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Review #1, by Random person who doesn't have an account (yet) Chapter 3- Cool as a Cucumber

8th April 2010:
This is really good! I read the first one and it was great. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #2, by rita Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

5th January 2010:
i think this is really different from most stories ive readof sirius n oc
siriusès personallity is different usually he some sot of player or something but i find the way you made him better
also you didnèt immediatley jump into interaction between sirius and oc

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks very much for your reivew :) I'm glad my Sirius managed to be different.

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Review #3, by alanapotter Chapter 3- Cool as a Cucumber

4th January 2010:
This was quite amusing :) You've taken on Sirius' character really well! I just love the way you're showing the relationship here: it's so different from Burn Out Heart. He gets so flustered around her, it's really adorable :) One thing that I really love about Lulah is that she'll throw anyone around in circles if she thinks they're getting to close... it's such a relatable characteristic and I'm actually really excited about seeing his side of this.

Gah, repeating myself again :P But one little thing I noticed, and I dunno where you live, so it may be different, but I thought the class was Ancient Runes, like a language type thing, not Ancient Ruins, which I would consider more of a history kind of thing. Minor, of course, but just something I noticed.

Anyways, I'm still addicted, but I tend to read this right before I sleep, so I apologize for my wacko reviews :D Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh good! I'm not the only one who finds it funny, hahah. Thank you so much. I'm glad I managed to show how different it is for Sirius. There aren't many Sirius/OCs written from Sirius's POV, I think.

Oh! I'll go and fix that. I thought the subjext was Runes, but I guess I just wrote it as Ruins by default. Hahah, silly kid.

Thanks very much!

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Review #4, by rachm34 Chapter 3- Cool as a Cucumber

4th January 2010:
Hahha, Sirius. What a keeper. I honestly love him. Why can't he be real? Why can't I be married to him? Why can't he live forever? We got into a discussion about him the other day at rehearsal, it was fun.

And James, he raps. I guess that's all he needs to do. I giggled so much reading that part. And loved it too.

Hahah, Lils. The brainiac. Hot date with James alright…I laughed at that sentence too.

I think I'm going to like reading this in Sirius' perspective, he's just so funny and cute.

I love this story, you write beautifully as always, Laura mal laura. Come online and email me! I go back to school right now, sob sob sob. I don't know what else to say in this review, you already know that you're brilliant :P

Author's Response: Hahah, rehearsal! I swear to God I'm going to respond to your emails, just as soon as my computer stops being an ass. I mean... ah, bum.

Hahah, I competely forgot about James rapping until I re-read that bit. I lurve James. I think I'll write a Lily/James just so I can write more of him

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Review #5, by alanapotter Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

4th January 2010:
I'm back! :) I'm really enjoying getting the whole story again, and it's really interesting to get it from Sirius' point of view. I think many people would find this chapter kind of monotonous if they don't bother to really try and understand what's going on and, personally, I think that's a good quality to have as an author: to have some aspects that don't just jump out at you. But you summed it all up in the one sentence where Sirius mentions that seeing Lulah has changed his life forever... That she'd spice up his life (gah... Definitely not the phrase I was the looking for, but the only one that comes to mind, sorry).

Anyways, it's brilliant and flowing really well! I'm excited to continue! :)

Author's Response: hahah, thanks! I think I understand what you're talking about? Haha, no I do, promise.
I really enjoy writing Sirius. I realised when I was looking back over old reviews and I responded to one on december 08 saying "i'll try to update after christmas" and not updating til '10. Gosh, that's bad!!! A year. But I really enjoy (if I may say so) reading these chapters back and seeing all these small, random details and actions I put into these chapters. Hahah, like Sirius tripping on the bench.

ANYWAY. THANK YOU :) Perhaps that's what I'm trying to say?

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Review #6, by Whisperer Chapter 3- Cool as a Cucumber

3rd January 2010:
OMG! I love this! It is endearing to see Sirius as "incompetent at seducing" haha

but where is Tallulah even from? and why does she want to breed dragons?

i loved it though!

Author's Response: Hahaha, if you read 'the burn out heart' you'd understand all :) but why ruin the suspense for yourself, hehe. Thanks very much for the lovely review!

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Review #7, by alanapotter Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

26th December 2009:
Eeep! I've found my new piece to stalk :P

but awesome beginning! It's giving me that whole I've been here before but this is completely new feeling. I'm excited to move on!

Though, I'd check back over this, I got confused about your meaning in a couple places.

Onward! :D

Author's Response: Hey there! Gosh, I'm so bad at responding to reviews in a timely manner :)

I just added a new chapter. I quite like it, so I hope you do. Okey dokey, I will check back. Thanks!


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Review #8, by Random person who doesn't have an account (yet) Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

18th December 2009:
This is really amazing. I read Burn out heart, and I absolutely loved it, and it is such an amazing idea to wirte it in Sirius's Point of View. Please continue this is really good.

Author's Response: Oh yeah. To be honest, I sort of forgot about this fic. However, now that TBOH is all finished, I'd love to finish this one. Thanks :)

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Review #9, by Phoenix_Flames Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

10th May 2009:
Hello, my dear Laura!! I finally got around to your story! I'm so sorry I bumped you out of my queue. Hehe, I cut out one too many authors! xD

Well, this was brilliant. You should have no worries at all. You opened the beginning excellently. It had this eerie, mysterious, and exciting feeling about it. Truly brilliant! It was captivating and really made me want to read sooo much more!

