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Review #1, by spencefa Firsts and Seconds

10th September 2010:
It was a very enjoyable story.

Author's Response: thank you very much. :D

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Review #2, by Kim Duncan Firsts and Seconds

5th November 2009:
To a young writter writing her first Tonks/Lupin themed fic. this fic. was of great insperation and thankfullnes! Thank you, sincerlly!

Author's Response: aw, you're so very welcome! You know, I'm fairly young too :) Thank you for reading!

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Review #3, by wolvie Firsts and Seconds

31st January 2009:
it was great i loved the part where Harry said no not the tree

Author's Response: thanks so much! It's always fun to write, but even more so when people like the parts you liked writing. XD

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Review #4, by Victoire von Doom Firsts and Seconds

2nd January 2009:

*steals Fred*

C'mon, Freddie, you can live in my room, yes. Don't worry, my parents won't suspect a thing. You're only an incredibly conspicuous redhead.

Author's Response: bwaha. *luff*

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Review #5, by Tor Petty Firsts and Seconds

1st January 2009:
Oh my, how clever your 'Raggedy Andromeda'. Hee hee.

Best part of the story: "If you were sleeping with one of my old students..." Simply marvelous, dear.

Haha, Harry can't take another kid peeing on him AGAIN.

So, about it never being perfect... I think that it was pretty rough in the beginning as far as style and prose goes, but as the story went on, the writing improved. Maybe some day you can work on the beginning of the story.

That person that begged for Fred to be alive wouldn't be Rammy, would it? :P

Overall, I really liked the story. There's something about Remus being Father Christmas that just works out in my mind. I LOVED THIS, and I think you have yourself another wonderful creation to add to the others.

Hugs from Moi!

Author's Response: Yeah, Andromeda just kinda popped outta my brain XD

haha, yeah, I couldn't resist that. I had to cancel out some of the angst!

Well, would you want to be peed on twice??

And yeah, I'll prolly take another look after I crank out the new chapter to Obliviate; I'm almost done with the chapter!

Correct in one! Awesome job!

Thank you so very much my dear! *blushes*


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Review #6, by dora_luvs_remus Firsts and Seconds

1st January 2009:
YAY DENIAL FIC! I'll always be in denial. Denial of What? No! Dora's not dead! NO! Love the fic by the way. Exactly what would happen. No, what WILL happen (denydenydenydenydenydenydeny).

Author's Response: lols XD Exactly! They weren't DEAD, they were taking a WOEFULLY inappropriately-timed nap, that's all! Having a new baby in the house is VERY tiring!


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Review #7, by clumsy_as_tonks Firsts and Seconds

1st January 2009:
Finally, finally a good denial fic! I totally agree with you, who's saying they're dead?
anyway, this is the best fic ever! congrats!

Author's Response: oh wow, that's so sweet of you! Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by obliviatethemoon Firsts and Seconds

23rd December 2008:
yay!!! gota love those shameless denial fics!! this was cute ;P i love it :D brilliant, as always, and totaly perfect!! have an awesome christmas!

Author's Response: :D thanks very much, and a happy Christmas to you too!!

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Review #9, by dancinbabe Firsts and Seconds

21st December 2008:
aw this is really cute great jab hon

Author's Response: thank you very very much!!

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