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Review #1, by someone___1 Races and Contests

20th January 2009:
love it! i love everything about it! i love how theres so many harry potter characters living muggle lives, i love how you make so many references to the wizarding world, i just LOVE this story! and i love you for writing it!
by the way- is vehicular even a word? :)

Author's Response: Yes! I just checked if it was a word, too, haha! Thanks!

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Review #2, by someone___1 

9th January 2009:
i liked all the wizarding world terms. and did i see a reference to sirius's animagus when harry called him a dog??? this story keeps getting better and better.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, and I'm glad someone caught that Animagus reference! I hope to update this in the next day or two, so keep an eye out!

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Review #3, by Rekhyt 

7th January 2009:
This is actually incredibly good -- and I have no idea why I sound surprised. I shouldn't.

The piano scene, of course, is my favorite.

Author's Response: Oh ye of little faith...

Yes - pianos and art imitating life!

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Review #4, by subtle_plan Welcome to the Team

6th January 2009:
Hahaha, this is probably the most insane thing I've ever read. I love Anchorman, the movie, so when I saw your banner it had me in a fit of giggles just thinking about what story might be hidden beyond it.

You're an excellent writer! And the story is actually really, really good, albeit very humorous given the circumstance. I take it its very AU, as in a world where Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Gryffindors employeed has not met each other before. And I'm also guessing that they're not in possession of any magical skills, which I'm totally okay with.

I love your choice of words and the way you weave dialogue into the text so smoothly. I barely managed to sniff out a few irky spots. First off; towards the very beginning you describe Ron's lips as monochromatic. I may be getting the wrong idea, but I don't think that I would ever choose the word 'monochromatic', even though it is a fancy word I enjoy very much.

Secondly there was one sentence that bothered me: "Too right you are, Ron," said his companion, a man with scraggly black hair (much unlike Ronís slicked-back red hair) and a matching mustache.

If I may suggest that you rewrite it I think I would have written something more like "-a man with scraggly black moustache and a hairdo that matched, and contrasted severely to Ron's sleek, red coiffure." or something like that. Maybe I'm just not a fan of brackets, but I felt like that sentence was a bit confusing and did not flow as well as the rest of your otherwise excellently written story.

Otherwise, kudos on what I have to say is the most original story I've come across, even if it is partly a rip-off from the movie. I never thought I would see anything like this popping up on HPFF. A lot of the lines here just really work, and the jokes are so original you made me crack more than one smile. I love your characterizations, also, especially Lavender.

Rock on!

Author's Response: For some reasons my stories - or the humor ones, at least - tend toward the (criminally) insane.

And you would be right: it's VERY AU, although a lot of canon relationships are in some fashion maintained, and there's no magic. (Should have mentioned that!)

The monochromatic sentence was something I struggled with but eventually I just had to put it in there. I kept thinking of a monochromatic piece of art and then a makeup artist "painting" Ron's lips and something about the bizarre out-of-place adjective just got me.

And that parenthetical clause is DEFINITELY confusing and if I ever go back and do an edit... I'm probably, in all honesty, just going to steal what you wrote and whistle innocently while I commit this blatant piece of thievery.

I'm glad it's seen as original and not JUST a rip-off, because while I LOVE Anchorman (you know, I could use italics instead of capitalization, but the latter is JUST so cool and it has less HTML!) this story has a lot of other influences, which means that I steal from a lot of other sources (brief thank-you's to Joseph Heller, Junot Diaz, Austin Grossman, and Jonathan Franzen - your prose is easily appropriated for my own purposes and I love you all for it). And I'm really glad someone brought up Lavender. I just love her character in so many ways and I'm still not sure where I'm going with her but I could write an entire novel about her. She's definitely mocked in this story, but in a loving way - I hate her 2D portrayal in other fics.

So, thank you for the excellent review (with good con crit to boot! [Lord I do use parenthetical statements a lot!]).

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Review #5, by ianbabee 

5th January 2009:
please continue lol this is too hilarious

Author's Response: Hopefully, if I keep to my schedule - which I have so far - this will be updated on Saturday. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by miss_ravenclaw09 

4th January 2009:
HAHAHHA! That was hilarious! :P And of course, I love the movie Anchorman and Harry Potter, and the combination of the two was actually a brilliant idea! And you've mixed them together very well! I especially loved the fact that all of them had mustaches, including Draco. :D Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Haha, yeah, Draco had to get in on the facial hair action. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by someone___1 Welcome to the Team

2nd January 2009:
is this based on the movie 'anchorman'? it seems like it...i think... i only saw some of the movie. this is pretty funny. i liked ron saying all that stuff with the microphone on.

just one question though- are these guys muggles, or are they wizards. they werent showing any magical...well, anything, and i just wanted to know.

still, goofy story! :)

Author's Response: I'm kind of taking the Anchorman idea and running far, far away with it - and a Muggle HP cast.

And yes... it is VERY goofy! Thanks for the review!

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