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Review #1, by LizMalfoy I'm All Ears

18th June 2014:
I couldn't stop laughing. Definitely write more of these.

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Review #2, by brittanyd8907 I'm All Ears

9th August 2011:
Hahaha thank you so much for this! It was awesome to see his reaction to that ear. Another great job! As always...

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Review #3, by No1HarryPotterFan I'm All Ears

14th February 2010:
wow *gasp* that was *try to breathe* awesome *try to stop laughing* no not working, still laughing

Author's Response: Bwahahahaha...go on, laugh all you want! That makes my day. :)

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Review #4, by rainbowsocks I'm All Ears

22nd November 2009:
haahhahahahaha. i always loved their little wars ♥
very funny
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Oh yeah--I loved that whole side-plot in Respite, so I couldn't resist having a little more fun with this. Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by MySoulSinger I'm All Ears

30th April 2009:
-still laughing-

Author's Response: This is great because you are actually reading these in the correct order, which means that you really understood the whole package-mailing war thing! Thanks again for reading all of my fics! :)

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Review #6, by Ranilyn I'm All Ears

2nd March 2009:
hahahahhaha, I'd love to see more of this prank war! That was so funny.

George gave him an incredulous look. “He would not,” he said dismissively. “Then he’d have to forfeit due to lack of originality.”

This part was funny...hehehe

Author's Response: I have all of the backstory on the prank war on my author page at the HPFF forum. Go to my author page here, then click on the "meet purpleheart and ask about aspects of their writing" link to see it...

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Review #7, by SpringTime I'm All Ears

19th February 2009:
Ambien haze review here. Laughing really hard though and it is making me sleepy. What a fun one shot. You should embrace the weasley twins, I think you would write them well... Give me some weasley twin action (and I mean that in a nice innocent way, sort of). Anyway, I might have to stop typing and actually go to bed because I have a feeling I might be embarrassed by this review in the am.

Author's Response: Hadn't even planned on writing this was actually a request fic for one of my reviewers. I'm glad I wrote it though, because I had no idea that George Weasley would be so fun! Going to have to tackle the twins sometime in the future...

And I mean that figuratively, not literally...I think..;)

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Review #8, by ZomgShaylex I'm All Ears

18th February 2009:
I was dying the entire time!
I love your work so much and this definitely adds a nice touch to Respite.
Thanks for your amazing creativity!

Author's Response: Thanks! If you click on the "meet purpleheart" section in my author page, I have more about the package war in my forum--how it started and who sent what and when, etc.

I really appreciate all of your reviews :)

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Review #9, by BKL8008 I'm All Ears

1st February 2009:
You know, I never could see Malfoy as a prankster, but you make it work so well. An elf ear!
I just love it!

Author's Response: Heh heh...I thought a fellow Slytherin would appreciate that. Thanks so much for giving it a shot, BKL! :)

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Review #10, by J_O_I_Rowling I'm All Ears

17th January 2009:
oh, god!
I'm laughing so hard...!
you know, all this ear related humour, it makes me feel a tad twitchy...
well, ha...*sighs and wipes a tear* now, i just have to wait for an update on Hogwarts respite, and my night is done...or maybe i should change that to morning, eh?

Author's Response: Yeah, I really enjoyed writing George...I will definitely have to do more with him in the future...

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Review #11, by Isabella Potter I'm All Ears

3rd January 2009:
im rolling on the floor laughing so hard that ive almost peed myself ... lol not really but it is pretty f unny!!! cant lie ... my stomach hurts from laughing :) good job!

Author's Response: Yeah! I am so glad this story is getting reads! A lot of people don't like to read one-shots, but thanks so much for the review!

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Review #12, by ecogirl I'm All Ears

22nd December 2008:
oh my gosh, this is hilarious! as always, you continue to amaze me with your writing talent. this was spectacularily hilarious, and you wrote it perfectly.

you capture everything in your writing perfectly :D

Author's Response: Oh good--I've never written George before and I was hoping he wouldn't come out sounding too much like Draco. Ron was surprisingly easy to write...I may have to do more with him in the future!

Then again, I already may have...remember that I do have a possible sequel in the works! ;)

Thanks so much for such a great review!

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Review #13, by dracosgem I'm All Ears

16th December 2008:
Cute...a nice little drabble with plenty of gusto...not to mention a HOLE lot of humor ; ) The mailing war has always been one of my favorite parts in Respite...although, this little prank WAS a bit earie...oh Merlin, you've created a pun monster!

Good work, Purpy!!

Author's Response: I HEAR you...damn, there are way too many opportunities to be corny here! I'm going to try to stop myself before I lose what little I have left of my dignity.

Ah, who am I kidding?! Dignity? ME?? That's prepostEARous!!

Okay, I feel better now.

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Review #14, by AriesGirl40 I'm All Ears

15th December 2008:
The banner so works with this story. WoW! my name in print, I feel like a star..., Thanks M for the mention. It is a great one shot. I know others were most likely wondering, what ever happened with the ear prank? You'll have to do one of these based on the quiditch magazine sometime. I still enjoy that running joke. (kinda like watching an old Hitchcock Movie)
catch ya later! 10/10

Author's Response: Oh good, glad you like the banner, I made it myself! And of course I would give you a mention...there wouldn't have been a story if you hadn't asked!

As for the prank war, I'm going to post some more info about that tonight on my Meet the Author page. Check it out if you get a chance...

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Review #15, by Krystle Lynne I'm All Ears

13th December 2008:
Oh, I love George! And Ron is such a ninny. Great twist to their package mailing war. Yodeling flobberworms...? *giggles*

~Krystle Lynne~

Author's Response: Oh yeah, I think the yodeling flobberworms were first mentioned in Chapter 2 of Hogwarts Respite. I am going to post on my Meet the Author forum page the actual order of the "Package Mailing War" (who sent what to whom), if you're interested. You'll find the link on my HPFF Author page...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this story!

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