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Review #1, by Ed I miss you, Harry

11th November 2016:
LopusyEnglish usagee, uneducated writer. Spelling sucks! Porr style, go learn English.

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Review #2, by Bamber I miss you, Harry

14th December 2009:
W-O-W, Loved it! Made me cry so it must be a good story, you got a couple of the tenses wrong, but other than that great story! =D

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I realy took my time in this story and I'm so happy that you loved it.

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Review #3, by Linette I miss you, Harry

11th April 2009:
This story was very sad because harry died. this is the first time that I read a story were harry has died. loved it very much.

Author's Response: thank you for your review, it took me a long time to get it right. I'm so happy that you liked it.

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Review #4, by Izzy I miss you, Harry

4th April 2009:
Eh. I can't stand your grammer. :(

Author's Response: well ok but what did you think about the story

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Review #5, by yarianadiaz I miss you, Harry

5th December 2008:
omg thats so sad!! i dont like stories where harry dies, but i appreciate how like heart touching people like you can make them ... i really liked this one

Author's Response: thank you so much. I realy took my time in this story, I wanted to get it right, I gess that is how I would feel if harry would have died in deathly hollows. I'm so happy that you like it.

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Review #6, by Natalie I miss you, Harry

30th November 2008:
that was a different story I have to say that I have never read a story like that before. my eyes watered a little when they were in the graveyard and his daughter was saying goodbye to the father she will never meet.

Author's Response: thank you I'm so happy that you liked it

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