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Review #1, by Shelby_Potter24 Harry's Birthday

20th January 2009:
- I heard a faint squeal from the staircase, then running.-

Hmm wonder what Ginnys doin ;) lol

Author's Response: actually, she was just listening to their conversation lol. get your mind outa the gutter!! well, the prologue was dirty, but this one was not!

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Review #2, by Shelby_Potter24 Prologue: The Reunion

19th January 2009:
-The seconds ticked by as we looked into eachother's eyes. What the hell did i just do. I heard a crash from upstairs and jerked my gaze toward the staircase. As if on cue, Harry came falling down on top of Ginny, who was barely wearing clothing. I thought I was going to go blind.

"This is awkward-

lol I lost it laughing at that part :) and do Ron and Hermione get together? please let them!!!

Author's Response: lol of course that's your favorite part :P

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Review #3, by just realize Prologue: The Reunion

21st December 2008:
wow! that is really good!
i love it i love it i love it!

Author's Response: i can tell you hate it! no need to lie to me! actually keep lying, im a softy. bahahaaha

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Review #4, by OversizedSunglasses Prologue: The Reunion

21st December 2008:
LOL this was funny! "This is awkward" hahahaha harry, harry, harry.


Author's Response: thanks :)
the next chapter is being validated, and is funnier - this one was more serious, other than that part. well, the ending of the next chapter is serious too, but it's still got some humor in it. i think. idk, im just rambling now :D

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Review #5, by Pegasus Prologue: The Reunion

21st December 2008:
AMAZING! I LOVE THIS STORY! hurry up and send me the next chappie so i can find out what happens!

lol chappie

Author's Response: i thought you already read the next chapter haha. guess not. you'll read it when it gets validated in approx. 6 days :)

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