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Review #1, by celticbard Whispers of Madness

23rd December 2010:
Hi Shiloh!
I agree with you, Bellatrix's cold madness is indeed fascinating and I think you did a good job portraying that madness here in this story. The vagueness of this piece worked very well. Insanity is not easy for writers to depict, putting something completely irrational down with rational words is quite a challenge and I think you really captured the tone of her particular madness. I was slightly confused at some points, but I really don't think that's a bad thing. Bellatrix's mind is one jumbled heap of confusion and her thought process wouldn't necessarily follow a recognizable pattern.

Also, I loved how you tried to avoid using names in this story. Names are clearly irrelevant to Bellatrix at this point and her inability to identify certain people and memories shows just how removed she is from reality.

The brief conversation between the Aurors and Sirius was nicely done. I love how Bellatrix was pulled back into the real world when she sees her cousin entering his cell. That final jab she delivers, asking him about Worm,y shows her potential to be just as dangerous and deadly outside the walls of Azkaban as she was before.

I really enjoyed this piece, Shiloh. I think you did a marvelous job handling Bellatrix's complex character. You should definitely consider writing her more often. ^_^


Author's Response: Thank you! She was an obstacle I wanted to tackle and I'm so happy you thought I did it well! She's kind of a fascinating character, one I just love to hate. I'm not sure if I could do her justice again :)

I think that if, in reality, she saw Sirius being brought in she couldn't help herself but be cruel. It's her nature.

Thank you for such a great review!

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Review #2, by Leney Whispers of Madness

8th September 2009:
Hey Shiloh, I came to reread this and realized that I've never reviewed it before, so here I am :) Anyway... Your characterization of Bella is right on with the books. When Sirius is brought in and you tie in his comment about needing something to lose with her's at the very end you reached absolute brilliance!
Throughout the piece I was a little confused in a couple of places, but not in a bad way. What I mean by that is by having a bit of confusion, it gives a taste of the madness in Bellatrix.
This is your best piece on here, well done.

Author's Response: shpanks lovely :)

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Review #3, by Liam R Whispers of Madness

10th April 2009:
Hey Shiloh! I'm here with your review for "Review The Above Story", sorry it's a couple of days late, but I've been busy. Sorry!

Anyway, enough of my excuses, on to the story.

So overall, I think it was a really good one-shot. It's one of those things that you always wanted to know more about, the time when she was in Azkaban, but never acutally found out much about it, so kudos for using what is quite an original plotline.

In some places I lost the plotline, and I wasn't actually sure what was going on, and I had to re-read it, but generally it all flowed into each other very well and was a nice little plot.


Author's Response: Lierrm! Hey hun! Thanks for the nice review. :) I'm glad you liked it. I was concerned about the plot flow, so thanks for pointing that out. :D I really wanted to explore Bellatrix's character a little bit and thought that something like this would be nifty. And the flow is supposed to be a bit disjointed, the whole 'madness' thing, but I think you're right, it gets a bit lost. So, this is one that I think is worth editing, thanks for the help!

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Review #4, by onestop_hpfan18 Whispers of Madness

4th April 2009:
Hey Shiloh, it's Leslie from TGS! We're review exchange buddies for this round, isn't that cool?! ;) Humph, anyhoo, I really enjoyed this one-shot. It had an air of mystery on the whole while I was reading it. And I really feel that you've captured Bellatrix's personality quite well for this being the first time that you've written in her perspective before. I knew it was Bellatrix right off without any second guessing because you stuck with how she is perceived in the books and then added in your own flare to her demented personality =P It was gripping and it really did hold my interest the whole time while I was reading it.

The whole and general flow of the plot and setting were well written. And your descriptions fit in with the narration seamlessly. I could literally picture in my mind's eye of Bellatrix in her cell at Azkaban, and then watching as the Aurors brought her cousin, Sirius, in after his sentencing.

The readability of it was nicely written as well. I didn't find it hard at all to stay on track of where the plot was going, and I thought you did a great job getting from the beginning to the end in a smooth style.

The characterization of Bellatrix, like I already said, was well written and it really did fit with what we know about Bellatrix from the books. I also enjoyed when you wrote Bellatrix thinking of who she loved, and worshiped, above all (even her own husband). The one that Bellatrix is thinking about is so obviously Lord Voldemort, but I like how you kept that mystique hanging in the air by not naming him, instead just writing how Bellatrix feels about this person (if you can even call Voldemort a person).

Overall, great one-shot! And I personally would like to see you write more of Bellatrix Lestrange just because you really seem to have a nice firm grasp on her character traits and personality. And the only critique I really have for you is that I thought Sirius had arrived at Azkaban before Bellatrix; wasn't it Bellatrix that had passed by Sirius's cell as the Aurors brought her in with Crouch Jr. and her husband Rudolfus Lestrange? Other than that, though, great job! I really did enjoy it! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks Leslie! I really appreciate your nice, long, AHmazing review! :) I'm so glad you liked it. Yes, Sirius was there first, I just took creative license for this story. :D

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Review #5, by ForgottenFace Whispers of Madness

26th March 2009:
Hi Shiloh! =D

Here I am finally to review. =P

I must say I'm really impressed. This felt like poetry to me.
When I start reading a chapter I first see how long it is. And although yours is not long, the size of the chapters scared me. I was afraid that it would be a bit boring and that I would get lost in the middle of a paragraph.

But it was completely the opposite. The flow was so good, that I didn't even notice the size of the paragraphs anymore. It is so well written that instead of reading it I was declaiming it. That only happens when I get really into the story. I just wish it was longer.

Now onto the story itself. I think you did wonderful with Bella's characterization. She's such an interesting character.

I definantly think that her only love would be Voldemort, rather than her own husband. After all the purebloods didn't exactly marry for love. I don't think she would entirely give up hope, about Voldemort's return, though. Since she's one of - if not the - Voldermot's most faithful followers.

Also the title totally fits the story.

Nice addition, with Sirius enprisonment. Fighting it is so like him.

I'd love to read this as a series of one-shots. Maybe with events like Sirius escape and the other breaking her out of Azkaban. All of them portaying her spiraling descend to madness. =P

Overall I'll give it a 10/10 and I'm adding it to my favourites.
Keep writing like this ;)


PS: This is a really long review xD Hope you didn't get bored with it

Author's Response: Becca! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it. :D And I never get bored with nice, long reviews, they make my day. :) Thanks so much! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

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Review #6, by Indigo Seas Whispers of Madness

18th January 2009:
Oh, wow. That was all so fantastic! I loved the descriptions and characterization here. All of it was so great! Haha, I'm gushing now. XD Anyway, a definite 10/10!
- Rin

Author's Response: Thanks so much. This one was hard for me, I'd never done anything like it. Bellatrix is such a complex and fascinating character.

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Review #7, by Pretty Purple Pelican Whispers of Madness

10th January 2009:
You have a very poetic way of writing that's absolutely fantastic to read. Maybe it's because I just woke up, but I was a bit confused as to who her only love was. I love that you showed Siruis fighting his imprisonment. I've always hated that he was just carted away easily. Fantastic job! This was a lovely read. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It was, by far, one of my favorite pieces to write. Her only love was Voldemort. Sorry, it was supposed to vague, but not that vague! Thanks for the lovely review.

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