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Review #1, by Cinderpi Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

15th October 2009:
That. Was. Hilarious. Seriously! I'm loving this series!

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Review #2, by Freefallinglaughter Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

5th October 2009:

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Review #3, by blessedbyLORD Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

12th June 2009:
never gets old does it? jk lol

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Review #4, by Person4567 Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

23rd May 2009:
That's awesome. Espically at the end when Harry pertends the whole conversation didn't happen. I also liked when Harry and Hermione were the only ones working.

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Review #5, by boy_who_lived Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

8th May 2009:
Harry just straight pwned that sucka! Bet he didn't see that one coming! booyah! Harry's the man do a little Harry dance!!! what nowin your face he beat him at his own race booyah!

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Review #6, by Nightrunner Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

23rd January 2009:
Harry has got to stop hanging out with Luna! She's contagious!

Love the story. Love seeing Snape buffaloed.

Keep it up!


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Review #7, by PhoenixRoseQueen Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

13th January 2009:
I dont think that Harry can get away with this for much longer. I loved that he managed to brake snape though. I think Hermione might just go crazy along with the professor. lmao

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw deatheater Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

8th January 2009:
OMG!!! Theese are sooo good!!! Keep writing! 10/10

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Review #9, by Seleneth Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

9th December 2008:
A delightfully random story. I must say that this is superb use of discorded paragraphs, and was most amused by your use of an outside party to give the story an incomprehensible climax. But one question still remains... Who is the Colonel? Is he really a chicken? I look forward to reading more from thisbehecate

Author's Response: Well, the colonel I was referring to is actually colonel sanders, from KFC. So the slight connection. Harry, living with muggles (albeit not in America, mind) would make the leap from colonel, to colonel sanders, to kfc, then to chicken. Whereas Snape, never having much of a connection to the muggle world, would not have made the connection from Colonel to KFC to chicken.

In some of the stories there may be a method to my madness. maybe.

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Review #10, by Brodie Professor, chickens make horrible hamburgers

9th December 2008:
HAHAHAHAHA... OMFG That was sooo.. funny.Greats job..

All that time he was messing with his head lmao..what was he thinking about when harry poked snape arm??

Author's Response: What was Snape thinking? He wasn't. Harry's statements had successfully robbed Snape of his sanity for a few moments and was incapable of thought, or at least, cohesive thoughts.

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