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Review #1, by asyoulikeit Love is Blind But Lust is Just Stupid

8th February 2009:
*sigh* Another wonderful chapter. I hope I get a real bear hug for reviewing. I loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter. I can see the startings of a great romance (well eventually). Jude already seems like an git.
Now here is a list of my favourite quotes from this chapter:

-"With every stressed word I jabbed my finger into his face, perilously close to accidentally shoving it up his nose" (great picture)

"In the World of Jem, a repeated question is the victim’s cue to run like hell, apologising profusely over their shoulder. And even then their chances are slim." (=P)

"Oh Marcus may play the nice guy, but last years midgets affectionately dubbed him ‘The Demon’ – a title he then felt the need to live up to. " (sounds like kay)

"I didn’t bother with a scathing comment. I just stuck my fork in his leg." (... Pure greatness)

"Thank God, I thought I was gonna have a brain haemorrhage or something...and I don’t even know what they are" ( =] hmm what exactly is a brain haemorrhage? Interesting question)

"It wasn’t until I was in third year that I took Rose to meet my parents – I was scared they’d want her more than me!"

I cant think of anything bad about it so I guess I will just leave it there and tell you to WRITE MORE because I love you.
You know who I am

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Review #2, by R0sieRose Start As You Mean To Go On; Badly

17th December 2008:
awesomeness to the first chapter, but i can't believe u didnt spot that inuendo hehe
or maybe my mind is just too contaminated...

Author's Response: ...I don't even know what to say
And that is really something

Lol, anyways, thanks for the review!!
Glad u liked it ;)

AN xx

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Review #3, by asyoulikeit Start As You Mean To Go On; Badly

15th December 2008:
I got your first review ya boo sucks to the other suckers who havent reviewed because I am going to review the ass of it.
I love it WRITE MORE MORE I TELL YOU *evil cakle* sorry got a little carried away.
Favourite quote? Hmm I have many:
- with his finger up his nose and hand down his pants (you have to love it I know I do.)
-most likely in the somewhat less than impressive forms of a whimper, yelp or other indistinct, high-pitched noise (hehehe)
-rubbing his toe with an expression like a recently beaten puppy. (really puts a nice picture in your head =P)
-possession of considerable "assets" (just funny)
Constuctive criticism: you wrote make instead of male sorry but its a disgrace - "thats a tad overly-stereotypical; the teenage make psyche consists of those five words."
Other than that i cant really spot anything bad about it.
*phew* this is turning into a bit of an essay (well not a real essay just a figure of speech if it was a real essay it would be a page long this however is not) Just wanted to say how much I loved it =]
ps I gave you 10/10 because I loved it that much =]

Author's Response: XD thank you so much!!
And thanks for reviewing ;)
And as for the male/make thing; dammit. I'll go back and edit that as soon as possible. Read: when I can be bothered (read: never) but thanks for pointing it out :P

Thanks again!!

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