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Review #1, by Tashi Lupin It's dinner time!

22nd August 2010:
Oh, that's just classic Ron!

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Review #2, by Rebecca Walters It's dinner time!

15th June 2010:
I loved it! It was terrific and totally Ron! I could really picture this happening with Ron and Hermione! I love your writing and I am reading 'Where Does the Truth Lie'! You a very talented author and you should continue to write!

~Rebecca Walters

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Review #3, by Kirsty Weasley It's dinner time!

28th December 2009:
hehehe. They're coffee love it :D

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Review #4, by trixie39 It's dinner time!

6th June 2009:
so hilarious. please make a sequill please...

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Review #5, by girly1393 It's dinner time!

18th April 2009:
So Ron and Hermione. Brilliant, in every aspect of the word you can think of. Great, great job on this! I'm grateful you wrote such a light-hearted piece of literature, Elle_Winters.

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Review #6, by caliope It's dinner time!

14th March 2009:
Hahaha. That was really good!! Coffee! lol

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Review #7, by Veela_is_me It's dinner time!

8th March 2009:
hahaha coffee.
excellent one-shot, very original. but if ron cooked anything i'd always imagined it to be, well, black. hahaha
but absolutely awesome little story, well done 10/10

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Review #8, by LiveforLuna It's dinner time!

21st February 2009:
"They’re coffee"

I let out a tiny scream at that!

I loved this, perfect oneshot!

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Review #9, by Lily_Potter23 It's dinner time!

28th December 2008:
Hee hee.
This is cute, and oh so Ron!

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Review #10, by weasley_gang It's dinner time!

7th December 2008:

ron! he's so funny! him and hermione =] classic couple, luv them!

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Review #11, by emmapotter It's dinner time!

6th December 2008:
LOL...that was so funny! totally in character!

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Review #12, by Marybeth It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Very Cute - enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by LadyRedRoka It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
haha aww oh he tried so hard...

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Review #14, by LittleZebra It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Haha! I loved it. Especially the end.

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Review #15, by MagicPidgeon It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
I'll have to try putting coffee instead of gravy next time I cook tea... that way my parents'll never make me do it again... Thanks!
This made me laugh though, and it's really original, keep writing please (:

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Review #16, by Ghost Chicken It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Red-eye gravy is for HAM, Ron... This was really cute! I actually laughed out loud. Well done!

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Review #17, by Slide It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. A perfect depiction of those little realities of adult relationships, sweet and romantic whilst still being very rooted in the real world. Characterisation was spot on as well; I particularly liked Harry's attempt to appease Ron with beer. Hell, it's what I'D do under the circumstances! Lovely little snippet.

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Review #18, by harrypotterfreak1414 It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
haha! What a cute one-shot! I haven`t read anything like this! I love it, your a great writer, and remember practice makes perfect:)

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Review #19, by Banba It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Well done. You have to love Ron for trying. Coffee though, very funny.

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Review #20, by Rae_of_Sunshine It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
Oh, poor Ron. It was a valiant effort. I love this story - so cute and funny. You also characterized them all exactly. Good job.

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Review #21, by kpajamas95 It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
totally cutsie!!
lol it was funny how
ron is completly clueless.
love the banner by the way(:

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Review #22, by ladymarauder85 It's dinner time!

22nd November 2008:
heehee. This was really funny. I can just imagine a scene like that taking place in Ron and Hermione's house at some point over the years.
The characterization was good- i liked how Ginny stepped in with the wedding comment! good stuff.
There was me thinking Ron was actually going to completely upstage Hermione but no...the ending was a classic!
well done!

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