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Review #1, by Harry and Ginny Chapter one | The Room And I

22nd April 2009:
Great stat 4 the 1st chapter. Can u do me a favour? Can u check my author's page? I have a new e-mail a nd I don't know what i'm going to do without my awesome banner maker!
Anyway what's going to happen now? will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #2, by zEthHPfrEaK Chapter one | The Room And I

8th March 2009:
*grins* I like the ending. Nice bit of humor there :)
This is a nice chapter! I can't wait for the plot to begin (not meaning to rush you into updating...)! I love Grace's mom, by the way :)

Ok, so basically... The only thing that I saw that you need work on is grammar... Just a few little things. Some stuff that I saw is:

"He isnít half persistent though when he wanted to be and instead grabbed the pillow I was so comfortably resting on only to hit me around the head with it."

Hm, that sentence was pretty confusing. Not so much the second part, but I didn't understand the first part... Did you mean "He isn't half persistent, though when he wanted to be he really was. He grabbed..." Or something? Maybe it was just a punctuation problem, maybe a typo... I honestly don't know o.0

Oh, and every time you type "lily" you're forgetting to capitalize the first "l"... Like "Lily"... So, yeah. Great chapter!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much! for your enthusiasm and your help. (i'm also sorry i haven't replied, i really should check these reviews - i think its because currently this stories on the backburner but i apologise)

i do know my punctuation sucks! sometimes i can't believe quite how badly but anyhoo i have no idea what i was trying to say in that part *i know, unbelieveable' but i might update soon, i'll try to put my thinking cap back on for this one.

thank you again, glad you enjoyed it


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Review #3, by elladora Chapter one | The Room And I

8th January 2009:
Oh ik like it it's very original i never read anything like your story i can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: oh, thank you!!! i really appreciate a nice comment, i was a little worried about this one!!


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