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Review #1, by searching4neverland Making Decisions, Finding Comfort

11th December 2008:
That was so sweet!!! Fluff, yes, but so easily enjoyable even thought Im not really into fluff generally!!!

Nevile is one of my favorite characters in the books and he is so nice and one of the characters that we really saw evolve through the hp series.
Im really happy that in your story there is a piece of that, his constant changing as a person. First an auror and then a teacher... and in love...
And, of course his nature was really well given. He is the Neville we all know and love: insicure, sweet, caring and brave.

Yet, the fact that you gave him a personal life to fit him (you made Hannah his perfect match - good, understanding and loving - and for that Im glad because Neville deserves someone like her!) , makes the story so much more interesting and original.
Congratulations on making the flashbacks enjoyable. Usually they tend to kind of interrupt the story, but here they were very well connected and explanatory, kinda tieing the whole thing toghether!

Youre right about the title though, like it doesnt exacly fit with the rest of the story. Not really preparing the readers for fluff... It is a bit curt (always considering the story itself, of course, and the direction in which it develops).

I liked it a lot though! Reading it make me smile the whole way through!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really thrilled that you enjoy it. I have a soft-spot for Neville, and I love how he turned out in DH, so I'm glad you like his characterization! ^_^ We don't know much about Hannah, but I always have an impression that she's a nice person. And since both of them had gone through a lot of hardship and have some things in common (both of their parents fell victim to the Death Eaters), I think they would make a good couple, one that understands each other. ^_^

I'm glad you like the flashbacks. They're my favorite part of this one-shot, actually. Throughout the many plot changes, those are the only ones that stay the same. =P

Yes, I thought the same thing too. I will change the title once I come up with a better one. =D

Thanks again, Anita! You're wonderful, you know that? *huggles*

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Review #2, by SiriuslyCrack Making Decisions, Finding Comfort

11th December 2008:
Aw, that was so sweet, Pris. It was bittersweet to see that both Neville and Hannah are insecure people even after the war is over. Neville is still afraid that he might forget things and Hannah is still anxious about happily ever afters. You've written both of them very well, Pris. And the plot is sweet and simple. It went nicely with the song and I also enjoyed reading the flashbacks. Neville forgetting Hannah's name was very original and it brought a smile to my face. Good job, Priss *squishes*

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Tahi! I'm glad you like the characterization. I've never written either of them before, so it was rather challenging, but quite fun as well. =P Lol, that was my favourite part of the story, actually. I wanted to incorporate Neville's forgetfulness somewhere and voila. =D Thanks again for the review, Tahi! *huggles*

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