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Review #1, by well done The Insufferable Knowledge of a Liar

22nd April 2012:
man i LOVE this story! it's yet another perfect example of of how ridiculous you have to make harry and hermione's characters to get them together. here we have harry not caring about ron even though he was the THING HARRY WOULD MISS MOST in the whole world.

but hermione...oh she's much better. she refuses to make fun of ron with harry, because that would be mean, right? not the lying or the cheating or any of that. nope, making fun of him is the thing that's beneath her.

i just don't get why she doesn't just dump ron. she obviously doesn't care about him as a friend, so what would she be losing by doing so? oh right, she's worried he'd embarrass her in front of people. yes, what a tragedy that would be for hermione.

Author's Response: Its not about keeping the characters as you see them in the novels, its exploring their inner most secrets, desires and the bits of personalities you never see. Yes, Harry is a shock to the system, but don't you think its a little refreshing. Harry never gets to do what he wants and maybe this is the side of his he never expressed. This is the side of him that would die to do what he wants to do.

With Hermione, its not that she doesn't care for him, in later chapters you see more of her and Ron's relationship. She struggles between the safety of Ron and the excitement of Harry. She's femmale so her perogative is constantly changing. Its not that she doesn't feel terrible about cheating but this, again, is a different side to Hermione. In the novels Hermione and Harry and Ron (to a little less extent) are pretty selfless. Why not make them my own and make this story work with a little character change.

And finally, it not that she's not dumping him because she doesn't care. She does love him but more like a friend. She knows that it has gone too far for everything to jut go back to normal if they break up. And even if they did, she knows there is no chance of an open relationship between her and Harry. She's confused and in her mind she would be losing everything. It's not about embarrasment because she doesn't care what others think, that hasn't changed, its what Ron will think of her that kills her inside and why she has to keep the secret.

Please read on because things start to gain shape. x

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Review #2, by clairevampiress The Insufferable Knowledge of a Liar

14th April 2012:
I loved this chapter. Sneaky harry. Poor ron though. I liked this chapter its still as interesting as the first chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. I often feel sorry for Ron, but I like how I never actually feel sorry for him in the books because of his temper, so I can now.

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Review #3, by clairevampiress The Insufferable Knowledge of a Cheat

5th April 2012:
I love how each chapter ends. With her commenting on what her problem could be. Very hermione like.

Author's Response: Thanks. At first I was unsure whether to do it or not and that maybe it would be a little repetitive. But its a it like her final reflection on what happens and is so like her. x x

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Review #4, by clairevampiress The Insufferable Knowlege of an Actress

30th March 2012:
I love this story. Its very interesting way of writing hermione. Its how I picture she'd think.

Author's Response: Thanks, I try to work really hard on imagining her thoughts and trying to get into her characters mind set. This means a lot x x

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Review #5, by BornUnderABadSign The Insufferable Knowledge of a Know-it-all

6th January 2009:
ha, I liked this, update soon please.

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