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Review #1, by GoldOpals Fallen

20th November 2015:
I really enjoyed the error reading this chapter. However the picture at the top does not fit and is totally inappropriate

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Review #2, by HPTragic Law of the Land

29th October 2015:
Just wanted to let you know, you keep using the word "flayed" when you most likely mean "flawed". However, in that context it should actually be "floored" as in "knocked to the floor". In any case, I'm really enjoying the story

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Review #3, by Lurker How to Say Goodbye

27th December 2013:
Done with this story. twenty characters.

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Review #4, by Edward Austin The Earl of Stockholm

9th May 2013:
That wasn't boring I LOVE IT! I haven't wrote a review yet BUT I love the story so far and can't wait to finish it J.K may have written the Harry Potter series but you my friend are a great write I hope to read more of your stories Keep up the good work

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Review #5, by DAKSH I Own What Now?

18th April 2013:
its cool-harry being a nobility. fawkes was apleasant surprise.

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Review #6, by DAKSH Pain

18th April 2013:
nice chapter. poor harry. i liked the dobby part

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Review #7, by actor On the Cusp of War

5th February 2013:
this is truly a great story and as i am currently writing one of my own i couldnt resist using the founders it was truly a brillant idea and im sorry it was too perfect to pass up.Keep writing and loving Harry Potter!

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Review #8, by actor Christmas Is NOT The Time For Merrymaking

3rd February 2013:
hi writer.The only reason i have not reveiwed is i hace not wanted to stop.Keep Writeing!

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Review #9, by superleo It Is OUR War As Well As Yours!

29th September 2012:
Some time you have to engage in evil in order to some good. Ask any soldiers during the second world war how they manage to win against Hitler Nazi. They win the war by killing the enemy. Did they like it? No. Why do they do it? To win the war. To prevent the comrades from being kill. To defend their countries.
Anybody who think they are on moral high ground because they do not initiate violence is just deluding themselves. Some evil just don't go away until you destroy them. McGonagall is just fooling herself if she think the light side can defeat the DE just by stunning them.

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Review #10, by DARKGOLDENX917 I Own What Now?

25th September 2012:
exalent, just exalent, I am loveing this story
go lilausty go go go

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Review #11, by Kylie You're My Secret

12th July 2012:
I thought you were following the cannon until the summer after the HBP? If so wouldn't Harry & co. already know Tonks?

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Review #12, by Kylie I Own What Now?

12th July 2012:
You might want to update this chapter a bit for anyone else who might read it. Harry's parents died in 1981 not 1982.

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Review #13, by Eric Johnson How to Say Goodbye

12th June 2012:
Ok I know that it is very unprofessional to say this...but that is a bad ass story!!! That was my third time reading it (not back to back) and everytime I read it I find something I missed! It makes me smile, laugh, and tear up! I give you props on your writing ability and creativity! This is a story that will never be forgotten! I even made a paper copy just so I could read it to my son! Again thank you for sharing you story with us and I do hope you make another soon! Best wishes and a job well done!!!

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Review #14, by daisylou How to Say Goodbye

16th May 2012:
Hey, I just want to say that this was a fantastic story. I loved every bit of it. You stuck true to the characters, kept a believable (well, as much as you can when writing about magic) plot and series of events.

This was one of the best fan fictions I have read in a very long time. Well done, an absolute pleasure to read.

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Review #15, by Mayriss I Own What Now?

26th April 2012:
It makes me so sad for Harry that people keep manipulating him! But things at definitely heating up! Another great chapter

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Review #16, by mayriss Pain

26th April 2012:
Great chappie! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the story :)

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Review #17, by Mrs K Potter How to Say Goodbye

15th April 2012:
could you do an epilogue or a one-shot or something about Harry and Ginny after the war. Like if he actually becomes a teacher, how he proposes and all that??

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Review #18, by Mariano_Pingitore How to Say Goodbye

14th April 2012:
On the whole, I loved your story! I feel I have exhausted myself reviewing the chapter were Fawkes dies and I think I can't do any better than that! I'll be surely perusing your other stories! =) Thanks a lot for the universe you created, for the emotions you moved me into and for your commitment to the story all the way through!

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Review #19, by Mariano_Pingitore Fire Falling, Shadows Calling

14th April 2012:
I'm writing this review long after your story is finished (although I have not reached the ending yet). I had, until now, seen no sense in reviewing any chapter but the last. Seeing that the story was finished, I intended to give a full review of the whole novel after I had finished it. However, this chapter moved me deeply. I always suspected Fawkes was going to die, from the moment he told Harry that he could die to grant his, for want of a better word, owner, the gift of life. It saddens me no less, however. The intricate ways in which every Harry Potter story, albeit not "official" moves every fan is only of JKR's making. Her skillfulness in portraiting characters is only too great that we readers bond with them much more that we care to admit. I have no shame to admit I cried for Fawkes, as I have cried for Sirius, Dumbledore, Dobby and Fred in the "official" HP stories. We all feel a little betrayed when an author takes away from us a character we wished to live on, but I think it is that treat that makes the story even more deeply touching. One can always hope for a happy ending but, to put it somewhat in Harry's terms, it would have been foolish to think that every good, kind and loyal being would see through the whole tale. It is pain when I read it, and hope too. The fact that I can bond so much, even with a piece of a fantasy shows me I am human, I can feel, I can love. I will not be as thick as to say that I feel protected by love in the way Harry is in the story, but it would be foolish not to note that Voldemort and his forces represent every bit of our inner demons: The fear of death. I can only thank you for my tears. I hope you were able to move a lot of people like you just moved me.

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Review #20, by Starshine14 How to Say Goodbye

3rd April 2012:
This story is amazing and your an amazing writer. I loved all of your unexpected twists and believe that they kept the story interesting which i think is hard for a long story like this one but you did it really well and i felt like i couldn't stop reading it. I can't wait to read some of your other stories.

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Review #21, by Robert Schoen How to Say Goodbye

1st March 2012:
I liked the story. I hope you decide to write a sequel.

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Review #22, by Ani_gryffindor How to Say Goodbye

13th February 2012:
plz at least tell whether Remus survived

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Review #23, by Sandeep Bhargava How to Say Goodbye

8th February 2012:

I know it has been a long time since you wrote this but I just got hold of your story a few days back and finished reading it today.

You had an amazing storyline and a fantastic way of telling it. I can imagine the effort of putting it all down.

I specially liked your filler chapters as they were not at all boring but exciting and written in a perfect flow. They really were an interesting reading.

I hope the rest of the Weaslys are all right in the end. No one else died right? I hated it when Fred was killed by JKR. Your last chapters were actually more interesting than the real ones.

The only thing I felt missing was that almost no importance or space was given to the Hocruxes. There was nothing done for them for the initial chapters and then suddenly all of them were gone. Maybe its all right from your point of view as your emphasis was on the founders and the way they prepared the DA and Hocruxes were more of a JKR idea.

I am not even sure if you would be reading this, or if you even visit this profile anymore. But I read the whole story and I liked it so I wanted to thank you for the pleasure it gave me.

Sandeep Bhargava

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Review #24, by Byrel How to Say Goodbye

7th February 2012:
Awesome book!

I just read it from start to finish, and loved it.

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Review #25, by Jenny How to Say Goodbye

11th January 2012:
I have just spend the howl day reading your story.. (although i should have done something for school)
I absolutly loved it.. i didn't really like the way McGonagall acted cause she is one of my fav characters as is Tonks. but i must say that it worked good in your story..
guess i have to write my school stuff now.. :( (it's 1am)..
take care and i hope to read some more great stuff. :D

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