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Review #1, by Derek First Dates

10th August 2015:
Awesome chapter! had to reread a few chapters to remember the story since its been a while, Glad to see you pick it up again. Dang cliff hangers! Right when they were talking and going to make the commitment Rose just had to show up and ruin it for us.

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Review #2, by Derek Passion is Questioned and Misunderstandings are Had

4th December 2014:
Read it from beginning to end so far. Had me laughing at the new years party with Ron comparing the kids!!! Loved how Rose stormed into the house and took control and wisped him out of the room with her father right there and paid no attention to him but greeted the potters somewhat.

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Review #3, by jack Passion is Questioned and Misunderstandings are Had

2nd December 2014:
I was harsh on judd as i wasnt a fan of how becky got her new job. I really like him though. Al is an idiot but he did overhear the wrong comment from becky. wonder how long the two can continue to be idiots. Loved everyone else through

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Review #4, by jack Of Guardian Angels and Antlers

1st December 2014:
Good to see that Al and Becky continue to act like idiots this far in. I am happy to see several updates in a row. I do have an issue with the chapter. I dont find a series of random events leading to a job as good story telling. That wasnt a good first impression of judd. It read like you randomly needed to add more drama so introduce job and judd. I enjoyed the rest of the chapter though

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Review #5, by Dianainga Lets get a little festive...or not

9th November 2014:
The star of this chapter is James. He is delightful and there is an underlying sweetness that not many see. Well-done!!!

Author's Response: Haha, I love James. He's a lot more perspective than people give him credit for. He'll be making a few more appearances, don't worry! Thanks for reviewing! xx

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Review #6, by Dianainga Tequila kisses

9th November 2014:
Delightful story and such a sweet, yet sexy love story. I really love Al's personality and character in this story. Just as I imagined him...and I think James is perfect, also. Keep the chapters coming!

Author's Response: Thanks! I imagine Al to be a bit like Harry - not one to admit his feelings so much, but unable to hide them well. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by Diana Hanson Arresting Developments

26th January 2014:
More, please! I adore this story. Please keep chapters coming! Great writing!

Author's Response: Ohh thanks so much! There'll be a new chapter by next weekend at the latest, just tying up a few ends for the next couple of chapters! Thanks again for reading xxx

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Review #8, by NightRook4510 Arresting Developments

23rd January 2014:
I enjoyed this chapter. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! New chapter wont be much longer :)

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Review #9, by jack Arresting Developments

23rd January 2014:
Im glad there was an update. I really enjoyed the Draco/Ron fight. It was rather entertaining. Scorpius and Rose moving in together works with the reason for why it was asked. Is all the drama for the Rose/Scorpius subplot going to be about the relationships with the two fathers? I am only asking because that is what has been shown so far, not complaining because a lot can be done with that dynamic. Im not a fan of your use of comparing their relationship to Romeo and Juliet. first their relationship has already lasted the couple weeks that took place in the play, and second is that younger generation, at least scorpius, dont seem to know the events that would actually make that comparison work. I am glad that Al has stopped using Amy. I also am enjoying how Al and Becky story is going. I did enjoy Josh in his little rant. He was perfectly pathetic.

Author's Response: There's loads to come with Scorpious and Rose - not just with Ron and Draco, but there's a whole chapter just dedicated to them coming up soon.

The Romeo and Juliet thing was just a passing comment from Al, no comparison between the two stories really, just a phrase that gets used a lot.

And I'm glad the Josh part was alright - I knew I wanted it to be aimed at Al rather than Becky but wasn't sure if it worked or not!

Thanks for the long review, glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #10, by jack The start of everything else

14th January 2014:
I enjoyed reading the story again. hope there is finally a new update. I enjoyed Becky talking with Rose and Lily. I do enjoy that Draco and Ron both decided to pretend they were both happy about Rose and Scorpious. I just hope that with the Rose and Scorpious subplot that what happened at with Hermione at the Malfoys does not get gloss over or ignored, too many stories tend to pretend that the issues between Ron and Draco is just simple family rivalry. Al needs to stop using Amy, and i hope that four chapters from now after they inevitably break up that Amy isnt pregnant

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! There's a lot coming up with Rose and Scorpious and it's not just about their Daddies having issues with each other, like you, I'm not keen on that being the only problem causing their relationship bumps. You'll see it develop over the next couple of chapters :)

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Review #11, by Ms V When Gryffindor Courage is needed the most

6th February 2011:
I love this story. Who did you use for the girl on your banner? I like how there's more Rose and Scorpius in the story now. Can't wait for and update!

Author's Response: Thanks- Loads more Scorpious and Rose coming up. Al and Becky will take a bit of a backseat to them for a few chapters as their story takes centre stage.

I honestly don't know who the girl is, the banner was in the Up For Grabs section at TDA. :)

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Review #12, by Smorey105 When Gryffindor Courage is needed the most

17th November 2010:
I'm so glad you finally updated! I've been anxiously awaiting it. This chapter did change perspectives a lot, but I think it all flowed together pretty nicely. I'm also glad there was ample Al/ Becky time in this one; I can't wait for more of that! I hope your shoulder is ok, we can't have you taking this long to update again! haha

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Next chapter will be submitted later today, just editing now. The rest of the story is coming along so updates should be much more regular from now xxx

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Review #13, by :) New Beginnings

10th October 2010:
wohooo i love this chapter update soon please :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Another chapter is on its way in a couple of days! XXX

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Review #14, by Smorey105 New Beginnings

9th October 2010:
I just stumbled across your story on here today, and found that I could not stop reading it until I had finished your latest chapter. I really enjoy it so far. At first I was a little put out by Becky, and that is why I held off reviewing until I read all of your chapters. However, I loved the way she (finally) handled the situation with her scumbag (ex-.. YAY!) boyfriend. Anyway, I think you are a very good writer, and you have managed to get me invested in not only Becky and Albus, but Rose, Scorpius, James ect. as well. Which says a lot for your characterization abilities. Anyways, thank you for an enjoyable read. I do hope you update again soon!

