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Review #1, by Sugar May 2, 2018

6th October 2016:
No offense, but it is Nymphadora tonks.

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Review #2, by Sugar The Stag

3rd October 2016:
Just wondering, did you make up the sileo altus thing or is it real?

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Review #3, by Sugar Second Edition

3rd October 2016:
I must say that James potter 1 was not a chaser. He was a seeker.

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Review #4, by Dawn Renaud  Wormtail

27th June 2015:
Whew!!! Way to build the anticipation! I thought Albus would never figure Kaden to be Wormtail!

Author's Response: It took him a while, didn't it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by Person101 Possibilities

12th December 2014:
Loved it just a question will albus ever meet voldemort

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Review #6, by Alex Second Edition

2nd November 2014:
Great story so far, but you made a continuity mistake. In the first Harry Potter book Hermione showed Harry an old Quidditch cup with his father on it, also they found an old picture of the team if this year where James(I) was sitting at the seeker's position. Also it was standing on the trophy. But that's only a little mistake and nevertheless the story is great

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Review #7, by Marc Possibilities

15th August 2014:
This is one of those times where I am so glad that I found something late in the game. The story was soo good that I am IMMEDIATELY going to start reading the next book. Keep up the fantastic work

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Review #8, by Marc Second Edition

13th August 2014:
Of course this chapter would be AMAZING like all the others. This new map has me all giddy inside now haha. I especially like how the personalities of the marauders are embedded in this map and they come out so perfectly. Again, great chapter

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Review #9, by Lost-Ghost. The Phone Call

1st August 2013:
i really love this series you are writing keep up the good work. it is like I am reading the books again!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it so far! There are plenty more after this one. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #10, by chris Slytherpuff

24th February 2013:
they do play outdoor footbal during the winter the english prem is from august to may

Author's Response: I didn't know that! Probably because I'm American. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #11, by thestral517 Possibilities

12th January 2013:
Thoroughly enjoying your stories. Nice to find someone still writing about Potterworld.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoy them! There are plenty of people on this site still writing. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #12, by MargaretLane Possibilities

20th September 2012:
Sneaking out of the castle was pretty serious actually. What if Washburn or Willinson had been around then?

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Review #13, by MargaretLane Bravery

20th September 2012:
How could Albus have made it when he's not allowed in Hogsmeade? *laughs* But yeah, it's time to stop discussing it and get after Kaden.

And I would think the map no longer being a secret is a pretty small issue compared with the possibility that Kaden or any of them could be killed.

I was wondering why Harry didn't send them back to school, but he's probably right; it's better if they are with him than if they sneak out and try to do something themselves.

*laughs at "I'll hex him"* I know hexes cover a lot, but it sounds like rather a schoolboy threat. "I'll kill him" or "I'll use the Cruciatus curse" would be more effective, I reckon.

A 230? I'm guessing that's some kind of Auror code.

And yeah, giving him the cloak would only encourage kidnap, as well as giving him something he could easily use to escape and defy the law.

And since all he threatened was to hex Kaden, I definitely believe he'd do it.

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Review #14, by MargaretLane Kidnapped

20th September 2012:
Could take a VERY long time to find Willinson and Kaden on a map that might have 100s or even 1,000s of people on it.

*wonders why he didn't want to tell his cousin what was going on* Surely the more people who know, the better. She might be able to help in some way.

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Review #15, by MargaretLane The Marauders' Den

20th September 2012:
I'm getting slightly suspicious of this den. Mainly because of the title of the next chapter, I guess, but there's just also something a bit...unlikely about it. The idea of them finding a room nobody else knows about, I'd easily believe, but I'm not so sure about the four bedrooms and all. It would have been a bit too handy for the Marauders to find a room that just had the right number of bedrooms off it. And why would there be bedrooms anyway? If it had once been a staff room or something, I could see one bedroom, but they wouldn't need four. And the kids sleep in dormitories.

Unless the Marauders enchanted it somehow.

Hmm, the newspaper article makes me a little less suspicious since if somebody is faking it, they are going to a lot of trouble.

But this room has to be relevant in some way. I mean, maybe it'll be important in a future story, but I'm not sure.

