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Review #1, by geminirose23 Their Room

11th December 2011:
HOLY GODRIC AND SALAZAR I LOVE UR STORIES!!! Dramione is normally my fave but ur interpretation of Rose/Scorpius is making me cheat on my longtime love!!! Never stop writing these!!! I'm friggin ADDICTED!!!

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  Their Room

2nd April 2011:
Very funny. For me it was better than the last one... XD

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Review #3, by Wordwitch13 Their Room

23rd December 2010:
The sequel! it was Great! really enjoyed it! and so steamy! mmh hmm... very nice... if only we could all have a scporius to do delicious things to us... *sighs* oh well! we have the stories!!! hehehe

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Review #4, by SimplyStupified77 Their Room

18th June 2010:
This is a great sequel, Rose & Scorpius are so freakin HOT together! love your writing! 10/10!

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Review #5, by robyntheharrypotteraddict Their Room

10th April 2010:
What can I say?

It's hot.
It's awesome.
It's great writing.

Love, Robyn

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Review #6, by kassandra466 Their Room

25th February 2010:
aweee!! that was really cute!! i LOVED it!! made my crappy day better

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Review #7, by liana_333 Their Room

1st January 2010:
You are a really good writer. :)

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Review #8, by xMsFiggx Their Room

17th November 2009:
I think you have a very elegant writing style. The words you use really pull you into the story and elevate the plot. Really incredibly and brilliantly written. You have a serious gift in writing. Fantastic job, I throughly enjoyed this one. Very sweet yet passionate.

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Review #9, by lunalovingly Their Room

15th November 2009:
write more or else i will die

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Review #10, by siriusly_hot Their Room

2nd August 2009:
oh thank god you wrote a sequel. i am so happy/relieved i am posting a review before i've read it

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Review #11, by _Kai Rhianne_ Their Room

7th June 2009:
Woo! This was amazing! I loved the other as well! You're an excellent writer, well done. I am now off to read more of your stuff!

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Review #12, by are you sirius Their Room

29th April 2009:

ignore my review to the prequel of this. i left it like 5 minutes ago telling you to do a sequel but not actually knowing that you did. but yeh awesome awesome awesome oneshot. you should do more novels, your a great writer.

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Review #13, by groteskq_fatality Their Room

2nd March 2009:
ah that was amazing. im sooo giddy its not even funny.
that was just damnnn.pretty hot yea. :]

lasdasjkl h AH!!! YAY!

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Review #14, by Amulya_HPfan Their Room

31st January 2009:
Have I mentioned that Rose and Scorpius is my favorite ship? Other than Oliver/OC and James/Lily. Have I also mentioned that you're on of my favorite writer's for this ship? Just thought you should know cause ah-mazing story. Love the tension and now I'm all happy. Scorpius is to die for. I want someone to kiss me like that! Can you imagine if we weren't muggles and got to go to Hogwarts and actually got someone like Scorpius. Or James. Or Albus. Or Hugo. Or even Teddy. Sigh. Why couldn't I have been a fictional character? Sorry-totally rambling- but I have to say that honestly, you were able to make it just the two of them in a steamy session and it wasn't cliche, boring or overdone. Just right-hot and witty. AMAZING! You know what you should do? One where they kiss in the rain...I have a weakness for those.

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Review #15, by rowenaravenclaw94 Their Room

28th January 2009:
i loved that! they're all so evil! hehe! good job! 10/10! rorpius 4 ever!!!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

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Review #16, by Twinsmom Their Room

28th January 2009:
Now you just need a third one with the bedroom stuff in it!

Loved this!

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Review #17, by hayley10 Their Room

24th January 2009:
Great sequel. Thanks for posting two great stories!

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Review #18, by hpfan Their Room

21st January 2009:
perfect ending to a great fic.
wonderful writing and characterisations of rose and scorpius.
great job!

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Review #19, by A Diffrent type of Flower Their Room

20th January 2009:
=] loved it. it was great =]

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Review #20, by collette michelle Their Room

14th January 2009:
This was a nice sequel to the first, hadn't realised there was one when I began to read the first. Anyways, this was good, though I have one negative though. I don't see why their Transfiguration Professor would need to owl their parents if they were getting 'Acceptables' true it is lower then they usually get, buy only one grade lower. That seems a bit extreme, even for the children of Hermione, Ron and Draco...

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Review #21, by m_madden Their Room

1st January 2009:
this, my friend, is an amazin story;).
you're so talented, its pretty sickk to be honest:D.

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Review #22, by kissedbyavampire Their Room

28th December 2008:
A wonderful sequel, I must say. I love your writing style. I'll have to come back and read some more. =D


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Review #23, by flyaway Their Room

21st December 2008:
Loved it.

You write them beautifully :)

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Review #24, by harrypotterhugefanforever Their Room

20th December 2008:
I liked it. It was very sweet and careing.
Lily is very interesting.

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Review #25, by Ninelli Their Room

18th December 2008:
i like it... *smirks*

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