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Review #1, by patronus_charm Memories

7th January 2015:
Hi there, here for the review battle! ♥

I really like this story as it was so sweet and really did feel me with the festive cheer and make me smile!

Luna was handled excellently in this story and I really admire your ability to write here as I've never really managed it as she's such a hard character to pull off. I like how you tied the title, reverie, into her state of mind as she does always have this dreamlike quality, and she's always drifting off so that was a good nod towards her character.

Zephira was so adorable! It was such a Luna like name to give her, and the way she almost love Zephira as much as she loved Rolf seemed like such a Luna like to thing to do.

I really loved her mini-fangirl over Rolf and how she couldn't quite believe that she was marrying the grandson of Newt Scamander as it was nice to see that she could live her dream and that her life had turned out well for her. He seemed to have grounded her a little more too, as she seemed maturer here and a little more serious here, and I really liked how you highlighted those subtle changes in her character.

There were so many little Luna like things in this story which really made it for me such as the African village, Míkele Míbembe, and how she was giving speeches about Crumpled Horned Snorcacks. That just made her really!

A great read! :D


Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the story. I really like writing Luna and I felt this story came together well.

Zephira is based somewhat on my cats, but also a bit smarter, since she's a Kneazle.

Glad you thought that it had a dream-like quality, since that's what I was aiming for.

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Review #2, by SaphireSmiles Memories

13th November 2010:
Very sweet. Rolf's character is perfect, eh?
and they're pregnant! Yahoo!

Nice job, as ever. :D!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This was an experiment for me. I'm not usually one to dwell on the senses or emotions, so I was trying to do more of that here. As you can tell by now, Luna's my favourite character and I liked writing her here.

Glad you liked the little bit of Rolf we got to see.

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Review #3, by voldy_needs_a_hug Memories

10th December 2009:
damn .

you're good. and my mouth was hanging open when u wrote Pakistan. Thats where im originally from =D

ur 48/49 arent u?
^^ u were in high school 20 years from 2007.
just wondering lol.
ur quiet good at writing.

Author's Response: This is one of my favourite pieces that I've written; not because I think it's the best thing I've written, but because I think it shows emotion better than I usually do.

Thanks so much for the compliments. Yeah, you probably don't see Pakistan mentioned much in fanfic, but that region fit with nagas quite well, as would have India.

I'm not quite that old, but I am over forty :P

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Review #4, by Miss Lily Potter Memories

18th August 2009:
I like this!
See, this is why I love the review tag thing, because you can find some really amazing stories. (:
Luna's character is just like in the book, she's dreamy and quirky. The way you phrase things is really nice, it all flows really well.
I like the little bits you put in, like Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and such, that are from the book and stuff. If that makes sense?
But really, I did like this. A lot. I'm glad I got to read it. (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. After I first posted this, it went months without a review, so I wondered if it had some fatal problem that I didn't know about.

I've written quite a bit of Luna and I think that I'm just now starting to get her characterization down.

I thought the story needed canon bits to tie it together, so I made sure to add those.

I truly appreciate the time it took you to read and review.

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Review #5, by emerald_moons Memories

14th August 2009:
Hey, emerald_moons from the forums here!

Wow, this is really elegant and well written. I don't understand why anyone hasn't reviewed! I love Luna's characterization, and she is on spot. I cannot think of anything about her I don't like, or anything about this story. The flow was brilliant and this is overall a sweet little one shot. Cute and pleasing to read, I think you did this amazingly.


Author's Response: Thanks for the validation. I've read and re-read it and wondered why not a single review.

I'm so glad to know that I got Luna right and that it rings true to you. I like the word 'elegant,' thank you for using it. With this and 'Ashes,' elegant and poetic was what I was going for.

I'm nreally glad that you enjoyed it and that there's not some big problem with it that I hadn't noticed.

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