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Review #1, by savageheart The Gorgeous Game

30th May 2011:
I truly enjoyed your work,I considered it worthy of Rowling herself when you talked about the War and the emotions behind it all.

Author's Response: Thank you savageheart! Really, worthy of Rowling herself? .I'm awed you think so. Thank you!

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Review #2, by LunaTheDeathEater The Gorgeous Game

5th November 2009:
Hehe, nice story :) Got a little too much quidditch for me (even though I care, it's more fun to play than to listen to =P), but the story was good =D

I just popped by to check out one of your stories since you reviewed one of mine (thank you!) :) I know it's a while ago, but I've been busy, and better late than never, right? So.. ;)

Liked the story. Good idea, by the way. Loved when he talked to the professor xD Could always guess how the teacher looked =P

Author's Response: Thank You!

And don't worry, I'm busy too. In fact, there are several people I owe reviews too, also.

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Review #3, by twinklinghazeleyes The Gorgeous Game

20th September 2009:
I love this story!! It was funny, but it was also sad and really tugged at your heart strings!! I love it so much, It was amazing!! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #4, by George Whitman The Gorgeous Game

6th September 2009:
Very nice read! Love the detail and the focus on quidditch. Your various skills as a writer are apparent and I look forward to reading more of your work! Could use a brush up on some of the grammar, but I can't decide whether it is intentional or not. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you, George. The idea that some of the grammar mistakes are intentional is intriguing but wrong, I'm just a bad proofreader with subpar grammar skills. However, this will be out to a Beta soon; but since you pointed this out I may leave a couple of errors intentionally to show that this was written by a 12 or 13 year old. Although, Lorcan is a Ravenclaw like his mother so there wouldn't be to many.

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Review #5, by Pepper44 The Gorgeous Game

6th September 2009:
oh my goodness. this is really really good. brilliantly written and you write lorcan perfectly. i love the whole thing. well well done!!! You should carry it on with lysander's interview...have him interview someone else like harry or something...

Author's Response: Thank You! I'm glad you liked this, especially as it hasn't been beta read yet. The Lysander idea is interesting.

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Review #6, by redherring The Gorgeous Game

26th August 2009:
Oh, I just loved that! It was a brilliant idea for a story and it was great how your incorporated so many themes - Quidditch, details of the war, hints of how everyone was coping in the aftermath of the war...

I loved your characterisation of Lorcan and Ginny was very well written too. I especially enjoyed the parts about the lesson with Professor Summersby - I loved the style you wrote it in, it was really clever and worked really well.

I also liked how it was a sort of sequel to another of your stories, but it wasn't overwhelmingly so, and the parts connected with that story where still perfectly easy to follow for someone who hadn't read it (like me :D)

My only actual criticism is that there were quite a few grammar mistakes and typos, so might I suggest getting this beta'd? I'll point out some that I spotted, though:

and that everyone exagarated mums - "mums" should be "mum's", and 'exagerated' needs another 'g'

"So many continued my Aunt Ginny," softly - maybe should be "So many... too many," continued my Aunt Ginny

After-all - you don't need a hyphen here

Robin's replaced the legendary Spinnet on the 'chosen one' led Gryffindor team - Robin's should be Robins

Apart from that, though, it was just wonderful! I loved it. 9/10.

Author's Response: Thank you redherring! I'm glad you loved this. I'll get this beta read.

You really should read Wynter is Cold, it is by far my best fic I think, except for maybe Teddy Bear & Angel Wings. Both of those have been beta read.

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Review #7, by madelgranger The Gorgeous Game

2nd June 2009:
hey it's madelgranger from the forums with your review!
so this was an interesting one-shot. I thought the interview about the war was actually a lot more interesting than the quidditch part. as far as grammar stuff and dialogue goes, it's not bad but if you want someone to look at it more in-depthly, you should go to the one-shot beta thread.
I liked Lee. With Krum you didn't necessarily overdo it, but some of it was hard to understand. You don't have to leave out the accent, but make it more clear what he's saying.
I really liked the format of the story, the report and all. it was a really clever idea. all in all, nice one-shot, thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for your excelent review. I'll take your adivice.

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Review #8, by screaming_madman The Gorgeous Game

19th April 2009:
Well hello, looks like I'm still alive.

I really liked the story and the idea behind it. I enjoyed the way that you made the quotes seem random, like a real conversation. Rarely do we stick with our conversations the way that characters in books do and often several thoughts will come out within one sentence. You captured that very well.

I would recommend that you go back and look at the spelling issues (one of my own worst problems) and there are a few instances of repeated words.

All in all I've always been a fan of your work, and since fan fiction is more about the ideas than the grammer I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks SM

I've been away from the site a lot too. It still something I visit but not as much. And I'm stalled on all my writing, not just the HP stuff. Mostly due to life and because I've discovered Facebook. But some day I will finish both HP novels and maybe I'll do something with the Cornered fic too.

This is something that I had written very quickly three months ago and had posted it without bothering to edit. Mostly just so I could show that I was still somewhat active.

Anyway I took my time over the last few days and have done a lot of basic editing and rewriting.

I'm glad you liked it even with all the grammar errors that were there. There are a lot less now. I understand why you might like the theme.

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Review #9, by rachm34 The Gorgeous Game

3rd February 2009:
I thought that this was interesting. There were one or two grammar mistakes i caught and i feel as if it wasa bit rushed. Other than that it was really good

Author's Response: Thank You!

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