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Review #1, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 What Now?

5th April 2009:
Hey Moony,

LOL. You're doing very good. Lots of reviews. Favourite story of 14 people, me being one of them. LOL. Keep going. People seem to be getting annoyed at you. LOL. Sucks when you catch up to yourself, doesn't it? :)

Talk to you at school tomorrow.


BTW. 1010

Author's Response: Thankies :D

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Review #2, by Patriiciia What Now?

15th March 2009:
hurry up.. IM WAITING!

Author's Response: I'm writing as fast as i can

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Review #3, by Patricia What Now?

15th March 2009:
Short But Good Chapter.

Author's Response: LoL thanks

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Review #4, by gitgit What Now?

15th March 2009:
is this mike character somone we know
that was an interesting chapter cant wait to see what happens next

Author's Response: All i can say is yes he is someone i've mentioned in another chapter but i never said his name before...I'll get the next chapter up asap for ya

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Review #5, by gitgit Friends & Stalkers

15th March 2009:
i wonder who folloowed her that was definitely an intense chapter alot of bad news in one chapter wow

Author's Response: Ya i guess there was quite a bit of bad news all in this one chapter :P

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Review #6, by gitgit Home Sweet Home

15th March 2009:
who was in the house
well that was definitely crazy
wow poor girl she should use some magic she's of age yea?

Author's Response: Uh...yes she is of age but she can't do magic in front of muggles that don't know about the wizarding world

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Review #7, by gitgit 6 Years Later

15th March 2009:
that was definitely an interesting chapter
and poor hermione shes being abused

Author's Response: Yea and im really happy that u find it interesting

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Review #8, by gitgit I HATE YOU!!!

15th March 2009:
eeek that was horrible of her mother to hit her
that was an interesting chapter

Author's Response: Ya it was and im glad u like it

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Review #9, by gitgit Introduction

15th March 2009:
definitely an interesting twist
nice chapter

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad u liked it

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Review #10, by Christy86 What Now?

14th March 2009:
update soon can't wait for more chapters good work

Author's Response: I'll update asap...and thanks glad u like it :D

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Review #11, by Simison Blake What Now?

14th March 2009:
Sweet! could you please try updating faster just to let us loyal readers know your alive?

Author's Response: LoL ya i'll try to sorry that i didn't update faster before..school got in the way :P

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Review #12, by tashmash What Now?

14th March 2009:
way coool! so who the heck is mike? i am getting confused cuz we are all over the place! i like what u have done with the story & i hope you know what you are going to!

Author's Response: Sorry if ur getting confused ill try and get you unconfused in the next few chapters.and thanks im glad that u like it so much :)

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Review #13, by AlexavieraJRaven I HATE YOU!!!

14th March 2009:
powerful very powerful.. Nice ^_^


Author's Response: I'm glad that u think that that's what i was aiming for in this chapter. :)

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Review #14, by AlexavieraJRaven Introduction

14th March 2009:
good start so far I like it original pieces I always like them very much!

10/10 Alexa

Author's Response: Thanks im glad that u like it so much :)

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Review #15, by Patricia Friends & Stalkers

14th February 2009:
You Better. I Know Where You Live ! Cause Your My BFBFL :)
In Real Life

Author's Response: srry I haven't updated yet I've been busy im tryin to get the next chappie up ASAP

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Review #16, by Patricia Friends & Stalkers

21st January 2009:
ughh! who is it! i wanna know ! hurry up and write more! NOW! WRITE NOW! GR.

Author's Response: LoL ill update ASAP!

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Review #17, by tashmash Friends & Stalkers

19th January 2009:
OMFG!!! who is it??!!! i need to know!!! i cant w8 fro the upload!!! plz im BEGGIN'!!!


ok well not beggin' but i NEED TO KNOW SON! ok i think u get the point!
& u have 2 add the cliffy, didnt u?!!!

Author's Response: LoL sorry about the cliffy haha i thought that would be a good way to end it :D and srry but i can't tell ya it might ruin the next chappie :P

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Review #18, by tashmash Home Sweet Home

13th January 2009:
OMG! that's bad!!! i cant believe that!!! im glad her m8 was there & y was he there?!?!?

Author's Response: Ya, and he was there for reasons that i think i say in the next chapter :D it's being validated right now so i don't know how long you'll have to wait to find out :)

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Review #19, by tashmash 6 Years Later

8th January 2009:
NO...WAY! omg i think i found a new way 2 look at hermione! i can see it now(looking in2 the screen & seeing hermione as uve put her) im back! it gr8 i cnat believe u had she like that in here! it like "NO WAY! SHE DOESNT LOOK OR ACT LIKE THAT!!!" & thats what makes it so gr8!

Author's Response: LoL thanks I'm glad that you like it. I actually pictured hermione being like this if she wasn't like she is in the movies and books :P

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Review #20, by Isabella Potter 6 Years Later

7th January 2009:
lol i love how you write this its all kinda present tense ... i find that hard for me to write in... i like it ... :)

Author's Response: :P Thanks I actually find it kind of hard to write in past tense, and I am glad that you like it written like that :D

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Review #21, by falling_angel55 Introduction

14th December 2008:
It Sounds Good For Your First Story Ever.

Good Job Nat!

Peace Out.


Author's Response: LoL Thanks...I hope you keep reading:) My second chapter is being validated right now:P

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Review #22, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 Introduction

14th December 2008:
Ok. I've already read the chapter and I know it's good. LOL. At least you finally started writing! LOL.
Talk to you later, Moony.

Author's Response: LoL Ya I know and thanks for letting me know that it's actually good:) My second chapter is being validated right now.

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