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Review #1, by siriusgirl1 Chapter One: Insomnia

8th June 2010:
I enjoyed all the detail you put into this, it made the story so much more real. It was rather confusing, because it almost seemed like they were back at school. Harry and Hermione didn't feel much like adults. They were in character, but they don't have the extra years on them that an adult character would. I thought the way you introduced the nightmare was very strong. Oh! One more thing I found confusing-- it seems like Ron and Hermione are seriously together, if not married, and yet Harry is sitting downstairs while the rest of the "family" has left. Are they back at the Burrow with the Weasleys? Because if Ron has a job, then Harry and especially Hermione ought to have them too, right? Other than that, this was a solid chapter. Good work! 7/10.


Author's Response: Hmm, I haven't work on this story in a while, so let's see if I can answer your questions.

First, Ron and Hermione are in a serious relationship, but they're not married. Hermione moved into the Burrow shortly after beginning work at the Ministry (she mentioned work several times in this chapter so I'm not sure why you thought she didn't have a job). Harry also lives at the Burrow, as he and Ginny are still together, and he likes the idea of living with a big family.

I imagine I meant to explain all this in a later chapter, but I hope that clears up the confusion for you.

As to the characters not seeming older, they're only about 20 or 21, so it hasn't been that long since they left school. I don't really know how to add much to how they were in school as it's been so short, and they did a lot of their maturing in school with all the serious things that happened to them then. Maybe if you gave me an example as to how to make them seem older?

Thank you for the helpful and unexpected review!

Magically Yours,


Also, I don't know when I'll be working on this story again, but if you liked it then maybe you should look at a couple of my others, especially In the Corridors and The Sketch Book as those are the ones I'm working on currently.

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Review #2, by TheDirigiblePlum Chapter One: Insomnia

20th October 2009:
I had to check out your author page after all those wonderful reviews you left me and I'm so happy I did!

This was written incredibly well just in general. Like the writing flowed and was consistent, and also gave a really great portrayal of Hermione's character. Characterization is very important to me, and I love to see it when it's right! It's like reading an extension of a Harry Potter book, which is never EVER a bad thing. :D

I just really enjoyed this, and it also left me wanting more! So... please update soon?!


Author's Response: I am working very hard on this story, I have quite a few chapters finished, however I'm wanting to finish the entire story before I post anymore. I don't want to leave my readers with anymore unfinished stories, haha. So it might be a while before I get anymore up.

However, I will be sure to let you know when I finally update it. :D

Thanks for the comment!

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Review #3, by TheNoodleQueen Chapter One: Insomnia

28th July 2009:
I just realised how long ago you wrote this! Are you still writing? I would love to find out what happens to Hermione and why she can't sleep.
Your story is really good and I hope you update soon!
P.S. You are privalleged! This is my first reveiw =D

Author's Response: Aww thank you!

Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Might have been inspiration to continue writing. >.>

I would love to finish this fanfiction, so mayhaps I will find the time for it soon. I will definitely send you a message or something to let you know if I do continue it.

Thanks for the review!

~ Demi

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Review #4, by Lemonhead Chapter One: Insomnia

8th January 2009:
Oh I really like it! I hope to see the second chapter up soon!

Author's Response: A review!! *dies from shock* ...Oh.. >.>

Thank you! I'll start work on it soon. I've already got the basic idea for the next chapter, but I just haven't had the time, or the drive, to actually sit down and work on it. However, my first semester at school is coming to a close and once that's all over I'm sure I'll have more time to work on it.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #5, by butterfliesneedwings Chapter One: Insomnia

2nd December 2008:
(shudders) I can't even imagine two-three days without sleeping, much less three weeks (That would mean three weeks of no dreams and I love dreams)! (Usually)lol.

I'm just curious, how long after the Trio's seventh year is this?
I'm of the opinion that something happened three weeks prior to this scene that's preventing Hermione from sleep and, because Harry and Ron don't seem to be having any problems, similar or other, it must be something they're unaware has happened.
Great start!
Note(I just had to come read after all the wonderful reviews you left me! Thanks for all your input!)
Also, I noticed you're banner request and would love to make one for this story if you don't mind, (unless someone else has already taken up the offer.) lol.
Thanks again for taking the time to both read and review my highly confusing story!

Author's Response: Yay! A review! And a long one at that! A true reviewer! :D

It is two or three years since Hogwarts. Not for sure yet, but later on I will be sure to make it noticed.

You're on a good start there, btw. But I won't give too much away! Then you wouldn't have to come back and read! ;_;

You're welcome for teh reviews! I hate when people read and don't review. So annoying. So I make it a point to review at least once, if not for every chapter.

And I would LOVE a banner for this story! Just email me!



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Review #6, by Tattyted Chapter One: Insomnia

1st December 2008:
Great story so far, looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D


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