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Review #1, by potterfan310 Baby Mine

5th March 2012:
awww,cute story, i hope this is updated soon :)

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Review #2, by vintage90vinyl Baby Mine

7th November 2011:
i really like this story, it's addictive!
and so much better than any other preg fic i've read.
++ the name aurelia is gorgeous :]
please keep them coming

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Review #3, by lunafan3997 Baby Mine

3rd September 2011:
I love this story!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!

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Review #4, by agingerrose Baby Mine

5th April 2011:
Amazing chapter ! Update soon !

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Review #5, by AlbusRox14 Baby Mine

8th February 2011:
Aww, I love it. So what will happen with James?

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Review #6, by a rollerball Baby Mine

5th April 2010:
great story, plz plz plz update soon :) x

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Review #7, by Afina Fall for you

2nd March 2010:
Where is the rest? You leave it when it gets more interesting?

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Review #8, by Aweasleyatheart Baby Mine

1st March 2010:
I really like this story but there are two things that are a little annoying. First, Aurelia is not old enough to talk the way she does, at 11 months most kids are only starting to say things like momma and dadda. Secondly it is sort of weird that Megan has kept Aurelia a secret. I know you might not be able to change this because it would effect the plot but I just wanted to put it out there. The fact that she doesn't tell James that he has a daughter seems a little rude and selfish on her part, I just think that maybe someone should mention to her that James has a right to know that he is a father, or something like that. But other than that this is a great story and I can't wait to read more.

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Review #9, by gryfndrgrl22 Baby Mine

30th May 2009:
Your story is good, but unrealistic, Aurelia is almost a year old, there is no way that she would be talking. She should just gurgle and stuff. Most children with the talking ability that you have given Aurelia don't gin it until they're four or five. I think that you should change her talking ability because it makes the story unrealistic Otherwise keep up the good work.

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Review #10, by krissy87 Baby Mine

29th April 2009:
Please please please please please update soon!! Great story, but a couple of things kind of bugged me- the first was that it reads like James is in the same year as Rose (and therefore his brother Albus...) and the other was the multitude of nicknames for Aurelia (I know its normal for people to have different nicknames for one person, but it gets a bit confusing). Otherwise, great story, can't wait to read more!

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Review #11, by lyrix82 Baby Mine

6th April 2009:
cool, I look forward to the next installment of this stoiry! Thanks for sharing xx

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Review #12, by lyrix82 Who knew

6th April 2009:
I'm very much enjoying this story- you're writing is lovely and the story is great. Good work! Can't wait for the next chapter- lucky me it's already ready! Thanks

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Review #13, by ZombiesOnTheRuun Baby Mine

29th March 2009:
Come on, it's been like 2 whole months since you've updated this absolutely brilliant story. How much ego-fluffing does it take to get another chapter up here? Don't make me break out the whiney-whip. What is the whiney-whip you ask? Well, the whiney-whip is an invisible whip which whines like a little sissy baby when you crack it. Now, I know it sounds horrible but there's no need to run screaming into a lamp post. Which I absolutely KNOW you're doing right now. So, how to avoid the whiney-whip:
1. Post new chapter.
2. Buy me chocolate.
& 3. Refer to #1.


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Review #14, by anna75 Baby Mine

7th March 2009:
This story is so interesting cant wait for more...

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Review #15, by Meggles Baby Mine

2nd March 2009:
so I just started reading this yesterday and I LOVE it. Really good story, and you have very good writing skills! Update again soon!!!

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Review #16, by wenche Baby Mine

12th February 2009:
I like it, keep on writing please:)

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Review #17, by GinnyChaserSuberb Who knew

1st February 2009:
stupid stupid james!! poor meggie!

Author's Response: I agree (; Poor Meggie!

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Review #18, by GinnyChaserSuberb I'll keep your memory vague

1st February 2009:
another fantastic chapter. Aurelia Grace Potter such a lovely name it really suits, I like that one of the potter weasley family knows about the baby.

Author's Response: I was thinking about having Ginny be the healer, but I changed my mind. I love the name Aurelia!

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Review #19, by GinnyChaserSuberb Fall for you

1st February 2009:
this is such an amazing start to the story, I really love your characters.

aww poor meggie, rose and them completly ignoring her, but at least shes got Brennan!

Author's Response: Aha, yeaaah, I figured it'd make it unique (; Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by GinnyChaserSuberb Baby Mine

1st February 2009:
I loved this chapter, James and Madeline please dont shes mean!! poor meg! Im glad shes going back to hogwarts!
please update soon!

Author's Response: Hehe, there wouldn't be a story if she didn't go back! And I haven't quite decided about Madeline yet, but she will be a major part of the drama...

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Review #21, by VelvetAutumn Baby Mine

30th January 2009:
Keep the updates coming, I wanna see what happens and when he finds out and how people are gonna react

Author's Response: I'll write as fast as I can (: It'll be up by monday, at the latest.

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Review #22, by madscan7 Fall for you

30th January 2009:
hey cool story...whos the girl on your banner!?!?!?!?

Author's Response: THANKS (: and it's mona johannesson (:

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Review #23, by alic3D011 Baby Mine

29th January 2009:
YAY i love it! i cant wait for the next chpter! ugh plz write fast lol!

i totally love ur story, i would be honored if u read mine!

Alice Doll

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Review #24, by Tat I'll keep your memory vague

28th January 2009:
come on write more
im dieing to know if james fines out

Author's Response: maybe he does, maybe he doesn't...xD He will. eventually.

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Review #25, by louise_loves_hp I'll keep your memory vague

27th January 2009:
love the idea of last name potter
dose james find out?

Author's Response: xD I thought it would be an interesting twist!

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