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Review #1, by cutenut1999 Too Much Weasley

19th December 2013:
Harmione sucks!!! No offence intended... :)
I love hinny and only hinny

Author's Response: Then I'm confused. Why did you read my story (which I appreciate, by the way, thanks for that) if you don't like the pairings?

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Review #2, by Miss Haggan Too Much Weasley

10th May 2011:
One word-RANDOM!! OK more than one word for you actually ^.^, well I thought it was quite funny.

Not normally what I would read but light hearted and good, if you don't take it seriously that is.

Author's Response: It was supposed to be light hearted and random. And funny. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #3, by spencefa Too Much Weasley

10th September 2010:
I thought the story was a bit strange, but maybe you are a young teen, that would definately explain the story.

Author's Response: Nope, not a young teen. I knew it was strange. Sometimes I get strange ideas.

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Review #4, by Jessiy Too Much Weasley

10th January 2009:
Good, would like more of it :D x

Author's Response: This is only a little one-shot that took up brief residence in my head. But I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #5, by Soraga Too Much Weasley

24th December 2008:
Hahahahahahaha. I was listening to "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D. while I was reading this. More accurately, the song came on the moment Hermione sits on Harry's lap. Now that I've finally finished laughing, the review!

It's refreshing from the blatent Ginny-bashing that quite a few fics seem to have. It is present, but much more subtle. And a bit more humorous.


Hehehehehehe. I almost signed this review with my real name, like how I do over E-mail, rather than with your score. I fail. Again.

Author's Response: Nice timing, I suppose. I actually had no idea I was doing subtle Ginny-bashing. I was just writing what came. I do that sometimes, and the stories turn out really good.

I wouldn't mind knowing your real name.

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Review #6, by perverted_mind123 Too Much Weasley

24th December 2008:
teehee, that was the best nonsensical (sp?) one-shot i ever read. that was really funny, and i love the title!

Author's Response: Thanks! I was going for exactly that.

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Review #7, by petteyg359 Too Much Weasley

21st December 2008:
Not really a new idea, but always good :) What insane guy wants to shag a look-alike of his own mother?!

Author's Response: That's what I've always wondered! It sounds to me like an Oedipus Complex.

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Review #8, by something random Too Much Weasley

20th December 2008:
It's actually quite funny. A nice enjoyable little one-shot.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you thought it was funny.

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Review #9, by nickie02 Too Much Weasley

19th December 2008:
Loved it. I laughed so hard at the part where Ron sits on Harry's lap.

Author's Response: I was going for laughs. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by gglol16 Too Much Weasley

18th December 2008:
...it was okay, not really high on the gg scale but okay

Author's Response: Well, at least you didn't totally hate it. Thanks for reading.

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