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Review #1, by Aussie Farm Girl An Aussie Christmas

15th October 2013:
I really liked it. The story was really realistic but it would have been cooler if you did some description of the surounding area- I'm guessing you chose the area as you have some experience of the area. Maybe talk a bit about the roads/scenery a bit? Anyway, it was a proper Aussie Christmas and very good. By the way, have you heard about the Dennie Ute Muster before? It's basically a festival but there is around 20 utes and they have around 10(i think) wearing bluies at one time(blue singlets)!

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Review #2, by blueirony An Aussie Christmas

20th December 2009:
I get ridiculously excited the second I see an Australian reference in a story on these archives. So imagine my delight when I came across an entire story devoted to The Land Down Under!

The stereotypical nature of this got a few laughs out of me... though not in a bad way!

It was fun to read and I really did enjoy it. Christmas here really is all about the heat, the BBQ, the beach and the cricket. And you captured that.

Well done!

Author's Response: I know the feeling, I love seeing Aussie references in fics here too. It was fun being able to write about a typical Aussie Christmas and share it with not only my fellow Aussies who would be able to relate, but also show those from the Northern part of the world what an Aussie Christmas is all about.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, thanks so much for your review.

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Review #3, by MovieMagic An Aussie Christmas

25th September 2009:
haha i live in australia and that is nothing now we celebrate Christmas. Although i dont live in the outback i live in the middle of Melbourne so some people do celabrate that way. Love the story 10/10

Author's Response: lol I was really going for that stereotypical Aussie Christmas portrayed in the song, but having said that I can remember plenty of Christmases with my family that were very similar to this. Of course we happen to live in a rural area, so perhaps it's more typical here than it is in the city. I'm glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by Annachie An Aussie Christmas

28th May 2009:
lol, loved it. The first story here where I can honestly say I've been. I managed to get lost in St. Arnaud once. (I admit it was 5 am, we were drunk, and driving from Melbourne to Mildura)

And of course the memories, Christmas cricket, the whole slap up lunch thing, the heat. Memories of my childhood, and for that matter last Christmas.

Great story and congrats.

Author's Response: The funny thing is I haven't actually even been to St. Arnaud myself, even though I live in Australia, but I wanted to pick a town that had that small Aussie country town feel and that was close to the bush.

Ah yes, the memories of Christmas in Australia. I'm glad it felt familiar to you.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by Alopex An Aussie Christmas

15th February 2009:
This was so interesting! What a very creative way for Hermione to find her parents! I can't even imagine a scorching, barbecueing, outdoor swimming pooling Christmas! It seems so foreign to me, so I loved reading about it! I'm from the US, and when I was little, I lived in a place that was snowy all winter. In the state I live in now, it's rained all three Christmases I've been here, which I think is weird.

Anyway, I loved all the little cultural references, the song lyrics were very entertaining (I loved this song fic!), and I'm so pleased Hermione has her parents back. I really enjoyed the bit about Ron commenting loudly on an airplane's resemblence to a dragon! That is so like him!

Author's Response: lol, I can't imagine Christmas with snow and fireplaces. When I decided to write a Christmas fic for 2008 I was trying to decide upon a song to use and thought it would be fun to do an Australian Christmas carol and share with everyone how we celebrate Christmas in Australia. Of course it was also the perfect way to explore Hermione's retrieval of her parents from Australia. hehe, I'm glad you liked Ron's characterisation, I thought it would be just like him to say something like that, also. Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #6, by FutureAggie09 An Aussie Christmas

10th February 2009:
Awww, I liked that =] it was very cute and also quite original. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought it would be interesting to have the characters experience an Aussie Christmas :)

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Review #7, by MyronWin An Aussie Christmas

29th December 2008:
Hooray, she's back!
I was both surprised and pleased to see a new story from you when I checked my favorite authors this evening. So I read it eagerly and enjoyed it quite alot. Such a nice little story.
I was surprised that Hermione could have waited so long to go get her parents but you explained it nicely. And the fact that it was so uneventful was a nice touch. (My own version of the trip is far from uneventful and I admire your strength to show it in such an anti-climactic way.)
But then this was a Christmas story and, quite frankly, they should be nice little stories with the trauma and action and violence kept to a none of it.
And the minimalist use of dialog was an interesting touch as well.
Very nice, very nice indeed.
If you didn't know, I've posted the first three chapters of "Harsh Mistress", my version of whatever happened to Lavender Brown. I've been having problems posting the 4th chapter (the text changes during posting, into italics! as well as skipping a paragraph, adding it to the end of the text); it's quite frustrating, but I'll get it posted after the blackout dates, I'm sure.
In any event, I hope the holidays were kind to you and yours and I wish you a Happy New Year.
Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: I haven't been doing much in the way of writing lately, nor have I had much time to do any reading either (either fanfics and regular novels). Hopefully I will get a chance to return to my WIPs soon as I am itching to finish them. I couldn't go past Christmas though without writing a Christmas fic. I had an idea to write a song fic this year and then the opportunity arose to enter a challenge that was based on that very idea. I wanted to keep this fic simple and uneventful, just a nice Christmas fic.

I really must get over to your author page again sometime soon, perhaps now that I've finished work I will have some more time. It's a shame about those problems you're having with posting, hopefully you'll be able to post again soon.

I hope you had a great holidays and a happy New Year. Keep safe in 2009.


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Review #8, by caryjanecarter An Aussie Christmas

27th December 2008:

That really makes me happy. One of my dad's work friends is from Australia, and he gave us a CD of Aussie Christmas carols years ago, and this is the first one on there. As soon as I saw the song, I knew I had to read this story.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've reviewed on here. xD It's Ellarose from the forums, so hey! I liked the story, you fit it well with the song and the fandom. However, your sentences sometimes were overly long, and there wasn't much spark or fun in the narration. I still liked it, though - although that was mainly just because of the hilarious song choice :D 8/10.

~ Caroline

Author's Response: Hi Caroline! I'm amazed anyone from outside Australia has actually heard this song!! I'm so glad you liked the story. I wrote this for a drabble challenge, and was trying to get it done before the deadline so it probably isn't quite as good as my usual stories. It was also tricky trying to write everything I wanted to because we weren't allowed to go over 1500 words and this story only just made it under 1500, so I guess it wasn't quite as exciting as it could have been. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, I hope you had a great Christmas.

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Review #9, by Nightrunner An Aussie Christmas

26th December 2008:
Nice little story.
I love the "carol". :-)

BTW, a "ute' is more like an El Camino or a Ranchero than a pickup. FYI.

Keep writing. I'll look for more of your stuff.


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :)

I've never heard of an El Camino or a Ranchero before. When I described a ute to an American friend of mine she thought it sounded like a pick up, that's why I compared it to a pick up. Hopefully everyone can understand what I mean though.

Thanks for reviewing and feel free to check out my author page.

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Review #10, by kiwifan13 An Aussie Christmas

26th December 2008:
Fantastic story - loved the Aussie jingle bells, hadn't heard it before (not surprisingly though as I'm from NZ!). Very funny :)

Author's Response: I don't think anyone from outside Australia would have heard it before, but it is certainly popular here in Aus. Glad you liked the story, thanks for reviwing. :)

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