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Review #1, by bpmull Reprieve

13th February 2009:
I nice little tale. I really enjoyed it. I hope things work out for Neville.

You left many questions, plenty of room for possible sequels: What happened with Hermione's quest? Did Ron survive? If so, then did Hermione and he adopt Viktoria? All of the details of the final confrontation -- of course that latter was just background and your real focus was Neville.

You are a good writer.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your reviews. It really was originally a novel-length fic, but after DH came out, it sort of defeated the heart went out of it, so the project wasn't completed. I at least wanted to get Neville's story out there =) I'm glad you liked it!!

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Review #2, by bpmull The Last Crusade

13th February 2009:
So it was a trap.

I see Neville survived, did Ron?

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Review #3, by bpmull Orphans of War

13th February 2009:
Excellent chapter again.

You've put in a lot of detail. I hope Ron goes back with Hermione and they adopt Miss V.

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Review #4, by bpmull Death at Every Window

13th February 2009:
Excellent. Your characters seem vivid and real.

I'm glad Minerva is still okay.

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Review #5, by bpmull Liathróid Chriostail

13th February 2009:
Intriguing. The plot thickens.

So Ginevra's dead? That's sad for everyone. Ron is so pro-family it had to hit him hard. And Harry -- words cannot express his pain, I'm sure. I guess you really did postulate bad times.

I gather they didn't just go as ambassadors but are on a fact-finding mission.

Excellently written.

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Review #6, by bpmull Obliviate

13th February 2009:
Such a sad chapter. I see the logic of it, but it is still sad. I hope things work out.

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Review #7, by bpmull Muggle Sanctuary

13th February 2009:
That is a beautiful beginning. I love how you portray Neville. He is smart to make sure that Seamus is who he claims to be.

The history you foresaw for our valiant troop is much harsher than JKR's. Sort of reminds me of the hints for what happened when Voldemort was in power during the Marauder years. That is reasonable as you postulate him defeating Harry the first time they fought one-on-one.

An excellent beginning.

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Review #8, by Cordelia Hunter Reprieve

29th November 2008:
When I first read this fic, I was disappointed that Harry's defeat of Voldemort wasn't described in greater detail. But really, this is Seamus and Neville's fic, not Harry's. BTW, could you provide a translation of ‘A Dhia, bronn orm suaimhneas chun glacadh leis na rudaí nach féidir liom a athrú, misneach chun na rudaí a athrú is féidir liom, agus ciall chun an difríocht a aithint.’ in a author's note or something similar? I don't know gaelic, but I'd like to know what that phrase means and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

There are a few things I'm not very clear on, such as exactly when and why Seamus's parents faked their deaths and whether Seamus really believed them dead before seeing his mom in the 6th chapter. Also, I'd like to know how much time passed between Neville obliviating and coming back for Natalie. It must have been a comparatively short period because he didn't seem too worried that she may have another person in her life. Perhaps some sort of timeline would help? Say, putting in things like "one month later" in italics at the start of every scene which is not continuous in time?

Your writing is good, especially Neville's characterization. I liked Neville and Natalie's relationship. A relationship should be based on trust. He made the right decision in telling her.

Thank you for sharing this fic with us readers.

Author's Response: HI, thanks so much for your review and constructive criticism. I've addressed each of the points after careful editing, aside from Seamus's mother (who is dead and he sees a vision/hears her voice as he's near death). =) Also added the translation to the text in an author's note. Thanks so much for your feedback and help! =) I wrote this such a long time ago, but it was great to get back to it and put it all together.

There was a lot more to the story (well over a novel's worth), but this was just a glimpse into that world post Harry's defeat and then disappearance.

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