted to share these small mistakes with you.. not to be mean just let you know :) i really liked your one shot here. i like the style in which you wrote it good job!!

Author's Response: isabella potter-

thanks ;) i have some strange tendency not to re-read my chapters before posting it.


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Review #11, by redherring Ron Weasley.

3rd January 2009:
That was great - I'd give it 9/10. Poor Ron!

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Review #12, by nobodys_angel Ron Weasley.

3rd January 2009:
Great story! I looked up the name of the song and it's by Rik Rok if you wanted to know. It's really a great song. :D I hope to read more stories from you!

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