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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs Terrible

15th May 2010:
That was so sad but I loved it! Great job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #2, by harrylilyjames Terrible

30th January 2009:
I have never ever read a Hermione/Cedric fic before, but this was lovely. I really really liked it, and I think its just changed what I thought about this couple. Really nice job =]
I like the way you didn't go into much detail, but simply skimmed over the surface, it gave the story a nice feel, and I usually complain and tell the author that they should put in more detail, but you don't- it's really nice!!
9/10- just wished it was a bit longer. =[ but other than that I really enjoyed it!!
keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hey there. Thank you so much! :)
I'll admit, that I was never a huge Cedric/Hermione fan, but I read a fic that completely changed my opinion too, so I'm SO happy mine changed yours!
Thanks very much!

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Review #3, by Nordanvinden Terrible

30th December 2008:
Very good start or ending if you like, hehe! I really like it, even though it was a sad chapter!

The plot is good and so is the character portrayal, as well as the interaction between them! And the fic is also well written, which is good!

Cannot wait to read more, so please update soon...

Author's Response: He he, thanks very much! I'm glad you like it so far.

I'll try to update soon but my usb/flashdrive snapped, and so I've lost my writing. Building up the motivation slowly. Thanks again!

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Review #4, by radicallyali Terrible

25th December 2008:
I really like this intro.
And I really like the idea of starting at the end and going backwards. Nice change of pace from other stories.

Author's Response: hey there! I'm sp happy you like it! I thought that would be a fun way to write it!

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Review #5, by Inti Terrible

22nd December 2008:
Damn you Rosie Posie.
Consider my horizons broadened.

You my luff have an incredible turn of phrase.
"She is rooted there, in the middle of the stands, her eyes wide, her hair a tangled flare around her face"
I can just picture this perfectly, her still while the world rages around her.
Before I go on and say you're the most amazing writer on this site, I do have a couple of minor minor criticisms.

"Because I have loved, I shall have no sorrow to die." Cedric Diggory's chivalrous last words echo through her head, but she can not comprehend them.
This whole bit is slightly awkward. Especially the "I shall have no sorrow to die". It doesn't entirely make sense. And did you mean they were his last words to her?

Also, Hermione is the one holding his hand? Surely Cho, or a friend would have got there first?

But, like I said, those are minor issues. This is actually a beautiful piece of writing that, against my will, I enjoyed.

Luff, Jack Flash

Author's Response: I think they were quite broad enough already, what with you secret project and all :) But I'll take that as a very large compliment! Thanks!

Luff/Loff, ha ha, maybe I could start a trend with 'Laff'? Tee hee.

Thank you very much! Aw, that's so lovely. I'm glad you could because that's exactly the kind of image I was going for.

Oh shucks, THANKS! But I'm definitely not the most amazing writer on this site, there are so many people who deserve that title more than I do. AH! Who cares!

-sings- jack flash said I was amazing! He he

Yes, of course. Thanks for pointing these out. YEP! That's exactly what I meant, I'll go and fix that later.

Hm, I'm just going to say that... cho is so crippled by grief that she hadn't even thought of going to see him yet, let along touch him. She's still in the shocked not moving state.

Ha ha, thanks very muchly JACK FLASH you wonderful boy (mature, adult man, sorry ^^)

xx Posie

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Review #6, by rachm34 Terrible

22nd December 2008:
Someone else beat me to being the first to review. Oh my gosh that's so tradgic.

So how can i leave you a magnificent review?

I was thinking of leaving a review saying the chickens must be fed but then that wouldn't help you at all. Although it would be funny. Go Llamas!

haha this is such a weird review. Ha ha. But i love this oneshot. It's so beautifully written. I loved the parraell to the Auntie's sweater. That was one of my favorite parts. That's a great metaphor to use

This piece is beautiful, and so sad. It's heart breaking and you made me cry a bit again while i read this.

Thanks so much for dedicating it to me. You're amazing. You're my favorite :)

I loved it!

I love our brainstormingtogether too >3

Author's Response: Tsk tsk, I guess you were just too slow Rachel Malachel. Ha ha (or maybe not -refering to agreement about the non literal senses of words here- HAH!)

Your reviews are always magnificent m'dear. No need to worry about that :) Chickens?!
Now, you and I are often on the same page, but here, you've totally lost me. Llama? oh dear...

I know that you meant to say chapter, ha ha, you silly thing. At least you ammended yourself. Ha ha, I sound like such a parent. Oh my garnett. Thanks, I well... ok, I was a little proud of that, so I'm glad you liked it! :D

I made you cry? Aw, that's good and bad together.

You deserved the dedication you wonderful thing, you! Ha ha. No, you're MY favourite. HA HA. Maybe this will turn into one of those- 'no, you hang up the phone first' arguments. Tee hee..

Maybe we be old grannies with laptops and still use laptops!!! Ha ha.

Thanks! xx

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