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Review #1, by Someone Chapter One

26th February 2015:
Very good lots of detail

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Review #2, by alexandra Chapter Twenty Seven

15th January 2015:
it is quite mindblowingly orginal weave of story. thumbs up!

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Review #3, by terrynow1 Chapter Twenty Seven

7th April 2012:
The best story ever!!! (I'm not kiddimg)

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Review #4, by Alex Chapter Twenty Seven

14th July 2011:
This has been one heck of a story, one of the best vampire fics i have read.

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Review #5, by Barenson Chapter Twenty Seven

1st February 2011:
at first, i felt a little bit skeptical about this story,
i don't really like the idea of harry being a vampire,
later on as i read this story, i find it's really good.

i like the ending!

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Review #6, by sci_fianime Chapter Twenty Seven

5th November 2010:
Loved the story - a very unique take on the HP universe...

Please continue writing!

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Review #7, by evan Chapter Twenty Seven

11th September 2009:
id like to start this on a positive note due to the fact there isnt really anything bad i can say about your righting it had me interested through out the entire reading now to tell you the truth some of it was very predictable it didnt really keep me on the edge of my seat and i wasnt wondering what is gonna happen next but you keep doing what you do and i guarantee that oyu will becoma an absolutly marvealous writer someday but to finish on a positive not i would like to say thank you for posting this on here and most chapters were absolutley amzing whilst the second last was not the greatest but it still kept me very interested thank you for posting this story :)

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Review #8, by Megan Elaine Chapter Twenty Seven

22nd June 2009:
that was excellent!
very brilliant indeed!
at first i wasnt sure i was going to like it, but i did! i really did!

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Review #9, by Living_Loving Chapter Sixteen

19th June 2009:

Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this story. I can't say I'm a big fan of Harry/Hermione pairings, but what you've done with the story thus far is great. I think the whole vampire aspect gives it another level.

I don't know if anyone else has made you aware of it, but I thought I should tell you. In earlier chapters, you desbribe Harry and Hermione's bodies as being cold and clay like, with no heart beating. You call them the undead, yet they have blood flowing in their bodies when they slash their wrists or when Hermione bites Harry to drink his blood. If they have no heart beat, and their skin is cold and they have no nerve endings or receptors, (in other words a walking corpse), than this should not be possible, for the blood congeals and doesn't flow without a beating heart to keep it moving.

However you contradict this because if they have blood in their bodies, than a couple of chapters ago, when they tried to experience sex, and couldn't, because Harry's body wouldn't respond, is wrong also. Because Harry's bodily reaction has to do with the flowing of blood, and the amount of blood increasing in one region, and if Harry has the blood in him for Hermione to suck, than the rest of his body should have access to this.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, because I really am enjoying your story, and I know as an author on the site myself, I like having feedback and constructive critisicm about any mistakes I've made.

I'll finish reading the story now, but I thought I should point it out, while I thought about it.


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Review #10, by datbenik513 Chapter Twenty Seven

16th June 2009:
Before going on to the review, I need to admit I'm kind of at a loss. This story is stil WIP, yet, as it seems, this was the last chapter. Care to explain if we can expect any more chapters or - even better - a sequel?

Being a vampire is really an advantage, at least in this AU. Baldyfart has been taken care of in a subtle, yet effective way. I loved the way how you avoided making unnecessary victims from the Order. Love conquers all and this message is very valid!

Then, a rather emotional part is to follow. The vampires make their exit, at least for the time being, and say their goodbyes to the order, their friends and "families". I almost cried at Fred's words: "It is a gift, Harry, take it in the spirit in which itís offered."

As they are alone again, Harry wants to fulfill his oath to Hermione and free her soul so that it can rest forever. However, she'd changed her mind and chose to walk the night with him. Her love to him is so powerful that she trusts her fate completely to him.

And finally, the very last paragraph. Wonderfully poetic, no final closure; rather the foreshadowing of something which is yet bound to happen.

All in all, an extremely intelligent piece of writing; a brave attempt to walk untrodden paths and create something extraordinary. I applaud you for your amazing writing skills and your endless knowledge and love for the subject. I hope a sequel is not that far; the ending is screaming for continuation..

Author's Response: The reason the story is still WIP is that there is an alternate ending, which I wrote at the request of my wife. I am trying an idea for a sequel, but haven't had much time to work on it as my mother is very ill. Thanks for the review and I will post the alternate ending when the queue opens again. The sequel is based on the ending in Chapter Twenty Seven.

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Review #11, by Rayb008 Chapter Twenty Seven

15th June 2009:
Loved how you killed off old Voldy, but man I was hoping you'd find a way to bring Harry and Hermione back to the land of the living.Great story though!

