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Review #1, by VeniceLily Chapter One

21st August 2010:
This is absolutely stunning, so beautiful.
Rather short, but I don't think it needs to be any longer. I flows so perfectly, and sounds exactly like Remus - he would put anyone's concerns above his own, and he's not dashing enough to sweep Bella off her feet.

The ending, 'I heard her whisper those four precious words - I love you too.' It broke my heart.

Absolutely lovely.


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Review #2, by ciaoxbella (Anna from TDA) Chapter One

9th August 2009:

This is amazing, Steph. I can't even begin to describe it. The use of adjectives, the dialogue, the story. It was so tender and perfect. It made me sympathize with both the characters, and I usually never sympathize with Bella.

Perfectly written, with a great plot. :)

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Review #3, by Death Horses Chapter One

6th July 2009:
Hey, it's Kiera from TDA.. I really like this chapter, I'm hooked :D Haha. Anyways great writing and can't wait to see more.

Author's Response: Hey! Haha, I am glad you liked the chapter, unfortunately, it is the only one since it is a one-shot :/ Thank you for the wonderful compliments, and yeah, I will let you know if I ever end up posting any new stories! (:

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Review #4, by jenny Chapter One

24th June 2009:
oh steph i love it! it's so perfect! i love how you characterized both bella and remus, and hell i even loved remus' little mental description of rodolphus. it's all amazing, and it's so going in my favourites. i'm so glad i checked this out! i love it!

Author's Response: Awh, thank you so much! *huggles* Haha, I am glad you did not find them too OOC, since I have never been quite sure whether or not they are improperly characterized. Oh, that means so much to me, and I am so glad you enjoyed it so much!

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Review #5, by Violet Gryfindor Chapter One

22nd June 2009:
This is flawlessly written, a perfect example of what a one-shot initially was - a moment in time, a short part of a larger story. These two characters have a huge history behind them and a larger future ahead of them, yet you compact it all into this little scene wonderfully.

However, one thing I couldn't get past was the idea of these two together in any way. It goes against everything both of them live for, particularly Bella, who is so whole-heartedly part of the pureblood cause. At most, I could see her trying Remus as a challenge, a risk to satisfy her sadistic tendencies, but for her to love him? I don't know. I wasn't convinced enough with Bella's character.

Remus, on the other hand, was more in character, very soft and forgiving. He's more of an ambiguous character, always keeping his cards close to his chest, so this story makes more sense for him. You wrote his first person perspective very well. I always found him difficult to write in first person, but I like how you have him here. :)

Author's Response: :O Thank you so much, Susan! What a flattering comment to make *blushes*

Yeah, that is a valid point. My way of justifying it when I wrote it was probably the cliched \\\'love conquers all!\\\' and the fact that in this story, I was trying to go with the fact that perhaps Bella was misunderstood and confused and somehow found consolation in Remus. Also, I may just be crazy. xD She was kind of trying him out, you are right, but I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever edit or write another story involving them.

Again, thank you! Oh, I do not think I could ever write in third person, it just does not work for me xD But all in all, thank you for this lovely review, Susan! You are too kind!

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Review #6, by Blablabla Chapter One

23rd January 2009:
I havent ever even imagined such a pairing but this was beautiful! Thanks so much! I just wish there was more

Author's Response: That's the beauty of fanfiction, you can dream up any pairing you like! Thank you so much, that's such a lovely comment! Well, I might be able to write a story that is a companion to this one-shot, but it all depends on whether I have writer's block. xD

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Review #7, by blueirony Chapter One

4th January 2009:
Lupin & Bella? I never would have put the two together, but it works. It really does. You wrote it well and I believed it :]

Author's Response: Yeah, it is a somewhat unusual pairing ^_^ Thank you! That's such a lovely compliment, I'm so glad it works!

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Review #8, by ink_stain Chapter One

3rd January 2009:
that was so perfect.

Author's Response: (: That's so sweet of you to say so, Maggie! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by heddy Chapter One

3rd January 2009:

oh stepherzzz i told you it'd be amazing. no, beyond amazing. WHOA. i haven't read any hpff's for a while, but it's just as well seeing as they rarely measure up to this level - i can tell that you completely understand the characters inside and out, and that truly makes this wonderful. it's so heartfelt and gorgeous, and the emotions you conveyed are absolutely perfect, especially that sense of hope at the end. I love it. you're a really great writer Steph!

and if I remember to ever log in again, i'm adding this to my favorites :D

Author's Response: Awwh, thank you! Actually, I'm guilty of that too, though I actually did just read a one-shot yesterday. Thank you so much, it means so much to me that you think so! You are too, honey!

xD Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

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Review #10, by Caren Chapter One

2nd January 2009:
Wow, that was heart felt, my month was hanging open from the beginning to the end. Poor Remus. Crappy Bella! Just playing, she did love him after all. I never agreed with the family values and such, nice read!

Author's Response: OOH YAAY I CAN RESPOND TO YOU ON IE! Goody, I was afraid I'd never be able to reply to these lovely reviews. Anyways, it means so much to me that you had such a wonderful reaction to my story! She did love him, of course. xD If only they could have stayed together *sighs* Thank you so much, Corean! I'm glad you enjoyed it. (:

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Review #11, by Hong (Aquarius) Chapter One

2nd January 2009:
Aww, that was a really interesting one-shot. It's really fascinating to see this perspective. I would have never imagined Remus and Bella being romantically involved. Ever! You've made me see Bella in a softer light. I'll never like her for what she did to Sirius, but I can understand her a little bit better now, thanks to you.

I really loved the quote, "At Hogwarts, she had delighted in playing mind games with others, twisting people to her will, but I saw now, clearly, for the first time, that she was a lonely child trying to find her place in her world." And the look of defeat! :o It's like you've analyzed Bella to the core. What you've written about her is so eye-opening. But I feel like I'm drifting off-topic now...

Oh, before I forget, I think I caught a typo. "I would have done any fucking thing you wanted if that mean I could be with you."

Poor Remus! It was so heartbreaking up to the last few lines. And then you gave the reader hope. :P It's domed. But that was sweet of you to end on a happy note. Great story. ^_^

Author's Response: Blargh I had a nice long response typed out and it's too long. D: But anyways, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, sweetie! It's so wonderful to hear as an author that I've sort of "opened" (no pun intended) your eyes in terms of viewing Bella, it was one of my main goals.

And thank you so much for pointing that out to me! I'll go fix that right now.

Hey, I can't help it. I'm wishing for a happy ending as much as you guys. Again, I'm so glad you liked it! *huggles*

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