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Review #1, by FriendofMolly Anger And Resentment

26th March 2009:
Ok, the secret is Harry wants to build a home for Ginny, am I right? Or maybe he got her a ring? There's alot of back tracking you're going to need to do. I'd say it would be nice to know the state of Harry and Ginny's relationship. I went back and read my review from the first chapter. Now I understand, it had been six months since the defeat of Riddle, but a year since He and Hermione had gone to Godric's Hollow. I can't wait till your next chapter. I also can't wait to see what Harry finds in the house.

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Review #2, by Weasley_Katie27 Packing and Explanations

5th March 2009:
That's really interesting. What will happen next...? lol :P

Author's Response: thankies!! -huggles and more huggles- ^_^

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Review #3, by FriendofMolly Packing and Explanations

9th February 2009:
Very interesting start to my favorite era, AtB. This started out slow, but I think once Harry's in Godrics Hollow, it will be faster. Will you be back tracking a bit? Seeing as though it's about six months post battle. You mentioned in the beginning paragraph, that it had been a year since he'd been in GH. I look forward to your next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks!! it's always nice to get good reviews^^

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Review #4, by ashley411 Packing and Explanations

9th February 2009:
hey its me if you need a banner i know someone. for more information go to my page and send me an email

Author's Response: sure, thanks!!^^ oh, and thanks for all the good reviews people!^^-huggles and more huggles-

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Review #5, by ashley411 Packing and Explanations

9th February 2009:
this is a really good chapter. you indent wow i love that. you one of the few writers i know to do that wow. please please dont keep me waiting long very very good plot i see lots of chapters awaited for this great 10/10 story !

Author's Response: thanks for all the good reviews everyone!! i know i haven't updated this one for a while, but i'll get around to it eventually!!^^ -huggles-

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