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Review #1, by james girl Chapter Seventeen

2nd August 2012:
Hi, I found your story 'A Diamond in the Sky' on another site. It's called FanFiction(.)net. I was wondering if you put it there because its exactly the same, down to the last word. Just thought you should know. Message me with the answer when you can please. I'd really like to know if I read plagerized version of your story.

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Review #2, by gocnocturna Chapter Fourteen

19th September 2011:
just a comment on continuity- in your history of life without harry, cedric didn't die, a durmstrang student did, so Mrs. Diggory has not lost her son, other that it's great!

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Review #3, by PurpleFoot Chapter Seventeen

17th December 2010:
Oh. My. God. It's so good!!! I loved it!

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Review #4, by gocnocturna Chapter Nine

5th August 2009:
great chapter! I love that Dumbledore is the bad guy in there eyes!

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Review #5, by gocnocturna Chapter Eight

5th August 2009:
haha. bye bye charlie. lol. great chapter!

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Review #6, by gocnocturna Chapter Seven

5th August 2009:
oooh. exciting even though I know what happens! fantabulousus!

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Review #7, by gocnocturna Chapter Six

5th August 2009:
fantastic chapter, this really is a great story. Can't wait to finish re-reading it!

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Review #8, by gocnocturna Chapter Five

5th August 2009:
Yay for Voldemort! haha. lol. great chapter!

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Review #9, by gocnocturna Chapter Four

5th August 2009:
Filler chapter or not it was very good. I love this story!

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Review #10, by gocnocturna Chapter Three

5th August 2009:
Great chapter. I like how it takes them a while to get around to mentioning just who they thought he was, and who he actually is. lol. fabulous story!

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Review #11, by gocnocturna Chapter One and Two

5th August 2009:
I decided that I should review all of these chapters, since I loved this story the first time I read it, but you wouldn't know that since I think I only reviewed at the end. I hate seeing one of my stories with so few reviews, so I'm reviewing yours. Love the chapter!

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Review #12, by Aashna Chapter Seventeen

16th April 2009:
Hi Chihiro
Well, dat was lovely. The summary to ur story was very intriguing and dat actually drove me to read it. The idea was very indigenous i must say and as the story progressed, my interest developed even more and i simply loved reading it.
It was beautifully written and the plot was amazin!
awesome job u did with the words, Well done!

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Review #13, by gocnocturna Chapter Seventeen

14th April 2009:
awww. I loved this story. I'm so glad that you didn't kill Nebi, it would have destroyed Arcas, and quite possibly Charlie too. Your fics are always completely unique and new, and yet they are fantastic and innovative. I love your different way of looking at things. 1trillion/10!

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Review #14, by sinwillys822 Chapter Seventeen

14th April 2009:
i really liked that u ended it with nebi alive, can't wait to read more of ur stuff. 10-10

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Review #15, by gocnocturna Chapter Fifteen

26th March 2009:
Awww! I really like this story! Please don't stop reading due to lack of reviews! If you keep writing it I promise to review every chapter from here on out! I love your creativity. This story is as different and unique as the Silent Killers, which I also loved. Fabulous chapter! 1billion/10 for the story!

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Review #16, by natureismagic Chapter Fifteen

18th March 2009:
Truly an original story. So, as for Dumbledore... I think he should just be left out of everything important to Voldie's downfall. Like they win w/o his help. It would probably be the worst punishment, the way you have him written here.
The main problem here was the spelling and grammar, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix, right?

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 Chapter Fifteen

4th February 2009:
well maybe he will fall in love with a star that is not mated even if the star is male.

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Review #18, by Lisa Chapter Thirteen

21st January 2009:
I didn't guess that the spy was Kingsley, but there wasn't much info to go on - only that it was a man.
This fic is pretty good, I've never read a fic about Stars before. There are a few small details that you might want to fix or consider though;
1. A few times, Arcas, has touched people (ie when he put his hand on Ron's arm after their confrontation) and they haven't burnt. Is he wearing gloves? Was Ron wearing long sleeved robes?
2. If Arcas has been watching humans for so long, why has he never seen anybody kiss or have sex? The other Stars knew what Dumbledore was doing when he was holding meetings, presumably inside, so can they see into buildings? Also, if they can't, surely someone, somewhere, had sex outside. I mean, comeon.
3. How did Kingsley know about Nebi? Was he at Hogwarts? Hiding underneath the Staff Table? Or did someone tell him?
4. How did Arcus know how much older his mate was? He didn't know Charlie's name at that stage, so why would he know his age?
5. Did Ginny get burnt when Arcus caught her? Is that why Ron was so angry? Or was it because Ginny had a crush on Arcus? And, for that matter, why did Arcus catch her? He's not that used to touching people, so would it really be a reflex for him?
Aside from all that, I do like this fic, and hope to read more.

Author's Response: Okay, I'll try to answer your questions. First one, besides one little mistake I made, Arcas doesn't touch anyone by skin. He generally wears long sleeves and occasionally gloves, though I don't think I ever mentioned that... Maybe I should go back and correct that.

Next, no Stars can't look inside buildings, though they can hear. Arcas was more interested in wars, hence what he is teaching at Hogwarts, so he wasnt much of a voyeur, and if he did notice anything, then I'd imagine he'd have brushed it off as nothing important.

Thirdly, it was mentioned in an Order meeting, or at least that was what I was trying to portray. Obviously not very well. I may go back and add that scene when I have finished the over all fic.

Fourth, um... I can't remember what you're actually referring to here, so can I plead the fifth? I don't care if I'm British! Lol!

Finally, Ginny didn't get burnt when she fell on Arcas as she fell into his arms, and both were wearing long sleeves. No skin would have touched. At least in my head it didn't. As for why he caught her, I guess even for Stars it is second nature to catch someone that falls into you. Plus he never really had much of a choice in the matter! Lol! Ginny was very determined to be in her professors arms!!

Thank you for the review and I hope I answered some of your questions!

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