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Review #1, by Annie Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

26th August 2009:
lol i loved his reaction! 'youre? and im gone be?'
lol,very typical but u made it work!

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Review #2, by Annie It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

26th August 2009:
awww that was...surprisingly cute...,hey this was only one pairing,looking forward to reading the rest (but i dont have to wait...i can just read it i will!!)

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Review #3, by FoxStarE It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

15th May 2009:
That was pretty good. A little short, since it was a one shot and there isn't any follow up, but I liked it a great deal non the less. You portrayed the general feeling I've always gotten about the relationship between Lucius and Narcissa very well.


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Review #4, by Potterholic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

12th December 2008:
Aww, cute! I love how you wrote everyone here. The way Astoria broke the news was funny, I could just imagine everyone's faces, especially Draco's. It was also cute how Draco couldn't say no to Astoria but claimed she hex him with her eyes. Lol. Good work, Jessi! Can't wait to read more! *huggles* 10/10

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Review #5, by Potterholic It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

12th December 2008:
Lol, that was cute! I love how Narcissa was so determined to get him to talk to her, and it was cute how she still thought he was perfect when he was ranting. =P Love it!

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Review #6, by slythandromeda Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

8th December 2008:
Aw this was so sweet! I love Draco/Astoria cause I like to see people's different interpretations of her, and I think this is one of my favorites! She was so funny and fitting...and Draco as well as the Malfoys were very much in character. Nice work!

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Review #7, by slythandromeda It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

6th December 2008:
Well, this was very...intense. Probably one of my favorite Lucius/Narcissa fics ever actually, mostly because it displays a very different approach to the couple in question than the average fluff-filled fic.

I loved Narcissa's utter yet inexistent power over Lucius, and even if the whole thing is a bit sad, I'd like to believe that it wasn't really the mistletoe, hehe.

I can't wait to see who's next! Great job.

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Review #8, by Beyond the Veil It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

27th November 2008:
WOW, Jessi! This is such a powerful little piece - I've never read much Narcissa/Lucius, but I was so drawn into it :D And it's an inventive premise as well. Great characterization and just overall awesome writing :D Thank you so much! I love it!


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