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Review #1, by prideandvanity Do You Know

29th January 2009:
Great writing, as always! Good idea for a story, too.
Keep writing!!

Author's Response: oh I will... thanks so much again hun!

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Review #2, by verbal87 Do You Know

24th December 2008:
Poor Remus. I've said this before but you're a cruel cruel lady lol. I know he's good for angst though so fair enough and at least in All Is Not Lost you've got him happy(and kinky by the sounds of it).

Anyway, brilliantly written as usual and you captured Remus's character perfectly. Hope no-one else has reviewed and i get to be first lol but after that I hope loads of people do cos it is really good. Happy Christmas(I may have already said this but I'm in a great mood so who cares) and hope you have a brilliant

Author's Response: Yes I am cruel but you're right- he is easy to writ angstily (if that isn't a real word, I just made it up hehe). I can assuage my guilt ith All is not Lost though, and you never know where he might end up in this one, I haven't decided yet!!!
You are the first review for this one so thanks :-)
Happy Christmas- hope its awesome (I'm in a good mood too!!)

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