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Review #1, by KatrinaLK Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

5th May 2010:
Wow! You're an awesome writer! I LOVE this story and I know this is abandoned, but could you pleaase continue it or at least vaguely tell me what you had planned? I printed it out and was reading this chapter in class (I know, I know- but I was so bored!) and I couldn't stop smiling like a crazy person when they finally made up! You know how to add the perfect amount of humor, so it doesn't get too comedic and light and the perfect amount of cute Sirius-Haedi moments so it doesn't get overly mushy! Like I said , you're and amazing writer and I'll definitely be adding you to my favorites right after this review. I just wish I could read more since , I really want to know more about what their parents will do and their friends' and the whole school's reactions.

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Review #2, by love the heart Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

11th March 2010:
i know this story is abandoned but i really love it!!

i reallly wish that you would write more i would really like to find out what the other purebloods would say about them

and i also want to find out if there parents werre going to say anything

i absolutly LOVE this story it has a really captivating plot

your an amazing writer!

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Review #3, by fourthtriomember Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

4th January 2010:
This is my absolute FAVORITE new story!!! Keep going!! Your writing is amazing!!!

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Review #4, by alilo Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

6th December 2009:
i absolutely love your plot. it contains just the right amount of humor and drama.

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Review #5, by Insert_Witty_Comment_Here Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

7th November 2009:
Yay! I absolutely LOVE this story! Not only that, but it's the first story I've ever read which has my name in it, which is awesome (Hi, I'm Maia). I can't wait for the next chapter, so keep writing!!

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Review #6, by moon_light Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

18th September 2009:
please update soon!!!
cant wait

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Review #7, by tEar_leSs Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

10th September 2009:
yay! sirius made up with haedi! i was smiling like some goon as i read the second half of this chapter. LOL. anyways, please update again soon!!! XD

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Review #8, by amanda Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

10th September 2009:
i LOVE it!!!
now they just need to realize how much they love each other!
ah! i cant wait until they are madly in love and they know it! gah!
such a good story! you are a really good writer!

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Review #9, by padfootandprongslover Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

8th September 2009:
Yay...they FINALLY figured it out!...Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #10, by aireagle92 Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

8th September 2009:
This story rock I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #11, by twinklinghazeleyes Chapter Twelve: The Truth Behind The Mask

8th September 2009:
I loved the two new chapters, they are great, I'm so glad they made up finally and realised what happened, evil parents!

'Are there any other psychotic Hogwarts staff on a vendetta to kill me that I should know about?’

‘The ghost on the fourth floor.’

He laughed

‘No, seriously.’
Classic!!! So funny!!! I loved this chapter, thank you for updating, I need to know what happens next!! Please update really, really, really, really, really, really soon!! 10/10! :)

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Review #12, by padfootandprongslover Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

18th August 2009:
I just found your story and I love it! Keep writing!!!

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Review #13, by ingeborgsk Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

16th August 2009:
Great update, I've waited long for this :D Ooh, drama with a new boy coming into the picture... I like Conner, but I like Sirius more x] I love how Haedi always talks outloud to herself, makes me laugh :P

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Review #14, by tEar_leSs Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

16th August 2009:
lol. i love how haedi views flitwick! and conner is kinda cool i guess. XD please update soon!

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Review #15, by mae Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

12th August 2009:
PLEASE update really, really soon! I love this story and can't wait for more!

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Review #16, by amanda Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

1st August 2009:
once again you have done an amazing job! short, but good! i LOVE this story and wait anxiously in between chapters for you to update! :D
good work! love it! cant wait for the ball. love sirius!

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Review #17, by nina Chapter Eleven: Charming Charms

31st July 2009:
thank you thank you thank you for updating! Please update soon. I love this story.

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Review #18, by Sophie Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

6th July 2009:
heyy. just letting you know i love this story.

i can totally see in the future a massive fight between sirius and Haedi in front of everyone where they admit their feelings. hahaa

update soon :)

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Review #19, by tEar_leSs Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

14th June 2009:
i love the story! can't wait for the next update!!!

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Review #20, by Blue_Jean_Baby Chapter One: Habits

10th June 2009:
Hey, umm . . . . Just one question.
Did it ever occur to you that one of your readers may ahve the same name as your lead character? Don't get me wrong, Haedi is a great name in fact it's my best friend's name!
She'd probably be be worshipping you and blabbering on and on about how 'Sexy' she 'knows' her name is. . . . Yeah right! lol!
Love the first chappie, it's really quite a captivating peice of literature, 'fan fic' or not, I still think it's brilliant.
I'll sen Haedi online to read this soon, so expect some really out there reviews! (I.E. she's a ridiculously stubborn girl, with a vicious temper and a VERY loud opinion. And I mean that in the literal sense because no matter if she's writing or talking aloud, no one can ever seem to shut her up!) - Kind of like me, really. . . . Although I doubt that I'm any where near as delusional, gorgeous nd funny. (I swear, the girl should be sent to the loony bin!) Haedi will love this story! I know she will! Keep up the brilliance!

Infinite X's & O's . . . . . RoRo (Rozea Roland)

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Review #21, by ur awsom if u update Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

7th June 2009:

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Review #22, by Blue_Jean_Baby Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

18th May 2009:
Well. . . . doesn't that last situation suck! It' as nice to finally see Haedi and Sirius getting along somewhat nicely; even if it was only for a short period of time. . . Well good luck in making such an impossible relationship work! I've got some sleep to catch up on. . . . Aurevoir, Heidi xx

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Review #23, by stl Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

6th May 2009:
why haven't you updated this in 4ever???! DYING to hear more.

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Review #24, by kT Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

6th May 2009:
:) :) :)

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Review #25, by pures are "noble". Yeah right Chapter Ten: The Aftermath

29th April 2009:
Please update soon
awesome story
can't wait to see what happens next!
Haedi rocks!

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