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Review #1, by mrd 7 Things

13th April 2011:
i love this song and i love the way you incorperated this story along with the lyrics of the song, it is definatly one of my favourite songs by miley cyrus and you have just given me a new perspectiv of it.

Megan-Rose Dally

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Review #2, by xxphebesxx 7 Things

14th January 2010:
that is so could it makes me want to cry

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Review #3, by Bookworm045 7 Things

12th December 2009:
I love, love your story! I read it literally all the time!!

Thank you for writing it!


You rock.

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Review #4, by maddy 7 Things

12th July 2009:
OMG that was the BEST mini - story i have ever read! YOU ROCK!

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Review #5, by sparkle 7 Things

21st January 2009:
aw that is so cuute. i totally love it!

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Review #6, by fatima 7 Things

11th January 2009:
The best song fic I've ever read. I think this song can completely describe rose and scorpius's relationship. The lyrics go so well together!

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Review #7, by Draco_Luva 7 Things

23rd December 2008:
Awww thats so sweet. Absoluetly hate Miley Cyrus but it kinda worked. 7/10.


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Review #8, by RonLover99 7 Things

4th December 2008:

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Review #9, by HPWG4L 7 Things

3rd December 2008:
omg, i absolutely love it,
i'm almost crying,
i honestly am.

it's great.

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Review #10, by Rockstar101 7 Things

30th November 2008:
I actually hated this song, but you did a very good job with it!

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Review #11, by snuffles387 7 Things

30th November 2008:
aw...thats reli sweet!

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Review #12, by Artemis Selene  7 Things

28th November 2008:
I really like this fic! It's... amazing!

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Review #13, by Mrs_RonaldWeasly 7 Things

27th November 2008:
Im glad something good became of this song that is meant to bash the adorable and kind nick jonas!

kudos to you


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Review #14, by I_LOVE_love 7 Things

26th November 2008:
Oh my goodness!! That was so adorable and sweet! I mean, the song is okay, and I really hate Miley Cyrus, but it makes for a kick-butt fanfic!! ;) I love how at the end Scorpius and Rose get back together, that makes all the confessions worth it!! Fav line: "'You can of your favorites...if you want to.' he said nervously." That is so cute! My only beef would be to look over it a couple more times or get someone to beta it before you post it, because there were a good number of grammatical mistakes and wrong/missing words, but it didn't really take away from the story!

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