Author's Response: Wow thanks very much! I am smiling from ear to ear now :) xx I am starting to bring in the other characters more as Becky and Al begin to get over their past (maybe!) and there will be lots more going on from now. Thanks so much for keeping with the story! Another chapter on it's way in a couple of days. Thanks again xxx

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Review #15, by LOLIKINS New Years Day: Part 2

6th July 2010:
Are you continuing this AMAZINGLY, AWESOME, STORY?!

Author's Response: i have been rubbish! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. I back and my latest chapter 'New Beginnings' is up. X

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Review #16, by Elisa New Years Day: Part 2

14th April 2010:
Well, what can I say... good story!!
It is set when most of the characters are out of Hogwarts, which is a good thing to make the story different from others :)
I'd really like to read how things are going to unfold, so I'll be here waiting to review!
The only "critic" I have to make is about Rebecca:
during these 10 chapters you still haven't really described her personality. I know she's changed, because of Josh, but I don't know how she was before and the most I've seen of her til now is just her being pretty weak.
I mean, she reacted just fine after New Year's Eve, which is surprising, but she had really chosen to close her eyes before. So I don't really like her that much, as for now at least..
But the rest is really good, I like the plot, your style and I can't wait to see Beck and Al back to how they were XD

italian girl

Author's Response: great review! Thanks!

I know what you mean about the personality thing and I think I have been far to slow with her. I have been writing her reactions to the break up and how she gets back on her feet and I think you will see a significant improvement! (I hope anyway!). Im glad you like the plot. I have so many ideas for this I keep having to rewrite! Thanks again! xx

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Review #17, by amy New Years Day: Part 2

5th April 2010:
i like astoria in this story and draco,s dads not as bad as ron ,i think albus love,s his friend but does not know well i think he does

Author's Response: Thank for the review...
I like Astoria as well and I enjoyed writing her. Albus is a typical guy...clueless! thanks for checking out my story x

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Review #18, by marciabarcia New Years Day: Part 1

5th March 2010:
Great Great GREAT job!


Author's Response: Really? Thanks very much! xxx

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Review #19, by lily16 New Years Day: Part 1

5th March 2010:
Hehe...I love Hugo! His lack of spy skills is really eduring :)

I'm glad that Al and Becky are making a little progress. I hope she goes to the get together...that would be interesting.

But I'm worried about Becky going back home. I hope Josh desn't convince her to take him back. She needs to get her independence back :)

Author's Response: I totally agree with you about Bevky. We'll see what happens in the next chapter with that.
Thanks for the review xxx

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Review #20, by Shazza Lets get a little festive...or not

5th December 2009:

Great story!
When's the next chapter coming?

Author's Response: thanks! ugh i have had a bit of a nightmare lately to be honest! Next chapter will be submitted today!
Thanks for the review x

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Review #21, by Shazza A hangover, a date and the morning after

4th September 2009:
Hey, great story!! One of my favourites. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: wow thanks! next chapter on its way.
Thanks for taking the time to review xxx

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Review #22, by killjoy Lets get a little festive...or not

22nd August 2009:
You know I like the story but I'm getting kind of tired of Rose always jumping on Albus and acting like the split is all his fault.Okay I get the whole 'in love don't want to believe he's cheating on me' reaction by Becky,but to just have Rose dismiss that and blame Albus for it all is not making me like her very much.

Author's Response: Rose is a little nosy isn't she? Haha. She does care about Al though in her own way. Bless her. Sorry; but theres more of her to come soon...hopefully you will see a bit of a different side to her.

Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #23, by The teacher Lets get a little festive...or not

22nd August 2009:
That was great chapter again! Now I'm not mad anymore at Josh, I think I'm mad instead at Becky because I'm starting to wondering if she's smart because going out with friends that much and her spending all this time alone should make her suspicous. Maybe Al is better without her??? Sorry I don't really think so but she's pissing me off right now. I hope she will wake up really soon. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, this one made me laugh because I totally agree with you! I had a friend that was in the same situation as Becky is and she was totally blind to it all no matter what we said.
Becky is just a fool in love.

Thanks again for the review, Im glad you liked the chapter xx

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Review #24, by hpfann Lets get a little festive...or not

21st August 2009:
Hey! well, i think this chapter was pretty damn good!
can you please just hex josh to death?
Loved the last line, i think it summed up pretty well.
Keep this up!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review! I really wasn't sure about this chapter. Hexing Josh to death would be quite fun actually...he is getting on my nerves a bit now! Maybe in a couple of chapter down thee line I may consider it!
Thanks for reviewing again...much appreciated! xxx

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Review #25, by hpfann Easter at Hogwarts

10th August 2009:
i nearly lost hope for this story! but you i'm glad you found that memory stick!!
i like the flashback sequence and loving the characters.
(hate josh)
can't wait for more !!
keep it up.

Author's Response: aw thanks very much! Im amazed that people actually like reading my story!
Im glad you liked the flashback, it was really neccessary and i have another one written for later on in the story and that is also necessary!
More to come with Josh Im afraid...
Thanks for keeping an eye on this story I really appreciate the comments! xx

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