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Review #1, by silver_and_gold Just This Once

18th May 2009:
I don't even know how to begin to critique this story. I never dreamed in a million years that I'd ever feel sorry for or sympathize with Voldemort but you've definitely changed that now.
What you wrote was beautiful, and even though you used less description and more simple sentences compared to many of your other stories, the images you create in my mind--and any readers mind--is so vivid and clear that it had almost overwhelmed me. The fire scene was gorgeous and how you mentioned Johnny just made me feel connected to the character though I don't even know him. You know how many authors get the reader to understand the character through lots of dialogue or description? Well, you've definitely introduced a new way of introducing a character. And my, oh my, is it effective! ^^
This was a great story and I'd love to see what other stories (including the strangest characters) that you come up with! This is ruddy awesome!

Author's Response: O_O. It's yoU! *hugs* Well, hiya! Wow...thank you so very much for this meaningful review! This was actually a paper for school I wrote a while back that I twisted around to fit little Voldy. It was a completely epic fail for class, because the situation without the magical aspect of HP didn't work well at all and was not believable, but I'm so glad you thought it worked with Tom. And you felt sorry for him! That is exactly what I wanted for readers to feel, and it's great to know at least one person felt it. Once again, thanks soo much for reviewing, my friend! ^_^ I hope you're fairing well!

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Review #2, by jen Just This Once

25th March 2009:
Oh, wow, that was really sad, but really good. I thought it was really creative, and Tom stayed very true to character.
Well-written, too.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it, though it was sad. It was actually a paper for school that I changed up to fit for young sucked before meh. Thanks again!

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Review #3, by ravens_rising Just This Once

11th December 2008:
AWESOME. That was crazy cool. :) Just creepy enough for a younger Voldemort, but not too creepy that he's not sympathetic. Excellent characterization, and excellent writing of course. Interesting style.

Author's Response: Yayz! You reviewed! I'm so happy you liked it, as well. Sorry if I kept repeating myself about having used an essay from last year >

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Review #4, by Banba Just This Once

9th December 2008:
Interesting. An insight to Tom Riddle, you really explained a lot about how he grew up to be evil (misunderstood). I also really like how you kept talking to the reader, it helped to add character.

Author's Response: Thank you! There aren't enough Tom Riddle fics out there. Thank you for reading and reviewing, Banba! :)

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Review #5, by hermionegarner Just This Once

9th December 2008:
This is great and all, but you should have been writing the Blaising Son!!

It was very interesting...I can't say I would interpret (sp?) him exactly the same way, but it was a nice read. Fantastic writing, as always, and very vivid detail. I liked that you kept it to before his meeting with Dumbledore (seeing as he's not eleven yet); that way, it was more believable, because by the time he met Dumbledore he was already warped and twisted. He would never admit that he wanted love and he would never admit to having friends or even wanting them (at least, that's the way I see it). By setting the stage to before we read about him at the orphanage in the books, you were able to take more liberties. Also, it almost sounded like he was talking to you; nice job directing the conversation naturally and not forcing it in a direction it didn't want to go. It flowed really well and was believable.

Great job, but WRITE tBS!!


Author's Response: I know...;( . It was one of those things that pops up as inspiration and takes over your mind, you know? I was reading the essay from last year and was like, "OMGsh, this could be Voldemort!", so all I did was tweak it a bit here and there to make it Riddle-y, and it was done! The banner took a bit longer...but whatev...I'm sorry I haven't been updating tBS, but I'm glad you liked this, nevertheless! Dumbledore was going to be the one he was talking to, but I tried and it failed miserably, was a random person, no one in particular, in the original version, anyhow. Good luck performing tonight, and I'll see it tomorrow...and have nothing bad to say about it (right, RIGHT? :P)! See you. ^_^

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