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Review #1, by LizMalfoy Chapter Five

23rd June 2014:
Please post the next chapter soon. I want to read more

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Review #2, by janepotter Chapter Five

14th November 2013:
next chap. please???

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Review #3, by Georgia Chapter Five

28th August 2013:
I love how this story is going , each chapter wants me to read more and more! Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #4, by meg Chapter Five

24th July 2013:
Keep writing! Your story has a cool twist. The lack of background info about dramione makes us want more!

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Review #5, by C'est moi Chapter Five

22nd July 2013:
Oh my goodness. You must write more

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Review #6, by mionestwin32 Chapter Four

18th May 2013:
Very interesting. Can't wait to see what happens in the chapters to come. Hope to see some up soon.

Author's Response: I've started the next chapter and planned the next one, I should hopefully have it up tomorrow at some point (: Thanks for sticking with me (:

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Review #7, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark Chapter Four

3rd April 2013:
I am looking forward to reading the next chapter! Enjoying this story very much! Interesting plot you have come up with...^_^

Author's Response: I've got myself a new system for updating, hopefulky it'll stick until at least one of the stories is finished (:

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Review #8, by Ade W Malfoy Chapter Three

4th April 2012:
Are you gonna continue writing? I enjoyed it sooo much and I want to find out what happened! :)

Author's Response: Just put a new chapter up today (:

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Review #9, by JennaLee1684 Chapter Three

25th March 2012:
Please continue this story!

Author's Response: A new chapter went up today (:

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Review #10, by PrincessLionHeart Chapter Three

3rd August 2011:
I know you haven't wrote on this in awhile but you need to. I don't like stories that just stop randomly and I'm sure other readers don't either sooo my point is that you should keep writing, asap... Thanks for your cooperation

Author's Response: I've been dealing with a lot of family problems since I last updated. I realise it's been a while since I updated. I'm sorry it's been so long, but I've actually got a new chapter almost finished.

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Review #11, by Kieruh Chapter Three

27th March 2011:
You need to get the next chapter up! :o

Author's Response: I'm about to start work on the next chapter right now (:

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Review #12, by k Chapter Three

25th September 2010:
ahhh! thats sooo good, where's the next part? :) seriously, amazing story

Author's Response: I'm just about to start work on the next chapter (:

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Review #13, by wbsam Chapter Three

24th September 2010:
Sweet story! I was kinda suspicious at the beggining with Herms leaving magic world and all that but the story is turning out very good! Keep on going! And maybe longer chapters? :P

Author's Response: Thank you (: I'm about to start work on the next chapter after I answer a few more reviews, but as soon as I'm finished I'll start (:

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Review #14, by BlahBlahBlah Chapter Three

30th June 2010:
Update Soon!

I really like the story. Please don't abandon it!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm going to start the new chapter and have it up as soon as the queue re-opens :)

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Review #15, by xxRedheadramioneloverxx Chapter Three

29th June 2010:
this is really good though I personally wish Hermione hadn't left the magical world. but then we wouldn't have a story now would we? I'm glad she's going to get her memories back though. :) Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm gonna have the new chapter up as soon as I can :)

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Review #16, by Erilin_chan Chapter Two

5th April 2010:
Wow, seriously depressing start and a slow one at that, but I like it all the same. Dialogue could be worked on - maybe longer length. Can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks, dialogue was never my strong point but I'll work on it :) That's the next chapter posted :) hope you like it:)

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Review #17, by PotterGirl7145 Chapter Two

2nd April 2010:
YAY! I hope she decides to come back! Poor Draco! I read the last story and i feel so bad for him! I hope they get back together! :) Great story! Please post more soon! :) I love all your stories! You are such a great writer!

Author's Response: Thanks :) the new chapters posted, hope you like it :)

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Review #18, by Dracolover4life Chapter Two

1st April 2010:
im really glad you made a sequal i cant wait till the next chapter is up : )

Author's Response: I'm really sorry for the wait, that's it up now :)

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Review #19, by dracoishot Chapter Two

31st March 2010:
this is really good!! keep going! I have u on favs!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'll try to update soon :)

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Review #20, by BaileyMay09 Chapter Two

31st March 2010:
I REALLY REALLY hope she gets her magic back!!

Author's Response: I can't say but thanks for reading (:

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Review #21, by EntracingEmily Chapter Two

30th March 2010:
Wh-hoo! I read the first one, & now I've read as much as you have for the second. Looking forward to more chapters! -Emily,

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'll try to update soon :)

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Review #22, by Ava Pearce Chapter One

14th August 2009:
ooo, i like this story, its pretty cool, keep it up!
awesome story,
luv ya,

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm going to update soon :)

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Review #23, by Laureli_321 Chapter One

19th July 2009:
Loved it! Please please please update soon...!

Author's Response: I'll work on it as soon as I finish Very Mature Potter.

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Review #24, by emogurl2012 Chapter One

10th June 2009:
finish quick this is gettin better!!well it already was awesum especially the hermione/draco thing!9/10!!

Author's Response: Thank you (:

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Review #25, by grfdr_girl95 Chapter One

1st June 2009:
oh my gosh that's sooo good!!! i can't wait for the next chapter!:):)

Author's Response: Thank you, It\\\'ll be up soon.

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