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Review #1, by RavenclawLover Sleep Talkers

11th January 2009:
Luved ur story! When r u gonna post ur next chap?

Author's Response: Thanks! I share this account with a friend, and we're not trusted authors yet. It's her turn to write a chapter, so it may take me awhile to update, sorry.


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Review #2, by DrPotter Quiddich Match

14th December 2008:
I liked it! I think that you have a great talent as a writer, but add detail! Detail, detail, detail!

Author's Response: OKAY! I get it, detail! Don't worry, I'll work on it!

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Review #3, by Miss Ravenclaw Quiddich Match

14th December 2008:
I really like the story. I don't have any up yet, maybe I will soon, so please read those. Maybe make the next chapter a bit longer and checkk for spelling mistakes?

Author's Response: Thank you M.R.! I'm not the best speller in the world. U should really read Cassandra Rolsonai, the story my friend wrote(we share an account). This is my side of the story, we both have the same story though, she just wrote it from Cassandra's point of veiw. Thanks for revewing my story!

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Review #4, by MischievousMarauder Quiddich Match

11th December 2008:
First of All: WHY IS WOOD YOUR (I mean Alison's...) BOY_ _ _ _ _ _?

Snd: You spelled Quidditch wrong!?!?!

Otherwise, really nice start to your fanfic!

~A really biased friend you know.

Author's Response: Urmi, I, Amanda, wrote this story. And Marion sugested that Wood be my bf. Maybe we should give you one... hm...

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Review #5, by i_am_potter Quiddich Match

11th December 2008:
You have a very large talent for writing. Maybe more details, but otherwise great!

Author's Response: Thanks, you might want my friend's book, Cassandra Rosonai, since its the first book and we share an account. Thanks for your review!

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Review #6, by J Quiddich Match

11th December 2008:
I really love this story, but do u think u could make the next chapter a bit longer

Author's Response: I share an account with a friend, and she wrote this particular story, but my story, Cassandra Rolsonai, will be up soon, and those chapters are long.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Seeker Quiddich Match

10th December 2008:
W-O-W! I thought the story was awsome, but there needed to be some more detail. Still, ur an amazing writer! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love to write and really thank you for the very helpful advise! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #8, by Seriously Serious Quiddich Match

10th December 2008:
OMG! Your story is so interesting! I love it! Keep writing these, and I'll keep reading them!


Author's Response: Well, I'm going to keep writing these, but you should read the Cassandra book first, because it's the first book. Have fun!

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