And I know what they mean about it skipping a generation, but in length of time, it isn't exactly true. Lily and James were EXTREMELY young when they had Harry and Harry and Ginny were youngish. Only about 40 years have passed at this point since the Marauders left school. It's not even that unusual for a man to have a child in his forties. Hmm, that's an interesting thought, actually. Some of the Marauders classmates could have kids much the same age as Harry's kids.

Carbon monoxide poisoning makes sense actually, as something Muggles might think it was.

I reckon part of the reason it seems more interesting is because Binns isn't teaching it. I mean, come on! This guy said mythology isn't part of history and that history is about "solid verifiable fact". He obviously has no understanding of history at all, if he doesn't realise that much of what we know about history is biased depending on who wrote it and that when you go back before a certain date, history and mythology mix. I've gone off topic here, but yeah, I'm not at all surprised that they find the war more interesting when they aren't being taught it by him.

*laughs at him not wanting to go home for the summer until they figured out the map*

I would have thought that having the most important exams of his life so far coming up would make Stanley more likely to study, not less, even if he does leave school after them. *laughs at Stanley* Even the laziest students usually start panicking before major exams. Though I guess there are exceptions to everything.

The mandatory quiet zone reminds me of being in college and how people would sometimes put up signs exam week asking people to be quiet.

*laughs at Rose predicting almost all the Gryffindor boys as possible prefects and only leaving out John*

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Review #16, by MargaretLane May 2, 2018

20th September 2012:
Really like your idea of a commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. It makes sense that it would be commemorated.

Would 2nd years have free classes? I know the books said that 6th and 7th years did, because of giving up subjects, but I didn't know they did beforehand. Maybe I missed something.

I'm looking forward to seeing what houses Lily and Hugo end up in. I'm guessing they'll be Gryffindors too, but you never know.

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Review #17, by MargaretLane Riddles

20th September 2012:
Quidditch pitch for the second clue, I'd guess. But then I never would have come up with History of Magic for the first one, so I could well be wrong here too.

This'll sound weird, but you know, this story would actually make a good computer game.

Hospital wing for the third clue.

The last one is probably the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

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Review #18, by MargaretLane Success

19th September 2012:
Wow, that's pretty cool about it not being fooled by Polyjuice, so it'd be a great way to find out if somebody was under the Polyjuice potion.

It would kind of serve them right, if that was all it did, after they broke so many rules and pressurised Matt into telling Kaden about being a werewolf.

I was wondering would it include places like Weasleys Wizard Wheezes which weren't around in the Marauders' day, but since it can recognise people who weren't ALIVE then, I suppose I should have guessed that it would.

I actually laughed at them being bored in a year when they had loads of work, but figured that doing it would be even more boring, so instead they worked on a complex magical project.

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Review #19, by MargaretLane Wizard's Finger Print

19th September 2012:
That kind of indicates that Dudley cared something about his aunt dying before he was born and Harry being left parentless, although maybe he just cared because if Pettigrew hadn't done what he did, he wouldn't have had to have Harry living with him. *laughs*

That's an awesome idea about wizard finger prints revealing all that.

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Review #20, by MargaretLane Light Saber Conquers All

19th September 2012:
I'm really surprised Filch would give them his autograph. Honestly, I'm surprised that all those things can be found at Hogwarts and all by one team. I would have thought that AT MOST there'd be one of a number of the items and the chances of one team getting all those would be remote.

I would actually have guessed HARRY for the riddle. A part of Voldemort no longer resides in him and he was a part of the war.

*laughs at Kaden's team being the only one to find a light sabre* I KNEW there couldn't be enough items like that for every team to find one.

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Review #21, by MargaretLane Scavenger Hunt

19th September 2012:
All Matt would need would be to catch the flu at the time of the full moon. That wouldn't go too well, I reckon.

Not much point in putting TVs in the common rooms, since electricity doesn't work at Hogwarts.

That scavenger hunt does seem like fun.

When I saw the title, I assumed it would be something they'd have to do for the Marauder's Map. I thought they'd have to find a number of things to prove how Marauder like they were or something.

The only problem I see is how are they going to find a Nintendo DS and a CD, when electricity doesn't work at Hogwarts? Why would anybody bring those things with them?

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Review #22, by MargaretLane Slytherpuff

19th September 2012:
Football on brooms sounds interesting. *laughs* Would make it difficult to kick the ball all right though, unless it was a flying ball.

