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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs In Deep

15th May 2010:
That was good! Cho got on my nerves. I liked it! 9/10!

Author's Response: Exactly the reaction I hoped for! :) Thanks!

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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 In Deep

24th May 2009:
Hey! It's DarkRose again.

Another nice one-shot.

I really appreciate reading your stories, they're really well-written which is spectacular.

I liked that you got really into Cedric's thoughts and inner turmoil. :]

Great story! Though I really don't care all that much for Cho, I think you wrote her well. (As you wrote Hermione and Cedric well. :] )

So kudos to you, yet again.

Good job!


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Review #3, by obviously394 In Deep

21st May 2009:
so i found this while i was hunting for stories on my new favorite ship, and this, i have to say, was a delightful read. i rather liked your characterization of cho, it's fairly close to how i always imagined her (a little less emotional, i'd say). nitpicking here, but he's actually only two years older than her, as he was only a sixth year in GoF, and was ergo born in either september or october 1977, and hermione was born in september 1979. and it's spelled 'traitorous', right after she checks to see if he has a fever. love inner turmoil, and you portrayed that rather nicely. off to read behind your smile :D

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Review #4, by Slywolf9 In Deep

10th January 2009:
Awww. yes , if I hadn't read Behind Your Smile, this would have been devastating. As it is, I liked getting this glimpse into the story's bg. Though I'm still not sure how he broke it off with Cho. Hmm...But hey, it was a good story, an interesting to get some more info. Till the next chapter of BYS.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! In my eyes it wasn't anywhere near my best work, but I felt it succeeded in giving enough background into Cedric's feelings for Hermione. I was thinking about a sequel to it, but decided to leave it as is and maybe add some more details concerning it into BYS. I don't know for sure. Anyways, thanks for the review and I hope to hear from you after chapter 6 of the story.

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Review #5, by Nordanvinden In Deep

13th December 2008:
Wow, I absolutely loved this one-shot, it was that good, I think! Actually one of the best I've read in awhile too!

The plot was amazing and so was the character portrayal, especially Cedric and Hermione! As well as the interaction between the characters, more so, the fic is also very well written, which I loved!

So I haven't read BYS yet, but now after reading the prequel I totally will, hehe!


Author's Response: *Blushes* Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, because I was never really sure how it would turn out as I wrote it. I've always kind of struggled with Cedric's characterization -I've been writing Hermione for a while now, so I'm a tiny bit less nervous when I write her- and I work really hard to not let it show. Anyways, I'm totally stoked that you're going to read BYS now. I'm really proud of how it's turning out, so I hope you like it *crosses fingers*. Be sure to tell me how you feel about it! :D Happy Holidays!

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Review #6, by hermione_jane45 In Deep

29th November 2008:
Oh, I love to see a good Cermione. There's not many of them. I really, really, really like them. And great job! I loved it. I've never liked Cho much and I think that's it's funny that Cedric doesn't either! Hehe! Good job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I love Cedric/Hermione pairings, and I could never find I figured: Why not attempt to write one myself? It's wonderful that you enjoyed it! And it's also wonderful to hear from someone who isn't a fan of Cho either,haha.

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