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Review #1, by Ronsgirl29 Where the Apple Falls

7th February 2010:
Aw this was rather cute :D

I liked how Ron didn't explode in anger when he found out unlike every other story!

keep writing, you've got lots of talent.

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing.

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Review #2, by flavia pulchra Where the Apple Falls

9th July 2009:
english people dont say tardy, call their fathers 'sir' or say creek, its brook, stream or river

Author's Response: Thanks - I'll keep that in mind for future stories.

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Review #3, by charlie23 Where the Apple Falls

22nd January 2009:
Aww, that was very cute. I love Ron being the overprotective dad. A nice little story that brought a smile to my face.

Author's Response: Thanks again - this was one of the one-shots I had in the back of my mind for a couple of months. I think he'd be a great dad, because he has such a good role model to learn from.

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Review #4, by fearer_of_chipmunks Where the Apple Falls

20th December 2008:
This is really good. Scorpious seems like a really sweet guy. Good for Ron for stepping up! Haha I don't know if I've ever incounted a fic where Hermione is left speechless like that.

Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for taking the time to review! Much appreciated. Yes, speechless Hermione is a rare sight!

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Review #5, by Orchid Where the Apple Falls

19th December 2008:
Haha i love it, great job! :) I like that it's not another one of those Ron gets super angry and punches Scorpius kinda stories..x

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I figure he had to mature at some point... and I do truly think that knowing Sirius was good for the trio and taught them that not everyone who comes from a dark family is necessarily that way too.

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Review #6, by drcjsnider Where the Apple Falls

14th December 2008:
Ah lovely story... nice to see ron acting so mature and grown up. :)

Author's Response: Yeah - I always knew he had it in him -
; - ) - thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by PottersGirl Where the Apple Falls

14th December 2008:
Oh that was lovely... andI love how Ron doesn't hex or do any thing physical to he is such a good dad. Lovely story and nicely written 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing - much appreciated.

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Review #8, by Avanell 2 Where the Apple Falls

14th December 2008:
Great story! I absolutely adored it! Want more like this one ;)

Author's Response: Thanks - it's my first original one shot, short story. Had the idea rambling around in my head for a while... thanks so much for reviewing.

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