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Review #1, by RainbowRocker A Proper Appreciation

21st April 2012:
This. I Loved. It was very well written and quite charming.

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Review #2, by The Dark Princess A Proper Appreciation

12th November 2010:
AW! I loved it so much! It was so cute! I loved how Ginny has always liked Hermione but never knew it!

I also liked Luna's radom rambles =)

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Review #3, by PotterGirl75 A Proper Appreciation

21st August 2010:
Good story, intense.

Author's Response: Thanks. Feel free to read the main story "Unfaithful". This one is the prequel to it. :)

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Review #4, by brunetteweasley A Proper Appreciation

23rd October 2009:
Hey, this is brunetteweasley from the forums with the review you requested.

The flow of your story seemed to be a little choppy at times, switching rapidly from one plot point to the next, with no real purpose for doing so. It could have helped if there wasn't so many breaks in the story.

But, other than that, I rather enjoyed the story. It was very sweet, and really drew me in. The dialogue, especially Ron's and Luna's, seemed spot on to the characters (I really liked when Ron called Victor "Vicky, it seemed very Ron of him)

Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot I hope that you found this review useful.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review.
Thanks for CC, I'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration and revise this story again. :)

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Review #5, by Girldetective85 A Proper Appreciation

30th September 2009:
Whoa!! I was wondering in the middle of the chapter why you had posted this story in your femmeslash account, and now I know :P What a lucky mistake Luna made, huh? I'm glad that the poem Ginny wrote for Harry (which was actually inspired by Hermione) made it into Hermione's hands! What good luck for Ginny. I wish we could have read the whole poem ;) I really got fooled into thinking Ginny cared for Harry, but all the time I should have seen the signs throughout your story. The two girls understand each other much better and while Harry is clueless and misses the point, Hermione is deeper and more thoughtful and understanding of Ginny's nature. This was a wonderful Valentine's Day story, Mitch!

Author's Response: ^___^ Thank you sooo much Jules! :) Yeah, the poem... the thing is that I can't write poems, so... LOL :-s
Imagine that I wrote this Valentine's story last Christmas... *giggles* Thanks for the review, Jules! YAY, you made my day! :)

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Review #6, by maraudersmap A Proper Appreciation

17th February 2009:
Hi, this is maraudersmap from the forum. :) I'm terribly sorry about taking so long, but I'm finally here!

Anyway: I loved this one-shot. It was very sweet, but not in any way too sweet. It was genuine and heart-felt. I don't think I have to tell you how spectacular your writing is, but I'll say it anyway. My heart was thumping along with Ginny's; I was giggling along with Luna and groaning at Harry's male mind. You're definitely a very talented writer.

I loved your characterizing of all the characters. Oblivious Harry was amusing yet oh-so frustrating, jealous Ron made me laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time, Ginny was her fiery self and Hermione was the slightly annoying bookworm. What struck me about your characterizing was that every character seemed very human and real. You caught their personalities dead-on, but it wasn't exaggerated or comical.

The dialogue was wonderful. Ginny and Luna's conversation made me laugh out loud several times, and I found myself smiling throughout every Ginny/Hermione-moment. This is the first Ginny/Hermione I've ever read, and I was rooting for them to get together. Their chemistry and friendship was portrayed wonderfully, and their kiss seemed so natural. You didn't make it ridiculously obvious that Ginny wanted Hermione; her feelings for her were described subtly and gracefully.

My favourite part? "This is undeniably a thousand times better than the poem I wrote about Marguerites and Hummingbirds."

Overall, I adored this story, and I'm definitely adding it to my favourites. :)

Author's Response: Thank you.
Wow, what a terrific review! YAY. I'm glad that you think I characterized them all well. I usually have difficulties writing Ron, since I can't be witty.
And Luna, well. I hope she's quite believable. :D

Thank you.

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Review #7, by Indigo Seas A Proper Appreciation

5th January 2009:
Hello! This is Indigo Seas from the forums, here with the review you requested.

That just sucked me in, really. I had to turn off my iTunes music in the background so I could better absorb your writing (which is something I don't normally do). It was fantastic, really.

Now... In my opinion, the characterization of Harry was just a tad... off. Yes, he is generally clueless when it comes to girls and how they feel, but he seemed, well, not like himself. I guess... he was acting a bit more like Ron that he should be.

But, Omigod, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and Luna were all characterized perfectly. Especially Luna. The part in the beginning really made me laugh, especially the section with the Lemon Tree. She was done beautifully, as well as her friends.

I don't usually find this kind of pairing believable, but this was a pleasant surprised. The bit with the owl was genius. I mean, what a perfect way to get them together? That was probably my favorite part.

The flow was nice, even though you switched scenes a lot. It all kind of melted and blended with itself. Nice work!

It was great, really really great. I very much enjoyed reading it, and I'm not a huge fan of femme slash. It was fantastic. Thanks so much for requesting!!!