I wonder what is wrong with Albus. I should have guessed you'd some reason for giving him a headache during the match. *reads on*

I thought it MIGHT be the flu when he mentioned his whole body aching, but I also thought it might be a curse or something.

Hmm, I thought that Madame Pomfrey would be able to cure the flu immediately, but I guess it makes sense that not everything is immediate even with magic. Plus it makes the story more interesting.

Surprising none of the others caught it when he was in the dormitory with them for two days, though of course they might yet.

I was wondering what the title of this chapter referred to. I half thought it might be someway related to Kaden and that he might betray them in some way.

Oh, by the way in my last review, I meant that my guess about Albus being the only descended turned out to be correct, not that it made sense.

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Review #23, by MargaretLane Filch? Dancing?!

19th September 2012:
That's weird that it only works for Albus. Maybe it's because he's the one who's descended from a Marauder or maybe James made it and it has to be the person representing him who opens it. It would be weird if Matt couldn't be Moony when he's a werewolf and all. I'm interested to see what is going on here.

My guess about him being the only one related to a Marauder makes sense.

Yeah, it REALLY wouldn't make sense that they would all have to be related to Marauders, because even if they did all have children, what are the chances that their children or grandchildren would all be at Hogwarts at the same time, let alone all being boys and friends.

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Review #24, by MargaretLane Explosion Potion

18th September 2012:
Albus is being rather optimistic, hoping he'd only have to stay long enough for Kaden to see what they meetins were like. Going by previous performance, I'd imagine Kaden will love them as he loves everything else. *goes to see if I'm right*

*laughs at Matt being further on than John despite having been absent*

I can't see how he's going to pass his exams if he is missing a week of classes out of every four. Getting the homework isn't much of a help, since everybody else is doing that plus the classwork, and you usually do more in class than for homework anyway, since otherwise, you'd be at your homework 6-7 hours. *laughs*

*laughs* Yeah, doing badly in a class won't make any difference in the long run, unless the potion really DID explode. Otherwise all he'd have to do is read up on it afterwards to make sure he did it right in the exam, in case it came up. He might get in trouble for not paying attention of course, but I doubt he'd care too much about that.

Too simple?! You need to have a group of four friends, all of whom are boys and one of whom is a werewolf (the last being highly impossible for most people). They need to find the piece of parchment and figure out that it does something (most people would throw it straight in the bin). Then they have to know who the Marauders were and that they were illegal Animagi-a thing that really NOBODY should know, from their point of view. Then you have to figure out to get paw prints, which I doubt most people would think of and while a dog and a rat are easy to get, a stag and particularly a werewolf are much less so. Then the boys seem to need to have something in common with their predecessors. Really, I think the chances of anybody fulfilling all that is pretty much nil. Albus and his friends are just lucky that they happen to have both a werewolf and a relative of Prongs in their group. And have somebody who lives near a forest there is stag in.

It does make sense that they would have to prove their mettle as rule breakers though. Or their friendship. Since it said something about "united in friendship and mischief". *wonders what is coming next*

This couldn't be a trap, could it? I doubt Washburn and the Willinsons know enough about the Marauders to fake it.

I can see why Matt wouldn't want to tell Kaden and honestly, even with the fact that he can't tell anybody else, letting somebody you don't even always enjoy the company of into your group of close friends and telling him all your secrets (when they include things like Matt being a werewolf) seems rather like overkill just to see what's on a bit of parchment. OK, it could be something cool like the Marauder's Map, but even that is hardly a necessity and I would have thought comes WAY behind keeping Matt's secret.

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Review #25, by MargaretLane Evening Confrontation

18th September 2012:
*laughs at Albus saying he doubted his father would allow Petunia and Vernon in the house* Harry's right too. I doubt Vernon would enter a wizarding house anyway. He'd be terrified.

Actually, while it's annoying, the fact that Matt is absent a week before the full moon should help put Malfoy off the scent, because then he'd be unlikely to connect the absence with the full moon.

*cheers for Malfoy and Willinson getting detention* He stabbed himself with his quill? *cracks up* Not very convincing.

Wow, I never thought of Kaden getting invited to the Slug Club. Although of course, he's Harry Potter's...um, first cousin, once removed? Or something. And it seems like he's got some talent at Potions. I imagined him as being a poor student. Guess there's more to him than meets the eye.

And hmm, I'm still suspicious you'll have them become Animagi eventually, especially since this trial didn't work.

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