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Review #1, by Secret Marauder Chapter Seven - Messengers From the Realms of Glory

4th June 2012:
I LOVED how you bought James and Lilly into this is was perfect...!!...very well writter and very well thought out..!!..x

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Review #2, by Ken Chapter One - Hermione and the Morning Visitor

17th November 2010:
I am liking the beginning, but I really hope that this version of Hermione will finish the lobotomy that writing in the diary obviously started on Ginny, and the getting Harry finally off her potions will wake him back up again

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Review #3, by ginny hater Chapter Nine - And in the dark street shines, the everlasting light

21st August 2010:
why can't ginny stay at the burrow? she does have a real family.

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Review #4, by grangerpotter Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

7th July 2010:
Kreacher working for Santa and orchestrating the entire thing was an interesting twist. Cute.

Harry giving Hermione a pony was a sweet/cute touch as well.

Ron was surprisingly likeable at the end. I really would've loved to see more emotion/reaction from Harry after Hermione's ordeal with the thankfully late Goyle. I felt like Ron was even more concerned than Harry. Other than that, this was a nice read.

I'm almost done reading all your Harry/Hermione stories. I need to ask Father Christmas for more.

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Review #5, by grangerpotter Chapter Nine - And in the dark street shines, the everlasting light

7th July 2010:
Cool scene with the medallion and all. I'm glad Goyle was taken cared of. Although I wanted to see Harry's fury. I was looking forward to seeing his reaction realizing the danger Hermione was in. I don't think I've ever seen Harry get real angry and get in action.

I liked how Ginny redeemed herself.

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Review #6, by grangerpotter Chapter Eight - The Grinch and his posse come to Oxford

7th July 2010:
I really liked the Harry/Hermione moment before entering the house. I love the way they interact with each other. Helen's moment with Harry was touching as well.

I can't wait to see Harry unleash hell on Goyle.

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Review #7, by grangerpotter Chapter Seven - Messengers From the Realms of Glory

7th July 2010:
The "...she went on for two pages about Harry's eyes" bit was awesome. James' bit about "The Boy Who Was Loved" and two witches loving Harry unconditionally was wonderful. Just perfect. That contrast about Harry laying down his life for others and living it for Hermione was nice as well. You have a way of explaining/expressing Harry's and Hermione's love for each other beautifully and perfectly. That's why I love your stories. You're a gifted writer.

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Review #8, by grangerpotter Chapter Six - There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays

7th July 2010:
I loved that bit when Kreacher said he sent a throw pillow. Nice as always.

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Review #9, by grangerpotter Chapter Five - Have You Heard What I Heard?

7th July 2010:
Nice as always. Can't wait to read the next chapters.

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Review #10, by grangerpotter Chapter Four - Tidings of Comfort and Joy

28th June 2010:
I loved seeing the "normal" side of Hermione. Her mum was just fun. It was sweet how she'd just let Hermione talk. The Grangers are lovable!

Was Molly that bad?

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Review #11, by grangerpotter Chapter Three - And This Will Be a Sign

28th June 2010:
Fun chapter to read. I thought there would've been more fireworks between Hermione and Ginny. I kinda looked forward to seeing Hermione's "tough" (for lack of a better word) side. But I think you actually wrote her well, very true to her character; she stayed sensible and compassionate. Ron was a bit of a surprise, but then again, I think he has known this was the way it should've always been, that's why he's left Harry twice.

I'll rephrase my review in the previous chapter; Ron's not that bad when he's not trying to be with Hermione. I'm still not at the stage of liking him. Hopefully Luna can change that; she kinda has in Cause and Effect. :) ..I do think they make a cute pair.

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Review #12, by grangerpotter Chapter Two - Decked in the Hall

28th June 2010:
Nicely written as usual. I love watching Hermione take care of Harry.

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Review #13, by grangerpotter Chapter One - Hermione and the Morning Visitor

28th June 2010:
Looking forward to reading more. Liked your comment about liking Ron when he's not trying to date Hermione, haha.

Loved the country=character comments.

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Review #14, by harryhermione4evah Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

8th February 2010:
omg i loved it parts were soo funny like when you actually made kreacher a elf working for father christmas. i love your work

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Review #15, by i_love_harry_12721 Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

13th December 2009:
this story is really funny. I think you should make a sequel.


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Review #16, by the_scribbler Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

19th September 2009:
Sept. 19, 2009

I tore through this story today and loved every minute of it. It's complex, thoughtful, well-edited, and more than anything else, creative and original. You've done a wonderful job of taking characters that we all love so much and weaving a wholly new story.



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Review #17, by brad Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

24th August 2009:
The idea of Hermione coming charging to Harry's rescue is a nice one indeed.

I enjoy your stories, but I think all of them - that I've read so far - are much the same in that there's little 'friction', little possibility of things going wrong, H/Hr and everything else is a fait accompli, everything is plain sailing. Well, maybe that's unfair; I've just finished reviewing two of your shorter stories that *don't* have Harry and Hermione together, after all. But everyone (except Ginny) is still so *happy*!! It only takes Hermione about three milliseconds to cast Ron aside in this tale, he's left behind without a thought in the sonic boom as she rushes to Harry's side, no doubts whatsoever.