- Rin


Author's Response: Hello Rin!
Sorry for responding just now, but I've been pretty busy. Thank you for the fantastic review, and I welcome CCs with open arms, I mean, I appreciate them very much! :D Yeah, admittedly, I had a hard time writing Harry, and usually Ron and Luna too. They are very complicated, I think, especially Luna. But I'm glad she was somewhat believable here. :D

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Review #8, by Hermione Clone A Proper Appreciation

4th January 2009:
Very nice job!

I have a few little nitpicky things to say first, then I'll move on to the good stuff.

First, Harry's characterization seemed a Yes, he is normally clueless about girls' feelings for him, but he acted a lot like Ron more than himself. Even if he wasn't interested in what Ginny was doing for romantic reasons, I think that he might have shown her at least some interest.

Also, I think the whole thing with Ginny and Hermione was a tad bit rushed. Maybe just try to drag out the part right before with a few more awkward moments or something. It just seemed so sudden that they were hugging and the next minute they were all over each other.

I really liked your characterization of Hermione. She was wonderful and understanding, just amazing! I liked her response to Ginny's letter.

I loved Luna! You really did a good job writing her, and she's a difficult one to do. Her randomness was awesome and right in character.

Even though I thought the intimate part was a bit rushed, I liked it one it started going. Very interesting and very cute! I liked how both of them wanted to take control and didn't want to give in to the other. That could be problematic!

Overall, a very nice story. Great job!!!

Author's Response: Good point! I will drag out that moment between Hermione and Ginny. I've been told already that this story was too rushed. LOL

Okay, about Harry... I think you're right. But I wanted to make him like a typical bloke who doesn't care about something like "Valentine's Day" and such.

Luna is really hard to write and I'm glad that my Luna here was okay. LOL Thank you.

Thanks for your wonderful review. That went really fast. :D Have a nice day! :)

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Review #9, by notreallyblonde44 A Proper Appreciation

31st December 2008:
Okay, so hot banner and inviting summary for starters lol. Btw, this is notreallyblonde44 from the forms to do the review :)

The first section was absolutely hilarious! I loved the bickering between Ginny and Luna. It showed the range of their friendship along with their individual characterstics and personalities so vivdly! Ginny was the right amount of passionate young teen and stubborn woman, whereas Luna was helpful, indightful, and yet still was off in her own little world. The only critique I have in that scene is that I would have liked to feel a bit more of their surroundings. I'm sure it smelt like Owl droppings in there lol.

Oh, and I love the little bits of Hermoine you intermix with Harry references (when Ginny is speaking). It was simple and subtle, yet very effective in showing Ginny's confused focus and muse.

"Dear H.J.," - Brilliant, never made that connection!

'"I appreciate that very much, Hermoine," Ginny said.' - Something nit-picky that I noticed was the amount of times that the characters refer to each other by name. And before this line, I really liked the connection you drew between the girls and their individual love lives with Harry and Ron. I never noticed those parallels before and it made their understanding and appreciation so much more believable. Excellent job!

Hrmm I was following, loving, and giving the proper appreciation to a great femmeslash writer, but the ending and resolution before that did not sit with me well. For one reason, I wasn't a big fan of the random social commentary about why being with a woman would be frustrating to Ginny. I felt that in that moment, she wouldn't even be thinking in general haha. Especially not thinking enough to gather every negative facet about being with a women, and specifically Hermoine. Like she went from never consciously aknowledging her feelings to analyzing them in a flash...

Also, the mini-fight (which was done beautifully, as in I could see it clearly and all) was rushed to me. I feel like that wouldn't happen until after the "honeymoon" stage of the relationship was over. So, I guess that moved to fast to me as well, sorry. But at the same time, I liked that there was time taken out where they thought about what being a lesbian would mean for them, etc. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of Hermoine's tears...she seems like a tougher cookie :P

Overall, though, I must say that this was a fabulous piece of work! Your writing is pretty much flawless from what I could tell and I feel that you have an amazing grasp of the chracters that JK created, with your own personal flair of course. On a side note, I've read a few other one-shots of yours and I say Guilty Conscience piece was AMAZING! It reaffirmed why I love good femmeslash. Thank you for asking me to review your work :)

Happy early New Years!

Author's Response: Ohh, right! I should have described more of their surrounding and such. I really suck at description and that is what I have to work on. LOL
I think I have to work over this story again. It was really rushed. That was what I thought when I've posted it. But I never thought that the scene where Ginny and Hermione were kissing and while Ginny was thinking about being with another woman was not believable. I dunno... LOL hm...

Oh, you've read Guilty Conscience??? YAY... I'm glad you liked it. :D

Thanks for the amazing review! You just made my day! :)


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Review #10, by dramaqueen6 A Proper Appreciation

17th December 2008:
Hey! Here I am to review.

1. When I first read the summary of this story, I wasn't so sure about it. Mainly because I haven't read much slash or femmeslash, so I didn't really know what to think about it. But I've got to say, I really loved this story. The writing was magnificent.