Characterization was excellent and. Just. Amazing!! Perfect!


Author's Response: Hey there Drue :)

Haha, don't worry at all, I understand how that could happen ;) You have heaps of people to review for.

Thank you! Oh gosh, I'm really pleased you liked it. Thank you oh-so much! xx

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Review #10, by Emily Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

2nd April 2009:
This is so super cool! I think the parallel story is a really good idea:)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like this one too :D

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Review #11, by Indigo Seas Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

22nd March 2009:
Ah! This was sooo great. I loved this first chapter. Especially your first three paragraphs. I really, really liked the way you introduced the chapter. And the whole time, I had no idea what was going to happen next, which is good, because I was totally absorbed in your fic the entire time! Yeah, great, great stuff. I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm definitely going to go on to the next chapter. Really good so far. ;)
- Rin

Author's Response: Hey there Indigo!!! Thanks very much :) I'm glad you liked it

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Review #12, by Lil_Miss_James_Black Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

29th December 2008:
VERYY NICE (understanment of the year but I'm in a rush)

HAHAHAHAHAAA i love pete (at school that is, traitrous little brat he is out of it)

cant wait for the next chapter 15/10 xD


Author's Response: OH! I was like... wait...
and then I realised what you were reviewing. Thanks! I was working on the third chapter of this today too!

xx thanking you very muchly!!!

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Review #13, by rachm34 Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

24th December 2008:
Love it love it love it love it. hehe. i do. I can't wait for more. :) honestly. I loved the part where James was sizing up all the first years and so forth. Hmmm i wonder what's going to happen. Very well done my dear. Love your descriptions and how you characterizely siriusly... haha

happy xmas!

Author's Response: naw, thanking you very muchly!
He he, I surprised myself with that actually. I thought it was rather funny. Hah! I was surprised that I could be funny. lol.
Thank you!!! Chrissy was AWESOMELY!


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Review #14, by rachm34 Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

24th December 2008:
this is so cool. I love how you're doing it from Sirius' point of view. It's kind of like Edward's point of view in morning sun though i haven't read that. i just know the story is in his point of view

gahhh what can i say? I love it. I luff you. You're amazing. Love it!

Author's Response: Ha ha, that's where I got the idea you fool! Ha ha, oh you make me laugh. I went over to Stephenie Meyer's site all angry because people were comparing my Sirius to Edward, and then I saw 'midnight sun' and I was like... hey, that's an idea! Ha ha.
Sooo clever of me. I'm like, REALLY enjoying writing it.

Thanks! -hugs-

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Review #15, by jessie Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

23rd December 2008:
J'adore c'est livre!

Author's Response: hm... french? I love erm... this book? Is that right. I can't remember any of the limited french I learnt! Ha ha. Oh well, thanks very much for the review anyway! :)

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Review #16, by bespontaneous Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

23rd December 2008:
i liked the feeling that was set off when thier eyes met[[:
update soon pleasee

Author's Response: why thank you! I'll try to update after christmas!

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Review #17, by pineapple Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

23rd December 2008:
yay you updated, i was very excited to read another chapter of Sirius' pov :)
i really really like the way you portray Sirius in your story, it gets a bit annoying when people write about how he is a 'playboy' and such *shakes head*
anywho, cant wait to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: yay! you reviewed! hehe.
frankly, I was really excited to write it. ha ha, so i'm happy you enjoyed it.
ew, I hate it when people portray him like that too. thanks!

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Review #18, by Inti Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

23rd December 2008:
A couple of hours? You my luff -laughs at self- are unbelievable.
I don't really know what to say about this. The idea is simply brilliant to write a counter-point, but to actually do it? Well that's something else entirely. I love how Sirius is getting possessive even though he's never met her, and didn't even particularly like her.
This is a really poor review I know, sorry. Oh and thanks for reviewing mine, I'll go respond now =)
Luff you Rosie Posie

Author's Response: -blushes- oh well, thanks! I was kind of shocked considering i'd managed to convince myself i had writer's block. lol.

He he, that's Sirius for you. He's such a loser (well, socially, around girls like Lulah. He's never really been attracted to girls like that before. Or, that's what I'm telling people anyway. Ha ha)

No, what're you talking about?! It's a brilliant review m'dear. Thanking you very muchly!
Luff you also Jack Flash

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Review #19, by bespontaneous Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

8th December 2008:
i love it.
i like how his mood changes so quickly at the end
and how in TB-OH she thought he didnt notice her looking, but he did
update this story and the parallel PLEASE[[:

Author's Response: THANKS *hug*
He he, I love writing parallel stories, I've decided.
Thanks for the review. I promise I'll TRY to update soon.

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Review #20, by Pounce Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

7th December 2008:
Nice, continue writing though. Please! You'll get more readers!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :)
I'll continue, one day... ha ha.

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Review #21, by !!!CEEP RITEING!!! Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

26th November 2008:
I'm tearing, i'm tearing, i'm tearing... is thear a point to all this tearing? Good story!

Author's Response: Ha ha, thanks very much. I'm glad you don't see a need to tear!

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Review #22, by Ginny_RED_Potter Chapter 1- No Introductions Necessary

25th November 2008:
Oooo, interesting! I'm so excited to see what he thinks about everything! Update sooN!

Author's Response: Hey there :) Nice to have one of your reviews again! I promise I'll try to update soon. I have about a million things on my plate at the moment, excluding fan fiction, but I really would love to update asap.

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