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Review #1, by iav covering tracks...

12th January 2011:
Please please carry on writing! I'm hooked!! The only thing is that it is a bit confusing with the whole Draco thing, hard to follow but still very good!

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Review #2, by lillas covering tracks...

3rd April 2010:
OMG i love it ..please post more

Author's Response: Sorry for the late response but even without my writersblock I didn't have a lot of time to write.
I'm afraid I have to say that until the writersblock's gone, I can't post another chapter as it would be barely 1202 words long if I'd post it now and that wouldn't be too satisfying so... sorry.
Thanks for the review and I'm definitely trying to get my ass kicked into gear again ^^

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Review #3, by allybear Detention duties...

30th January 2010:
great story i cant wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: thanks,
it will be up in a sec.

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Review #4, by muru_HP Detention duties...

18th January 2010:
love it...really...please post more!! :)

Author's Response: thanks for your support
and sorry that you had to wait so long.

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Review #5, by muru_HP Rebel at breakfeast, weird at noon.

3rd January 2010:
OMG!! i love this fanfiction.please plase opdate soon!!!
pl: i love lily/scorpius parings

Author's Response: Thanks!
It helps when people review ^^
And I'll update right away ^^

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Review #6, by LilyAndScorpius4eva waking up and then...

17th February 2009:
aww this fic sounds awesome but the nightmares are really freaky..hehe..Yay Scorpius/Lily right?I love them together
please update soon

Author's Response: I wanted to try something new so...
anyway, I'm glad you like it...
and you know what? that yay surely isn't overdoing it... they're a perfect match *grins*
and an update is on the way ^^

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Review #7, by alic3D011 waking up and then...

14th February 2009:
yay this is making for an exciting plot lol

Author's Response: hehe... I'm trying my hardest ^^
tnx for the review

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Review #8, by alic3D011 barriers?

26th January 2009:
wow that intense yet i love it lol

u better keep writing im hooked!

Author's Response: I love that you love it :P
tnx for the review

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