2. I think my favorite part of this was the beginning when Ginny was spying on Harry with Luna while they thought of ideas for Valentines day. It was written excellently and I thought it was hilarious to imagine Ginny peeking over with the binoculars. lol.

Anyway, great job on this story! I have nothing to critiscize!


Author's Response: Aww... thanks for reading it anyway even though femmeslash isn't the type of story you read. :) And I'm glad that you liked it anyway.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Review #11, by Rachel (again (: ) A Proper Appreciation

13th December 2008:
I loved the plot and the hermione/ginny pair. i never thought about them as a couple before but now ive read this i love it :) Full marks ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! If you love Herminny, I can recommend my short story "Unfaithful" to you. It's even almost completed. Just one chapter left... ^_^ YAY

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Review #12, by rachel A Proper Appreciation

13th December 2008:
i loved it :) could you make this into a novel? But everything would hva to be longer like?it was amazing!

Author's Response: LOL I won't have the time to make this into a novel. I can barely update my stories... :( I'm sorry, but I'm glad though that you liked it. YAY *hugs* :) You should read my other femmeslash stories, I'm sure you'll like them too. ^_^ Thank you for dropping by. :)

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Review #13, by Liam R A Proper Appreciation

10th December 2008:
Hello, I'm here from the forums to review ^_^
That was really good actually. Usually femme-slash doesn't appeal to me, but this did for some reason, and not just because you requested a review.
The only problem I had with it was the fact that when Hermione and Ginny kiss Luna seems to just disappear off the face of the Earth, and there is no mention of her or her reactions, which would have been a nice addition to the story.

I also say that the best kind of slash fic is a sensitively written one, that takes each main character's feelings into consideration, and this really did.

This could have been a terrible story, but you wrote it perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the feedback! I've fixed that little flaw. I can't believe I didn't realise that I didn't mention Luna anymore... LOL Thank you once again! :D

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Review #14, by rowenaravenclaw94 A Proper Appreciation

10th December 2008:
that was good. i liked that the letter was confused but it ended up being what was right for the both of them! 10/10! good job!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Thank you! YAY I'm glad you liked it... That was their fate, they belonged together. :D LOL

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Review #15, by marisalovesharry A Proper Appreciation

8th December 2008:
it seems realy natural.
I love.
When are you updating UNFAITHFUL AND GOLDEN RULES?

Author's Response: Thank you, hun! I'm editing the next and FINAL chapter to "Unfaithful", and the next chapter to "Golden Rules" is written too, but my beta didn't send it back yet. ^_^' Don't worry, as soon as she has returned it, I'll post it right away. :)

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Review #16, by Darla and Drusilla A Proper Appreciation

8th December 2008:
IT was sweet and VERY romantic :P

Author's Response: Very romantic? *woot* Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #17, by mionefredalways A Proper Appreciation

7th December 2008:
i love all of your slash fics.they're absolutly're definitely a favourite auther.

Author's Response: ^___^ aww... Thank you! *hugs* I'm glad you enjoyed this story. :)

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Review #18, by Krystle_Ball A Proper Appreciation

6th December 2008:
I loved it! Your writing is so good. I only wish there was more of this story though, but maybe that's just because I love the Hermione/Ginny pairing. This was seriously good. Keep it up. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! If you want to read more Hermione/Ginny, then drop by my author's page. I've got a short story of that ship (title: Unfaithful) you might like. :) Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

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Review #19, by harrypotterhugefanforever A Proper Appreciation

6th December 2008:
Loved it!

The best part was the Northern Mountains part. I just laughed so much it hurt.

It was cute and beautiful. I love Luna, she always makes things so different. It actually seemed like it could happen; an owl dropping the letter to the wrong person and then Ginny realising she doesn't like Harry, but Hermione instead.

(like always!)

Author's Response: Thank you, Amy! *big hugs* I am always concerned about Luna's character, because only JKR can make her as the Luna that she is! I'm glad though that my Luna seemed 'a bit' canon (only a bit) *blushes*. And YAY, you liked this one-shot! I will even write another, with Pansy/Ginny this time. I've never written this ship, so I hope it'll be good. :)

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Review #20, by DracoMuggleLuver_01 A Proper Appreciation

5th December 2008:
Well, that was an extremely interesting story. You got in on Ginny's perspective and even talked about the way girls mostly want to talk through the session (Idk if I do that)

I love this story. It's amazing
Added to my favorites. You were the first and only one done

Great job and I can not wait to read the next one
Also, I can not wait to see the banner

Author's Response: Thank you, Judi! *hugs* Yeah, I don't talk that way too, like "what am I going to give him on V-Day/X-mas/his B-day?" LOL But I remember that some of my friends (when we were 13-15) were like that, I thought it's a cute idea, though silly. xD

Well, the banner I am using atm is mine that I've made weeks ago, I think last month (my style is outdated again). I'm still waiting for Caren to make me a new cool and pretty banner. *YAY*

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