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Review #12, by lovette Chapter Twenty Seven

15th June 2009:
please continue loving it

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Review #13, by cannis_lupus Chapter Twenty Seven

15th June 2009:
Great ending. You wrapped the story up really well. No real lose ends. Thanks for the story. It is unique and suspense filled. One of the better fan fics that I have read in a long time.

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Review #14, by madeye622 Chapter Twenty Seven

15th June 2009:
Beautiful ending to a beautiful story. I really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #15, by Femme_Fatale Chapter One

15th June 2009:
Wow. That was a good beginning. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Femme ^_^

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Review #16, by mione P45342 Chapter Twenty Six

10th June 2009:
Can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: I posted the next chapter when the list said one day now they are up to five days. I don't understand why it takes so long. They have the new chapter it just isn't validated yet.

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Review #17, by cannis_lupus Chapter Twenty Six

3rd June 2009:
Very nice. Love the fight with Nagini. Can't wait till the next chapter.

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Review #18, by datbenik513 Chapter Twenty Six

3rd June 2009:
An adrenaline-filled chapter, a wizarding battle at its best. The future will be decided here and now as both sides use all their mobilizable weapons.

It seemed that the "good" side gained some advantage until the Inferi broke the effect of surprise and now it was suddenly serious. With some luck, the most important minion of Voldemort has been taken care of and now there's nothing on the way that could stop them. Voldemort has nothing to fall back on, no more Horcruxes left.

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Review #19, by datbenik513 Chapter Twenty Five

3rd June 2009:
Things are set into motion as the Order is briefed on and by Harry. Plans are being made and set into motion.

A very interesting part here with Dobby and the elves healing Harry. That moment of a powerful, ancient Dobby, before the curtain fell, was ain incredibly powerful one.

In the meanwhile, Harry is musing about Hermione, his feelings to her and her feelings to him. This is most probably the emotional part in the story so far. He's in love with her, but she'd made her wish clear to lay rested with her parents after Voldemort's gone; and because of his love to her he will have to respect her wish.
"so that in months or centuries to come he would have this memory of her." It's final, isn't it? Tomorrow she'll be gone forever...

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Review #20, by datbenik513 Chapter Twenty Four

3rd June 2009:
This chapter marks a 180 degree turn withing McGonagall as she vows to help Harry and Hermione with their quest. Madame Pomfrey is clearly frustrated that she couldn't find any remedy for Harry's injuries; I guess she could have just tried to consult the Room of Requirement.

The last couple of paragraphs, however, touched me to tears. WInderfully written, totally different from the ambiance of the whole story in general.

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Review #21, by datbenik513 Chapter Twenty Three

3rd June 2009:
Nice to be treated for four chapters in a row :) been away for a while so couln't properly review.

Further success booked as another Horcrux is destroyed. A nice twist from you to have put another soul fragment into "the most powerful object in the room", the Cloak. Does it mean that Nagini is not a Horcrux and Harry doesn't have a part of Moldy Voldy's soul in himself?

A nice, very graphical action scene with the encounter with Carstairs. Kept me literally on the edge of my seat.

Hermione was taking huge risk with returning to Hogwarts; McGonagall was clear in her intentions of keeping the two vampires away from the school. Yet, she had no other choice. The conflict with the Headmistress is not that far away.

A really creepy, shivering reading, for a vampire story it should be that way! I hope you still have many more chapters for us!

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Review #22, by cannis_lupus Chapter Twenty Five

1st June 2009:
Two words sum this one up: well done. Love the setup about the dead chickens. The confrontation with Harry and Hermione after the battle will be very interesting. Till next chapter, as always, thanks.

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Review #23, by cannis_lupus Chapter Twenty Four

28th May 2009:
Very nice touch at the end. Excellent story. Nagini was an interesting and unique surprise; it will be interesting to see how that turns out. Can't wait for the next chapter; it seems like things are slowly converging to a grand finale. The board is set... its time to play.

Author's Response: As you can tell we are getting to the climax of the story. Three more chapters and we're done. Thank you for the kind reviews. Take care.

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Review #24, by cannis_lupus Chapter Twenty Three

25th May 2009:
Very nice chapter. Love the suspense. Can't wait till the next one. It would be interesting to find Ginny's reaction to Harry, especially if she is interested in becoming a vampire hunter. Does her feelings for Harry go past death? Again, thanks for the great story.

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Review #25, by Happy Rotter Chapter Eight

21st May 2009:
8 chapters gone, and now I have to go to bed, otherwise I won't be able to wake up in time for work tomorrow. Though it is flooding and I probably won't be able to get there anyway, I might, so I should get sleep. Will read more tomorrow, thank you for writing it, is one of few things that can actually keep me interested for extended periods of time. Now, time to favourite it, then bed.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to post your reviews. I hope by now you have read as much as they have validated and that you found the rest of the story as good as the first part.

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