She'd been with Ron a long time, they'd lived together? Made love, et cetera ... I would have expected some inner turmoil, some measure of regret, some acrimony, before both Ron and Hermione acknowledged the truth/obvious and let bygones be bygones. Or maybe you could have shown us a bit more of the R/Hr problems that had been leading up to the start of this story?

You know, I had to put this down half-read for a day or two, and one thought kept popping up in my mind - how GOOD a friend Luna Lovegood was to Harry and Hermione. I was pretty sure you were going to have her end up with Ron (like you, I quite agree that canon!Luna showed definite signs of interest/crush in Ron, and he started appreciating her more, too, in the last two books) and I suddenly realised ... how wonderful was Luna, to put her own feelings aside and calmly wait for Ron and Hermione to break up? Rather than crash in, try and split them up, or otherwise interfere?

Maybe I'm being too magnanimous ... maybe your Luna, in your eyes, had enough seer to 'know' that she'd get Ron if she just waited (goodness knows you seem to give Luna all sorts of abilities :-)). Or maybe Luna just realised that her relationship with Ron would be strengthened if he was allowed to work out for himself that Hermione wasn't the girl for him, in his own time.

But I was still struck with the idea of good-friend!Luna, sitting by and giving her friends all the time and support they needed, placing her own needs for love on the side. I desperately wanted a scene to come up in the second half of this story where Hermione would, suddenly, be hit with this sort of epiphany - isn't it nice that Luna and Ron are together, it's what she always wanted, she -- wait, does that mean that, all those times when we were with Luna, she was, all along, desiring Ron ... but staying well clear of him, just because of our friendship? Oh my gosh, what a good friend she is, I don't deserve her a friend like her ... and then a big Granger-class hug for Luna would follow.

I know it's sappy, but I like stories that make me think of things like that; I otherwise have zero imagination, so it's nice when I can 'get into' the flow of a tale.

Anyway, I do note that you did insert the beginnings of R/Luna near the end of the story, even if you didn't have Hermione suffer a breakdown over the realisation of what her friend put up with for her sake. :-)

The image of Harry's parents warding off Ginny was cute, if a bit 'over the top' for this romantically deprived male reader. I didn't much like the caveat that they couldn't appear to the principles themselves, which made the whole artifice a bit too 'artificial' for me.

"Broken Arrow!", hey? I had thought it might be 'Hey, Rube!'. :-)

Thanks for the story!

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Review #18, by HarmonyLover Chapter Eight - The Grinch and his posse come to Oxford

30th June 2009:
Hello again,

Just a thought - is Hermione's Grandmother Jane merely meant to give us the origin of Hermione's middle name? Or could she also be named after the Jane of "Cause and Effect"? It would be an interesting little link between the stories. :)

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Review #19, by heart portry Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

16th March 2009:
Hi there,
Enjoyed this - just a bit gutted that they forgave Ginny! Oh well. Well written and I like that Hermione's parents are in the story they seem like fun! Will check out your other stories soon.
CA x

Author's Response: Hi,

It's Christmas and Ginny was trying. And she did take out one of Hermione's attackers rather permanently.

As Kreacher pointed out, she's not a bad witch, she's simply obsessing over the wrong wizard.

I've written the Grangers into several stories now, they seem to be likeable when I look at them.

I hope you enjoy the other stories.

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Review #20, by Mike Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

5th March 2009:
This is an excellent story. Thank you!

Author's Response: You're very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed this little holiday offering.

Thanks very much for reading (and reviewing) and I hope you enjoy some of my other stories

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Review #21, by A M Brennan Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

24th February 2009:
A very enjoyable, funny and not overly serious story.
[I am, however, not entirely sure about all that 'pants' business]

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Review #22, by jock wizard Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

12th February 2009:
well ive decided to wait till now to leave a reveiw but here it is that was bloody injoyable kep up the good work hp/hg all the way as it should have been

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed the story and took the time to read. I apologize for taking so long to respond, RL has been brutal the last month or so.

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Review #23, by hanna's mom Chapter Ten - Father Christmas, The Elves, and a Kiss (not necessarily in that order)

8th February 2009:
Great wind up. lots of questions answered. Thanks for a super story!

Author's Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the story

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Review #24, by hanna's mom Chapter Nine - And in the dark street shines, the everlasting light

8th February 2009:
Great chapter. Lots of excitement, I didn't think of Montague being a metamorphmagous.

Author's Response: Eh, even the bad guys get some of the perks, every once in a while.

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Review #25, by hanna's mom Chapter Eight - The Grinch and his posse come to Oxford

8th February 2009:
Very exciting, was Susan under a curse or something? Or was she just the bait for Hermione? Exellent password!

Author's Response: 'She' was bait, but Susan's safely elsewhere, as we'll see shortly.

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